An MUFC study: Arsenal play the “best” football? Says who???

I’m sure most United fans will feel irked by the constant barrage of Arsenal’s so called “great football”.

I’ll begin with a disclaimer before I start a flame war with Gooner fans, that I completely respect Wenger’s choice of his own philosophy, and that they do what they do very well. But I’m sick to death of it being seen as the “best” and “greatest” way to play football.

Because it isn’t.

Its a choice, and no amount of media backslapping or self generated Wengerist smugness will change this.

My patience finally snapped after their away win at Birmingham, where I had to endure radio phone in punters proclaiming that an Arsenal title win will be a “victory for footballing principles” and that they are some kind of shining light pouring scorn on everybody else’s approach to winning games.  Well, they’re not.

Before I start, I could fill a whole other article about Arsenal hiding behind their so called “young” team, (Checked the ages of Arshavin, Van Persie, Eboue, Sagna, Rosicky etc lately?) or Wenger’s never-ending work in progress/ no silverware operation, but that would be churlish…

I’d imagine that watching Arsenal play regularly is more likely to induce intense frustration than delight. Their ability to run rings around leaden Premier League midfields is not in question. Their merry-go-round triangular passing movements are dizzyingly accurate, but does this somehow mean that’s “better” football? Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t we supposed to put the ball in the net? Watching them at Old Trafford this season was no different to the previous three seasons. They spin and rotate each other centrally until they reach the edge of the opposition box, and then… well.. nothing. Because they seem frightened to shoot (Nasri apart) or unable to pick a killer pass. Until the recent mauling of the falling to pieces Chelsea, their record against the big teams backs this up. Shots on target against major rivals are limited to the extreme.

So why is this approach considered by the media as “the best football”?

Where has this come from? Is it Barcelona’s fault?  Why should that influence our history? Sure, defensive organisation and destructive counter attacking is the hallmark of the Italians. Ruthless systems the hallmark of the Germans. Technique the Spanish? Where does that leave us ? The “physical” league? I think that’s a bit unfair, but is our media embarrassed by this tag? Is this what makes them fawn over a foreign style? Do years and years of constant underachievement on the international stage make our press pack think that our systems of play are inferior? And that Wenger’s continental philosophy is ultimately aspirational?

Hey, if we all play like Arsenal then so will our English players therefore we’ll win the World Cup..utter rubbish.

Have we lost focus about what we really love in a game? For me, and many others I’m sure, English football is about pace, power, talismanic characters, overhead kicks, flying headers, hard slide tackles, noisy crowds, moments of inspired skill combined with moments of primal scream aggression. The rest of the world’s TV viewing figures cant be wrong. More watch us than any other league in the world. Hard fact. So why must we aspire to Arsenal’s philosophy ?

One game I remember vividly, (and even today its still one of my favourite ever United games) is our trip to Carrow Road in the League on April 5th 1993. We beat title chasing Norwich 3-1. But we did it in a counter attacking, aggressive style that pretty much set a blueprint for the next 15 years. Searing skill and pace on the wings from Kanchelskis and Giggs, genius unpredictability from Cantona, guile from McClair, and toughness from Bruce & Pallister. It was perfect British football for me. Breakneck, inspired, tough, and a team fans could identify with.

So, passing in triangles or diving headers? 30 yard screamers or passing our way to the net? Occasional over the top tackles or no body contact??

I realise I’m asking more questions than I’m answering, but if this media backed love-in for a foreign, ineffective (in our league) style continues, then I too will continue to wave the flag for all the good things in our British melting pot. Questioning Arsenal’s philosophy DOES NOT MAKE US NEANDERTHALS. Supporting a team that can have not just a plan B, but also a C and D will ultimately win you a Premiership.

Please someone tell the press this.

And that while we have the EFFECTIVE Ji Sung Park in our starting line up, Arsenal will never beat us :-p

PS… To all Gooners: Disclaimer Pt.2… I completely respect Arsene’s choice of style, and appreciate what a brilliant man he is. He has the right to do whatever he likes.


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  1. The only people who think it’s “the best” are Gooners, Sky and the BBC. Funny you posted this, I will go find a conversation I was having with my cousin last night and type it up…very relevant.

  2. I agree with your point fundamentally that football is about winning and the team that wins plays the best football. However then you go on some whining littlw rant and i stopped reading. Arsenal play the most watchable football, can we just leave it at that?

  3. OK here we go….

    my cousin, in his 40s is a gooner, one of the more deluded ones, claims he hates fergie so much he sees nothing positive in anything he’s done…that deluded!!

    anyway i was having a fairly normal discussion with him about finances and spending under arsenal and i was saying how i think it’s one of wenger’s biggest flaws that he doesnt spend more (the money is available, i have a friend who works on arsenal’s accounts!!!) – he’s convinced himself and the fans that money doesnt exist!! I explained this to him earlier:

    “Wenger uses “there is no money” as an excuse, especially since the move to the Emirates – had a friend working on the Arsenal accounts. Arsenal budget incredibly conservatively. They budget to qualify for the CL once every 3 years. This means Arsenal are constantly coming in better than expected and hence there is a cash surplus. Wenger and Arsenal agreed that all that surplus goes straight to paying off the debts, all of it. Now if Wenger and Arsenal wanted to, they could say, well look, we’re coming on on budget every year, so we’re paying off the debt as we expect, actually quicker…so why not say put 50% of this surplus to the debt and put 50% towards transfers, that way we’re still paying off the debt quicker than we have forecasted. But no, Wenger has got it in his head that “there is no money” when the reality is THERE VERY MUCH IS! It’s part of this belief in youth thing and it’s very admirable etc but apart from a Carling Cup this year (presuming you win it) that’s all he’ll have to show for it. If he wasn’t so stubborn and I know you wont like it but if Arsenal weren’t so stuck up there own arses there could be money there available to add say one top quality player a year as well as some much needed good squad players and who knows, the club could have had more success.

    That said, he does generally buy well but also don’t forget, he didn’t exactly have to reinforce too much – he had a solid back four and keeper in place for some time as well as good players in other areas – there was little need for him to spend early on. And, he has spent big when he’s needed to on individuals, Bergkamp, Overmars and Wiltord to name a few were all expensive buys at the time – but did prove worth it…and of course like every manager there are plenty of bad signings too. He deserves a lot of praise for spending so little and keeping Arsenal just about competitive most seasons but I do think there is so much potential for more if he wasn’t so stubborn, especially now more than ever – i don’t expect you to agree with all of that…i for one think arsenal’s budgeting policy is ludicrous! Mind you that same friend was also on liverpool’s accounts, he said their policy was total opposite – they budgeted to get in the semi final of the CL every year the jokers!!!!!”

    Anywho we got on to discussing Wenger and I was saying although I dislike him, I have a lot of respect for him, I admire how he’s tried to play football in the past 4 years but feel that despite the fact it’ll probably win a carling cup this year, it has nothing to show for it…my cousin’s response was so confusing, he said he wasn’t bothered…he said he had more pride in the fact that, to quote him, “on our day we are the most graceful team in europe” – absolutely baffled me…he valued playing good football no matter if it won anything, over silverware! Firstly, Barca play the better football, but secondly, to have pride in thinking they play the most graceful football, to have pride in that, to care about that more than actually achieving anything just stunned me!

    He’s said to me before that United play boring football and he’d hate to watch United every week. Said that football is meant to entertain and only arsenal do that…it’s bizarre…that arsenal mindset is totally bizarre and it IS all wenger’s fault….arsenal never used to play like this, 10 year ago they used to get in your face and play good physical football but since wenger has been preaching about no money and no tackling the fans have jumped on it and decided that is the only way to play…and that it’s the best way of playing!

    Utterly bizarre, Wenger has proven that since he’s tried to play like that it wins nothing unless you have CLASS, WORLD CLASS players, like barca, which arsenal don’t have, plus the PL just isn’t suited to that type of football anyway

  4. Just to add one final thing, think it’s impossible to define what “the best” type of football is. Arsenal do play most consistently the most watchable type of football as someone else said on here but that doesn’t make it the best nor does it win them anything.

  5. You sad fuckers. The attractive way IS the best way to play? Why? INVINCIBLES.BARCELONA.SPAIN.TOTALFOOTBALLHOLLAND.BRAZIL. now go fuck off you sad manc and jack off to fergie’s long ball. when it comes good for us, you’ll be crapping your pants. we’re financially sound, unlike you, and ill be here to congratulate you on your 2nd place finish this season. good day sir.

  6. It’s because it’s nice football to watch, and if you really think the media are bias towards us you need to look at man utd and the amount of diving and dirty play they get away with which is never put in the press yet eduardo did one dive and was crucified. The media also call Wenger a moaner and don’t realise how much Ferguson moans look to this article ( It is the “best” football in terms of watching it, which is what the media mean. You just have to try and twist everything to get Man utd more of a bias than they already havev.

  7. we dont have world class players? mate, youre lucky fergie’s got the entire refereeing team on his side. you’d be nothing without him.

  8. anyone with darren fletcher in their starting 11 would dream of watching fabregas, nasri, walcott et al every week.

    rooney knows where man u are heading, thats why he wanted out. Your 1 year away from doing a chelsea, mo money mo problems. long live the glaziers….

  9. arsenal all the way watch this space u manxs say what u want after i post this good health to all !!!

  10. Before I start, I could fill a whole other article about Arsenal hiding behind their so called “young” team, (Checked the ages of Arshavin, Van Persie, Eboue, Sagna, Rosicky etc lately?) or Wenger’s never-ending work in progress/ no silverware operation, but that would be churlish…

    Out of all of these, only Sagna can be considerred a “starter”, so what are you talking about? Take a look at the average age of the starting line-up of Arsenal against Chelsea and then make a decision if that’s high or low, eh!

  11. When I was growing up we went 17 years without a trophy then along came Graham and cups, titles and the worst football you can imagine. In the last 5 years we’ve built and almost paid for a new stadium and, yes, now there is money, hopefully we’ll spend some. But all in all it could be worse, we’re getting there if slower than the short termists would like. Why are you so sensitive? You win loads of stuff and you want everyone to love you for your football too? Its effective, granted but good to watch? Not these days, sorry. There’s no creativity in your midfield any more and not much entertainment really. Respect.

  12. What a sad and bitter article. Who cares who plays the “best” football? It is entirely subjective and no football fan is going to have an impartial view. So, the Man Utd fans will roll out the old favorites like
    Arsenal never win anything blah, blah, blah. I guarantee you one thing. When United ar no longer top of the tree their fans will still think they play the best football. It’s hardly rocket science is it? One last thing. Please don’t just make up stuff to enforce your argument so Doran , Wenger has never advocated no tackling. Never. As soon as you start talking rubbish like this it voids the rest of your post. It’s just dumb and really stupid.

  13. Also could have warned you that Arsenal blogs don’t go down well with Gooners….expect much much more of this!!

  14. Manchester United are simply not a good side to watch. No matter what they achieve in the game, any side with the likes of Fletcher and Carrick in it are not worth opening the curtains for. Sorry chaps but if you want to see a side break up the play in midfield, hit the ball down the flanks and hammer in speculative crosses for a host of runners, then United are the side for you. It’s their principle plan and they’ve done it to great effect for years. I like the beautiful game and hats off to Arsenal and Barcelona for trying to provide it. It’s called entertainment. That is simply not on offer at Old Trafford.

  15. I do not disagree with some of your points, such as Arsenal playing attractive but not always effective football. Yes seeing players making 99 passes without an end product can be somewhat frustrating. But to suggest that the press, media etc are on our side is really taking the piss. Try pretending to be an Arsenal supporter for 1 game & u will understand what I mean.

  16. It’s all about how you define ‘best’. Arsenal try to play the most attractive style, without necessarily always succeeding. Somewhere along the line people started to get confused and the word ‘attractive’ was replaced by the word ‘best’; I have no idea why, of course we don’t play the best football – or at least we haven’t in recent seasons. As far as I see it, whoever wins the league plays the best football: attractiveness has nothing to do with it.

    In recent seasons I feel the downside to our often attractive brand of football is that it has not managed to win us any trophies. Hopefully this can be the season where we can add the other necessary ingredients to our game and play the best football over the season.

    I do feel that on our day we are capable of playing the best and most attractive football in the EPL, but this is a league which is all about consistency, and whoever can produce the most of that will win it.

    On another note, I think it pays to keep a level head and remain objective when trying to analyse the teams in the title race and their merits. If you fail to manage that, it makes it very hard to respect anything else you say. Doron I’m talking to you: no world class players? Shut up. I think you spelt your name wrong.

  17. you say it above that manu play football to win. they can resemble sam alardyce’s bolton wanderers at times when faced with a more footballically superior team, hence the deployment of garry neville to maime when necessary( ask REYES). arsenal on the other hand emulate the likes of barca, brazil, spain, old holland. sure you will agree thats where proper entertaining football is played. you talk about english football having the biggest world following may have more to do with historical coverage of english(the language), etc, matters not relevant in this article.

  18. Arsenal fans are so funny.. They have the full support of the FA, UEFA, every official in the UK and every football pundit worships them – this is why they are still seen as title contenders… However if they did not have this backing, people would soon realise they are slightly better than a mid table team nowadays just with a relatively big history of success up until 2005 (just like Liverpool).

  19. Great article Mike. Personally I think the Goons play good technical football, but not wholly effective football. If they played their game in France or Italy they would walk the league in those countries. But here there is always going to be ways to get at them. When they lose a game its the end of the world, and their players show this the following week. Wenger has good principles when it comes to the game, but the truth is his stubborness has held Arsenal back overall. If he had directly replaced Viera with anyone with similar qualities they wouldnt have gone years without a trophy now.

    This year represents their best chance of winning the league, just as Liverpool had their best chance 2 years back. If they fail this time I think it will be the end of them playing this exact style, or they could fall away just as the Scousers have.

    And would I prefer to watch Arsenal over other less technical teams? No! I think their style is actually rather dull at times. Id much rather watch MUFC, City or Chelsea. This is the Prem not bloody La Liga!

  20. Arsene Wenger has been in English football for a number of years, the football that arsenal plays is in essence British football, and they have earned the right to play that way.
    Their football has won them 3 EPL titles including a season unbeaten, so i reject your label of foreign and what you think English football should be like.
    Also if Arsenal was playing “traditional” English football would so many viewers around the world tune in to the EPL?, i don’t think they do just to watch Stoke.

  21. No real need for the personal stuff, other than Fabregas who is there? RVP would be in that category but just can’t be because he’s never fit. Nasri could get there if he continues this form for a while longer but putting him up there after a few good months would be a bit rash…who else though? There isn’t really anyone

  22. @Doron, Im a Gooner and I aree with a lot of what you have to say and alot of others would too, that in our effort to move away from the hard fighting Boring Boring Arsenal of years ago we have swung to pendulum the opposite way, hitting the balance in the early-mid 2000’s but Wenger has now sung that pendulum too far. Many Gooners are screaming for a couple of quality transfers in the right places, usually a intelligent but hard CB and skillful hard fighting CM/DM (Basically Viera) to add that bit of bite too the team. Many fans prefer us to not be the highest spending club, finding some nobility in Wenger unearthing gems like Vermaelen, Nasri, Cesc and RVP for less than what City are about to pay for their next high priced striker; but we would still like wenger to strengthen to squad where it needs to be strengthened and spend the money when beneficial.

  23. i havent even finished reading your article yet as i got confused by ur arguement arsenal have an old team. you realise the average age of the team that beat chelsea was 22?

  24. lol!! wtf is this about?? the media on arsenals side?? thats a 1st!! the media adore man u and chelsea!! u can do nothing wrong!! fergy is a saint in the medias eyes! what he says goes!! wenger is the scum of the earth in the medias eyes as he is omg FOREIGN!!! what a crime! chelsea r awful right now and what do the media say? no worries they r champions, drogba best striker in the world etc, they will be back! or rooney gets a lucky goal and suddenly he is the best player in the world again! if arsenal went on a run like chelsea or had a mug like rooney playing shit up front the media would have a field day! they would love it and love arsenal to fail!! i think m8 your far too arrogant to understand!
    and arsenal do play amazing football and trust me for the fans who get to watch this live every week r lucky! better than watching boring 1 nil wins like man u and chelsea do! arsenals way is the right way in every sense – living within our means! playing attacking attractive football, not spending billions on big names! u lot should be very scared! our team is maturing very nicely! our bills nearly paid off! so within next few years not only will arsenal win things, by playing amazing football, they will also have money which they earned themselves! to challenge big spenders like man u! all in an amazing stadium! love to see what happens to liverpool, chelsea, spurs if they ever have the balls to move into a new stadium!! those teams will get relegated!! no matter how much u hate arsenal u should try look at the bigger picture and respect them! thx to chelseas muggy rise i actually respect man u! at least man u r worthy champions when they win things! but their fans need to sort it out and stop being cocks!!
    and that was funny about engand playing the arsenal way!! that will never happen as english players dont know how to play attractive football! all they know is kick and run footy!! oh wait…give them 5/10 years when all the english lads at arsenal r in the england team..then we might play good footy for once!! (thomas, lansbury, gibbs, wilshere, walcott etc)

  25. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Arsenal didnt play tiki-taka football like they do now when winning the league in 97/98 and 01/02 – in all honesty they weren’t really playing that way in 03/04 either but i’ll let you have that one

  26. I am not certain that just having Ji-Sung Park (who may in any case be unavaiable from time to time) is by itself a guarantee that Arsenal will not beat ManU

  27. im not being remotely arrogant, im just fed up of hearing about your “amazing” football. It wins nothing. You say “attractive” ? but to whom ? The thrill of United’s trophy haul beats concise midfield passing anyday mate.
    But again, like youve said, ive far more respect for Arsenal’s team, manager and philosophies than any of our other rivals, its just this “YOU MUST ACCEPT ARSENAL’S FOOTBALL IS THE NICEST” from the media that winds me up

  28. Arsenal does not play Tika-Taka football, i think that you do not understand their approach ,what they are playing now is just a refinement of those championship winning sides.

  29. ffs what is ” THE MANURE ” blogs obsession with THE ARSENAL-i swear their like fng stalkers!-republik of MANURE are at it as well -all these f**ng northern monkeys from salford on about that carrot headed c**t scolezee being better than fabregas?u wot?i nearly pissed myself laughing-stick to your own blogs girls & concentrate on your “noisy neighbours” not the gooner jog on1

  30. Arsenal used to play beautiful football and never won anything. Now they play shit football and still don’t win anything. Simply, Arsenal are shit – perhaps the most overrated team on the planet.

  31. Hi Dan – refreshing to hear…I think it’s fair to say that how much is spent on a player becomes irrelevant at times (im choosing to ignore city) – I’d spend £30m on Rio every time if I went back in time, but I hear what you’re saying. I think it’s one of the things that Arsenal can look at United for – there are quite a few occasions in PL history where in a summer, United have only brought in one player for say £17m – a big individual fee but the summer spending in total is quite modest. I think that is the kind of thing Arsenal need to do. I’ve always thought that someone like Scott Parker and even maybe Hangeland would be good signings – certainly not in the current Arsenal mould in terms of style but if that’s what’s needed, that’s what you’ve got to get.

    Thanks for your positive comments, your thoughts have been echoed to me a few times by some of the more down-to-earth Arsenal fans on Twitter.

  32. VDS > Fabianski, Rafael > Sagna, Ferdinand > Koscielny, Vidic > Vermaelen, Evra > Clichy, Nasri > Valencia, Fabregas > Carrick, Anderson > Song, Nani > Arshavin, Rooney > Van Persie, Berbatov > Chamakh.

    United > Arsenal

  33. Nobody is going to win this argument. Ask any fan, who truly supports their club and loves their club, who they think plays the ‘best’, most attractive football, they are going to tell you that it is their own club. As a united supporter, I dont get any enjoyment out of watching arsenals so called beautiful football, it doesn’t appeal to me, i have an extra instilled interest, a love for the way my club plays football, and all true fans are going to be the same, especially fans of top clubs. 2 arsenal fans could have a different opinion on the international team which plays the ‘best football’ because there is not a love for any of these teams, unless you are from spain, brazil, holland etc. But arsenal are media darlings, of course you guys wont agree, wenger sometimes gets a hard time, but usually deserves it for being outrageous, but the team, players, and rest of the club are adored by much of the media. no doubt about it

  34. I disagree, Arsenal’s style now is like Barcelona’s in the way they try and play, few can deny that. The move to 4-5-1/4-3-3 was the final piece in completing the transformation. Arsenal do play a tiki-taka style now. Very very different to the title winning Arsenal sides.

  35. I agree with Jared if he’s saying no-one in England play anything like Barca

    Arsenal are very different imo

  36. I am getting board at this board at this sour grape issues: may I ask you , why does most people think that women which is min of 170-175 cm is suit better to have a future in modeling ?

    I am sure most of them would agree , except for those women who is 160-ish and below.

    I could give you technical footballing reason why, but then I am sure it will fall into deaf ears because most (not all) Manu have ego & sour grape issues.

  37. no obsession. first time ive ever written about Arsenal. To repeat, i totally respect the football, but am totally fed up of it being held up as the shining example when it wins nothing

  38. @ cartelmike …..If you indeed admire and respect Arsenal FC and Arsene Wenger philosophy and choice then why wrote this to demise and condemn Arsenal beautiful football……Frankly Wenger foresight seen many things surplus to what many EPL moronic managers (Already striking up fire right now of Arsenal when he can see the threat pose by Arsenal this season)…… Why don’t you write something along that line to comment on your beloved ManU manager ? Hey are you blinded to the facts that English football was way behind the trend and always get into the face of Arsenal players and curry favour like right now to Stoke Pulis to get favourably results (Fuck it who cares you guys will attacks this point as every damn honest fans can see this facts playing for many years) ……

    @Doron …..I can assume you read only those useless Arsenal blogs and true fans ignore to steps on those blogs and needlessly to say visit the blog? Are you seeing your narrow minded comments? Hey ManU can play good football but they are getting most favourably referee decisions for many years….I prefer that FA introduce neutral referees other than English man and hey the media was so unfair and you guys love to read their comments that you totally miss out Wenger consistent comments for so long not reported….Oh I forgot never been fair to Arsenal FC and Wenger being Frenchy but he likes committed fouls but not Malicious Intent….Birmingham Roger Johnson’s tackle on Cesc Fabregas was malicious intent like they always said “Leave Your Mark” but Arsenal grown up this season and mature to handle this and may I ask what’s next? Clueless huh! ……4-3-3 OR WHATEVER VARIATIONS is not copy right from Barca and even so Holland patent total football and hey Wenger just need to adapt accordingly as his players around him warrant that…so tell me is Walcott a winger? Yes and no ….Aah enough said ….do you know football to really comments objectively with a open mind?

  39. It only resembles Tiki-Taka because Arsene is a big fan of Dutch Total football.
    An as you would know, the role that Johan Cruyff played in developing Barca current system.

  40. Life is about choices, and even the media make their choices. Certain outlets (or journos for particular media) just love United for various reasons, some of them cliches, some of them thought through, some of them simplistic. A reflection of ordinary people. My opinion as a bored gooner on a work break has always been that the praise of Arsenal as some sort of embodiment of a higher style is overdone, but has a role to play in any wider discussion of tactics and styles (that you’ll find in any footballing nation from Argentina to Zambia). It’s become a stereotype and I can see why supporters of other clubs – including Blackpool and West Brom, not just MUFC or Chelsea find it a wind up.

    For what it’s worth, my take on United is that prior to the loss of Ronaldo United for years (predating Ronaldo, of course) had an expansive, attacking, highly mobile and full of one-touch flair (over longer distances than Arsenal currently, apart from Cesc) and technical virtuosity that won them many many fans, and the 1999 victory over Bayern and later Chelsea (despite the actual final decided on penalties) were moments that enshrined that style of play. This year this has been severely curtailed, and United seem to win on having a solid defensive pairing and defensive discipline and riding their luck which I also admire (and do admire Mourinho’s teams, as well, although he borders on too defensive). Chelsea in the first few months this season played the best footie, and for most of last season too. Really exciting stuff offensively that was often team flair with occasional individual brilliance that matched United in its pomp and was frankly more pleasing to the eye than what Arsenal was consistently putting out there.

    But here’s my qualifier – when Nasri, Arshavin, Cesc and RvP are all on the pitch (average age 25), and this has rarely been due to injuries – then Arsenal can play with a beauty and style that is both eye-catching and effective. The difference is that Arsenal rely more on individual brilliance rather than schematic flair of Ferguson which can have a Park and a Fletcher in there but not suffer so much, but when Cesc isn’t there for Arsenal the play become laboured and not worthy of the praise it gets on reputation more than anything. Once Vermaelen/Djourou/Kos develop a top pairing to nearly match Carvalho and Terry or Vidic and Rio then our “susceptibility” (also exaggerated, like our supposedly refined style) to long balls/Drogba/set pieces/not liking it up ’em (fill in the blank) will diminish, too.

    Also, a lot of your article and your readers comments still work on assumptions about gooners that aren’t true. We don’t all think we have a young team, just a bit too young to win trophies, yet. Meanwhile, many of us content ourselves with being ambassadors of attacking football but will nearly bite your hand off for a trophy if only to get that monkey off our back, and expect to see some very soon. We don’t all think we have the best youth set up, just one of the best in England. We don’t bemoan tough tackling or hard play, just feel frustrated at times that it’s us that (prior to this season) suffers the seemingly intentional leg breakers (to wit, how many times did Bowyer stamp on United players the previous week – I bet it was less than the four against us; how many times did Barton go after United midfielders? A few I am sure, but equivalent to the three times in the 17 minutes he was on the pitch he went after Cesc?). But even this is not worrying us much anymore. What comes around these days mostly goes around so that’s really not on our agenda these days. Also, most gooners understand that what Wenger says to the media is self-serving and not to be taken seriously (as other fans seem to take it, wallowing in their lack of media savvy). Finally, Wenger has been doing the same thing for yonks, now, and it’s getting a tad tedious for everyone, although those of us who can appreciate fine tuning see the many subtle shifts and changes that he engineers to try and get this squad of still too young players over the finish line. But the overaching continuity probably adds to everyone having a bit less time for his teams. But he’s surely allowed one last hurrah of 2-5 seasons and then he’s gone? Anyway, told you I was bored. Now fuck off and start worrying about losing your unbeaten record at the Emirates.

  41. Haha Arsenal fans are so bitter. Great post Mike, its only good football if you actually win things, Arsenal don’t and wont until they put behind their pompous holier than thou attitude. Watch them bottle another big game against City tomorrow and their ‘title challenge’ crumble.

  42. youve read it wrong mate, im not condemning Arsenal or their football. Im trying to understand how its held up as the correct way to play ? Where did this come from ? What makes Arsenal the most attractive ? Short passing ? Explain ?

  43. Yes it has been frustrating being a Gooner over the last 5 years, but it has also been understandable. We built a new stadium and did not have any money spare, to compensate Wenger chose to invest in youth, now we are in a better financial position he feels that the youngsters he has been nurturing deserve the chance to mature into a winning team.

    In the mean time this young team has managed to qualify for the Champ League each year whilst playing some of the most eye pleasing football in the country (inconsistently), with the lack of debt and the players below the futures bright the futures Arsenal

    As you can see the vast majority of the squad are 25 or younger, those around 25 years old should be coming to their prime, all those younger can still improve a lot from where they are at present.
    In addition we have a good group of youngsters (under 20, Mostly English) coming through that will push the existing squad hard

    Szczesny, Wilshere 19
    Ramsey, 20
    Gibbs, Walcott, Bendtner, Vela, 21
    Denilson 22
    Diaby, Fabregas, Nasri, Djourou, Song 23
    Koscielny, Clichy, Vermaelen, Fabianski., Chamakh, l 25
    van Persie, 26
    Sagna, Eboue both 27
    Rosicky, Arshavin 30

  44. That’s the best article I’ve read by a MUFC blogger,and except for your last sentence ,which deserves several long winded rebuttals,I agree with everything you wrote. Sadly, with our recent appalling results against Utd, my only pleasure is the knowledge that SAF is as scared of us as Wenger is of you.A little bit of courage and a few more brain cells and the results would be very different .

  45. I see what you’re getting at but…

    1. You completely left out the financial side of things. The only reason Arsenal haven’t won anything for 5 years is because they’ve been outrageously outspent. Arsenal winning the league wouldn’t be a “victory for football” simply because Arsenal play good football. It would be a “victory for football” because they didn’t get involved in the silly spending that is ruining/will ruin most of the world’s great clubs. Once Chelsea came along, there were two approaches taken by other teams: one was to spend until you can’t spend anymore (see United, City, Liverpool, Real, Barca, etc.), and the other was the Arsenal approach. The Arsenal approach, while not having yielded a trophy in 5 years, has still ensured that Arsenal remained one of the top 10 teams in all of Europe.

    It’s been all fun and games for the last few years for supporters of these ridiculously over spending and now ridiculously debt ridden clubs to poke fun at Arsenal and Wenger in particular for not having won anything for 5 years, but surely you have the foresight to recognize that Arsenal chose the better path going forward. Just think how many milions and millions and millions of pounds the likes of Chelsea and United have had to spend to finish ahead of Arsenal, then consider what would happen if it was Arsenal that was the team who spent the most, something which could very well become a reality in the near future. Without the financial power to substantially outspend Arsenal, only United, because of Ferguson’s genius, would be able to compete.

    2. You grossly exaggerate Arsenal’s ineffectiveness. For example, Arsenal currently lead the Prem in both wins and goals. What better way to measure effectiveness than wins and goals?

    And while you throw stones from your crumbling Theatre of Dreams, how many shots on target did United have, on its own patch, against Arsenal? Besides Park’s “oh look what I’ve just done” lucky moment, Nasri’s effort which was well stopped by Van Der Sar was the best chance of the match. You won a narrow 1-0 at home; let’s not get carried away here.

    And while we’re on the topic of effectiveness, let me ask you, would you consider 2 wins from 9 away matches to be effective? Well you have 10 more aways to cope with. You better start getting effective away from Old Trafford or you’ll see the lowest spending club in the Prem, you know, the one who plays in triangles all the way up the pitch until they get to the oppo’s box, soar by you in the table on the way to what would be, in the eyes of many, a “victory for football.”

    That’s all.

  46. you should not take the media so seriously,if Arsenal fails to win the EPL then that same media would be waiting to take a dump on them

  47. Personally i was never a fan of the “possession football” Arsenal and Barcelona play. I think it is boring if you play 20-30 short passes without getting anywhere near the goal and you´ll see this the whole game, every week without any plan b.

    For me Arsenal don´t play the best and don´t play the most watchable football. I´d rather see a fast counter attack than seeing the same fucking short passes for 10 minutes until someone actually intends to attempt a shot at goal.

    The biggest problem for Arsenal also is that their players (except Fabregas, Nasri and Arshavin if he actually cares which he doesn´t most of the time) are not good enough to play their game if they have a solid defense in front of them. In Barcelona the whole midfield and strikeforce can easily unlock a opponent team with their style even if they have a great defense in front of them.

  48. your said was like a human without a brain..simply not intellectual at vision…maybe a kind of jealous too…when u worry about to get goals, then u not get that goal..unless you are very lucky likes man u vs wba..when u stop worry about to get goal u will get the goal..or goal(s)..that’s the arsenal way..and one is an art..arsenal play art football..not like mu just cross the ball into the box..during beckham time there’s even more crosses..what a borink football that is..maybe u man u fans know football is = goal. just want to see goal..they dont even watch football full time game for their team..and question a friend who score the goal????..what is the scoreline???..what a stupid fan it is..rather support much better than mu..hope man u lose there..other team to support is wba..even arsenal lose to them..they actually play better than mu..even there underdog,,they know what football is u is just a lucky team…their goals lucky..their wins also lucky..bring on man u at the emirates..we will show them what football is about..

  49. I can’t understand why Arsenal fans have to comment. If you don’t like what you’re reading, STOP and hit the back button.

    Many of you need to wake up and stop deluding yourself.

  50. nice. all accepted. i wanted the article to be more about the perceived BEST way to play football. Not sure about the “Victory for football” as Berbatov apart we’ve spent comparably very little. In fact youve probably spent more than us in the last few years

  51. You’re right that under the age of 20 there are some very good English talents coming through. I explained before, the whole having no money thing is just a myth. Arsenal budget conservatively – to get into the CL once every 3 years, hence every year they do better than what they budgeted for and there is a cash surplus. Wenger and the board agreed all surplus should go to paying off the debt sooner – very admirable and ultimately the correct path for better business. But would do no harm to give 50% of surplus to Wenger for transfers and put the other 50% to the debt – would still be paying off the debt quicker than expected.

  52. Check my reply to Alan above RE the finances…Arsenal have chosen not to spend…it’s not a case that they’ve been unable to. Arsenal could have spent more than they have done if they wanted to..but seeing as you outlined past 5 years:

    10/11 – spent £14.5m
    09/10 – spent £10m
    08/09 – spent £15.75m
    07/08 – spent £31m
    06/07 – spent £13.9m

    a lot of money but backs up your claim that arsenal have been outspent – just don’t get into the believing that there wasn’t more to be spent if Wenger/Arsenal wanted to…it is though a sad state of affairs that the team who spends the most will probably end up doing the best

  53. Right, either way you claim before is really quite wrong, the football Arsenal play now, is very different to that played by the title winning sides

  54. The thrill of United’s trophy haul was largely accomplished on the back of media adulation for your fantastic style of play. This year is different, and a continuing trophy haul is looking less likely, too, but I’ll never count you out.

    Don’t forget our history either mate in your rush to contrast trophies with no trophies. Arsenal have 13 league titles and 10 FA cups, blah blah blah. That’s a trophy haul to take seriously, as is yours, and as a club we can afford a few barren years and still be super proud (even if we can only content ourselves with watching good footie).

  55. Jared, that’s such an easy excuse to make, that’s what Arsenal spent, not their net spend, the ned spend would show you that Arsenal raised plenty of money from player sales and that had they wanted to sign someone specifically, chances are unless it was a Messi then Arsenal probably could have been competitive for a good player (a good player doesnt have to cost stupid money like City pay, still today very few transfers are more than £20m)

  56. Dan,

    I didn’t know we were living in Saudi Arabia and that discussion of issues was frowned upon.

    Maybe you’re just getting prepared for when the Saudis buy your club from the Yanks?

  57. good luck stoke, i really hope the slack jawed defender of theirs breaks rooneys legs tonight. and fregies.

  58. I agree a lot with what you are saying and yes I am a gunner. The team we had in 02-04 was definitely much better to watch

    we lack cutting edge

  59. Net spending from 06-the beginning of this season is as follows:

    1. City – Net spending of 326 million quid and counting…

    15. Man Utd. – 154 million quid spent but recouped 150 of it, largely through Ronaldo, which is why United are 15th in the last 5 year’s net spending table with a net of about 3.5 million.

    20. Arsenal – Spent 81 and recouped 111 through sales, meaning Arsenal have profited by over 30 mil from their transfer dealings over the last 5 seasons, making Arsenal the lowest spending Premiership club over the last 5 seasons, by far. Their dealings over the last 5 seasons have been nearly identical to Pompey’s. Enough said.

    Now, when looking at net spending from 92 (first year of the Prem) until the beginning of this season, Arsenal still, despite all of their success, are much closer to the bottom than the top in terms of net spending.

    1. City – 379 Mil.
    2. Chelsea – 371 Mil.
    3. Pool – 185 Mil.
    4. Yids – 183 Mil. (Oh dear.)
    5. Villa – 142 Mil.
    6. United – 129 Mil.
    …Followed by Newcastle, Sunderland, Brum, Fulham, Everton, then…
    12. Arsenal – 36 Mil.

    It’s only when you really look at these numbers that you can truly appreciate what Wenger has been able to accomplish at Arsenal. All those league titles and FA Cups and trips to Europe, etc., all on a budget less than Fulham’s.

    So next time anyone who is reading this wants to poke fun at Arsenal or Wenger for not winning anything for 5 years, consider the success Arsenal have had under his watch relative to the spending table.

  60. “English football is about pace, power, talismanic characters…..”. I guess we saw plenty of that at the 2010 WC,(or in 2006, 2002 or 1998) for that matter. Then you go on give a list of players from the last century to illustrate your point!
    Here in the US, I look forward to watching Arsenal matches than any other teams in the EPL. It may even surprise you I watch Blackpool and Bolton too. Then I spend some time on the Spanish league even though it is a 2-team league!
    This article sounds like a dig against Arsenal style. Does it show you must be worried about them or just jealous?

  61. can’t see the point of your post, everyone is entitled to have an opinion about the type of football she/he prefers.
    you like the way man untd play, or maybe you find stoke or blackburn amazing teams to watch…
    some like arsenal’s.

  62. Not worth me going into United’s accounts but best to check our financial figures and reports before you say something like that…they’re available online for anyone to look at, you might be surprised

  63. Neutral here. This is one of the poorest blogs I’ve ever read, contradicting points and no real meaning. I mean, it reeks of sour grapes, which is strange from a fan of such a great side as Manchester United. Arsenal play attractive football. It’s entertaining, and when it works it’s beautiful. United dont anymore. But they are still as effective. So why do you care so much?


  64. Tim, your figures for net spending are a bit outdated…having actually just researched this yesterday…well only research for Arsenal, City, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs:

    94/95 – 99/00 – £76.29 – £26.47
    00/01 – 05/06 – £118.75 – £40.196
    *06/07 – present – £85.15 – **£-27.35
    Total spent – £280.19
    Total net spend – £39.316

    moved to Emirates

    Toure and Adebayor sales account for £-41 of net spend

    94/95 – 99/00 – £83.58 – £58.54
    00/01 – 05/06 – £367.4 – £297.68
    06/07 – present – £123.5 – £21.7
    Total spent – £574.48
    Total net spend – £377.91

    94/95 – 99/00 – £88.8 – £59.05
    00/01 – 05/06 – £146.45 – £79.7
    06/07 – present – £194.79 – £45.31
    Total spent – £430.04
    Total net spend – £184.06

    Man City
    94/95 – 99/00 – £30.16 – £9.772
    00/01 – 05/06 – £75.75 – £36.485
    06/07 – present – £428.67 – £373.62
    Total spent – £534.58
    Total net spend – £419.877

    Man United
    94/95 – 99/00 –£ 73.7 – £38.895
    00/01 – 05/06 – £183.9 – £83.75
    06/07 – present – £160.8 – ***£8.25
    Total spent – £418.4
    Total net spend – £130.895
    ***Ronaldo sale accounts for £-80 of net spend

    94/95 – 99/00 – £65.1 – £44.775
    00/01 – 05/06 – £96.85 – £56.158
    06/07 – present – £229.8 – £94.7
    Total spent – £391.75
    Total net spend – £195.633

    I totally appreciate what Wenger has done, it is amazing, but I firmly believe his stubbornness to not spend (when money is there – see one of my first comments for the story i told my cousin) is also his biggest flaw

    In terms of past 5 years and comparing budget to that of Fulham, well in general in the past five years, Wenger has had a good squad anyway…my qualm is that if Wenger wasn’t so stubborn and was prepared to ask the board to sign say one very good player more a year I think that Arsenal wouldn’t have had this barren spell – it’s a shame that if Arsenal win the CC at the end of Feb it will have virtually been 6 years since the last trophy and really only Wenger is to blame for that – money has always been there but the club and wenger’s policy is to not use it and put it to the debt.

  65. Neutral (Preston!) fan’s opinion.

    Arsenal are by far the most attractive prem team to watch. When it clicks for them, its the type of football most fans dream of seeing their own team play. Nasri and Fabregas especially are sublime to watch.

    Furthermore, their club is on extremely solid foundations and would be a great model to follow. I’ve been to the Emirates with my work and its a fantastic place, and the club is exceptionally ran.

    Doron – You strike me as a worried fan. I predict that Utd, with financial issues and aging players with few quality youngsters coming through, could come unstuck in the next few years……

  66. Do Manc fans really believe that we’re actually being protected by refs and media ????? If we were we wouldn’t have 3 leg breaks and so many injuries now would we ffs

  67. I like your statement: “More watch us than any other league in the world,” but guess what? People watch Arsenal a lot more than ManU… at least that’s what I’ve noted in the three countries I’ve lived….

  68. I think you’ll find bacary sagna is one of the best, if not THE best right back in world football, cunt. So we’ve now gone from no ‘world class players’ to rvp, fabregas, sagna without mentioning a match winner in arshavin or Thomas vermaelen. You really are cunt Dipshit.

  69. Man U fans r the biggest haters and cunts I’ve ever seen. Ferguson is best friends with the FA hence why they get all the good decisions. Arsenal do play very attractive football and the lack of success is due to this squad being very new, especially compared to united’s, Clichy is our longest standing player (2004-present). Man U have had Scholes, Giggs, Neville 4 ever and have spent £30mil on players like Ferdinand and Rooney. Arsenal dont spend anywhere near that. Our football is delightful to watch and urs is some shit that somehow works with help from ref’s (west brom game prime example) And who the fuck said we didnt play good football when we went unbeaten, u must have missed the whole season or only just had laser eye surgery recently. Fuck Man U, the media hate Arsenal and love United and Chelsea. All i heard after west brom was ‘true champions, won without playing well’ however despite a good performance against fulham earlier in the season by Arsenal, all i heard was ‘theyre so suspect etc.’ The media lick United ass. And most of ur fans r clear cunts. I used to respect Man U but Arsenals name is in ur bloody mouths too much, so now i’m losing so much respect and it’s turning to a hatred which compares to my hatred of spurs and chelsea. Ur soon gonna go bust, spending so much money that u aint got isnt sustainable. FUCK U AND UR SHIT FOOTBALL. And world class : Fab, Arsh, Nasri, Sagna (the dickhead that said Rafael is bettter is the most deluded cunt known to man), Verm, Song (soon world class) and many with great potential (wilshire). 4-0 against west ham with ur second team shows how great ur fucking squad is. Have as many injuries as Arsenal in the last few years and see how much u woulda won u twats

  70. When have arsenal ever played better football then united? Pretty tippy tappy stuff yes, but never dynamic, free flowing, devastating and lethal. Thats the only way united no how to play.

  71. I’ve to say, this Post is quiet ridiculous indeed, as Neutral says, We along arsenal play good football, but tbh, arsenal are the more attractive, when England try to play with Power and Pace, where has it got them in last 100 years or so?….

    Who would you prefer to watch, Blackburn;Stoke;Kettering town LOL or Arsenal?…

    Now stop being deluded, We’re both great clubs, arsenal would’ve won something if the they weren’t Overpowered in spending.

  72. How many United fans realise that the fast counter attacking football that you all love was based upon Arsenal? Arsene built his teams around this in the early 00’s and this is what won us league titles and cups. Now we have moved our style along and when a suitable amount of time has passed, to ensure that all you boarder line retarded United fans who can just about remember last tuesday have forgotten Arsenals current style, Fergie will once again copy Arsene, like he has been doing for the last 10 years in an attempt to bring success to Manchester.

    To have a go at Arsenal for being exceptionally well run is moronic. We haven’t been saddled with debt and will be able to spend freely once the UEFA financial fair play regulations come into effect. Arsenal are building a very strong foundation for future success. I for one am not one of the impatient Arsenal fans that feels entitled to instant success, instant gratification. I’m going to be supporting this club for a long time, and enjoying the success that was built upon now for a long time as well.

  73. yeeaahhh…well done darnyyy..come on gooners..fuck man u now…we are the king of u are shit

  74. not really worried….few quality youngsters is a rash statement…at present NO club in the country has more international youth players than united, all bar 2 players in the academy have had youth caps

    in terms of individuals, high hopes for morrison, tunnicliffe, pogba, keane, cofie, thorpe, mcginty, van velzen to name a few, yep they’re on the young young side, but the squad at present with a couple of players this summer and next should remain competitive until hopefully some of these young players can start to fulfil their potential

    in terms of the finances, no not too worried at the moment – i’ve only been talking about them as it was something i researched only yesterday

  75. should also add that the reason i’ve been vocal no this post is that few things irk me more than ill-informed football fans…dont mind opinions but when it comes to figures or things like that, just riles me

  76. United aren’t exactly playing awesome football this year.

    Btw, what do united have to say about lee bowyer’s ban. it wasn’t a clean challenge but johnson’s was worse. But my question is, how does ferdinand get away with his high kick on sagna and vidic on an arsenal player i can’t remember who though.

  77. We won league titles, Fa cups and went a season unbeaten “playing dynamic, free flowing, devastating and lethal” football. You seem to have pushed those memories out of your mind. Arsene perfected the counter attacking brand of football that you deluded self congratulatory mugs are now playing. Fergurson simply copies Arsene. Wenger is always in front of the trend. That pretty tippy tappy stuff is the reason spain are european and world champions and the reason Barcelona became european champions 2 years back.

  78. This article is utter shite. Maybe if it was written by a mutual I’d actually listen to it, but this is coming from a Man Utd point of view, lets face it Man U hate Arsenal and Arsenal hate Man U. Your stats are also totally useless, you say “Checked the ages of Arshavin, Van Persie, Eboue, Sagna, Rosicky” Against chelsea, in arguably our best match of the season two of these 5 played when all were available. Maybe you need to check the ages of Nasri, Fabregas, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Diaby, Song,Wilshire, Fabianski (Young for a GK) Szczhesney, Djourou and Walcott. On top of this, Arsenal hardly hind behind their age any more, they have matured a lot. You seem to talk about this as if you’re some kind of expect but its obvious you’re just another deluded Man Utd fan slagging off other teams just because they’re better than something at you. Just be proud of your own team without trying to demean other teams with your clearly shit football knolwedge.

  79. You keep insisting Arsenal just choose not to spend. It’s really annoying because you’re talking out of your arse. Liverpool spent more money than Man Utd & have won nothing & are worse than ever. Spurs have spent serious dosh as have Villa. Yet Arsenal are ahead of them. Ever think what that means? It shows that overspending which the likes of you consider the norm is not effective. We don’t have a rich sugardaddy. Profits made last year fund acquisitions this season for us. The only way you make profits is to watch your spending, since you can’t wage a magic wand and increase your revenues.


  80. Most amused at the illiterate foul mouthed Arsenal fans on here. Good portion of them foreign it would seem but then its us with no local fans isnt it……………………………. 🙂

  81. “How many United fans realise that the fast counter attacking football that you all love was based upon Arsenal?”

    Quite possibly the most deluded comment ive ever read. Have a look at our trophy laden museum and then have a look at your IKEA cabinet. We were playing attractive football back when Arsenal permanently had their hands in the air calling for offside after offside. It is comments like this that is a pre-cursor to this article.

    Dream on………………..

  82. Doron ur a fucking cunt, but ur sister is very good in bed so I don’t have a grudge against ur whole family 🙂

  83. exactly Jonny United fans know shit about footy but run their mouths… i bet half of them aint even from manchester the glory hunting twats (not all of u, but the cunts like doron)

  84. Sam, of course we can’t leave it with that… I prefer watching United play instead of Arsenal 365 days a year, because I love their style of playing. The tricky wingplayers and unpredictability amongst several others makes it the best football to watch for me 🙂

  85. LOL! You twat!

    Why bringing Barcelona, Holland and Brazil into the discussion about Arsenal? You think you can compare? LOL!

    Now, WHO’s the sad fucker? 😀

  86. I think you need to look through the arsenal games again, mate… you get more lucky breaks from the refs than United do, included a wrong penalty desicion the last time we met.

  87. I can agree with you on the lack of creative midfielders comment, – a Fabregas kind of player would fit in nicely in the United midfield… Maybe in the long term, Cleverley can fill that role if he gets a decent run in the first team.

    And respect for ditching the “boring-arsenal” period!

  88. I can agree of the entertainment from Barcelona, but Arsenal can only entertain when playing the easy teams… And who can’t?

  89. OldGoon… You are joking right? 😀

    Sagna, Arshavin and Vermaelen world class? LOL! Not even domestic class mate… get real 🙂

  90. Tim wrote: “Arsenal currently lead the Prem in both wins and goals”.

    Now with the same number of games played, United lead the Premier league on points, goals, wins and have not lost a game all season…

  91. And also, it is easy to forget that Rafael, Smalling, Evans, Fabio, Nani, Hernandez, Welbeck, Macheda, Obertan, Anderson and Gibson are young players 🙂

  92. You need to take a look at Arsenal’s accounts to have any idea….based on Arsenal’s budgeting there has been a cash surplus EVERY SINGLE YEAR since the stadium move and that surplus has always gone towards non-playing investments and paying off the debt…if Arsenal changed their policy and say put 50% of the surplus to transfers….hello…bing…wenger has money

    I’ve not for one minute though said i don’t admire what arsenal have done and achieved, by contrast when I listed the amount of money city, united, liverpool, spurs, chelsea and arsenal have spent since 94/95 earlier i said there was much to be admired about it – but the excuse of having no money to spend is not exactly correct when there is this surplus every year. Just a question of policy.

  93. perhaps i shouldnt have mentioned the age thing in the same article. It wasnt my real point. I just wanted to know why short passing triangles are being held up as the correct way to play football. Why ?

  94. darnyy ,well said old chap-as i’ve said prev on this blog-it’s easy to see why ABU started up against the arrogant b***trds!the out of towners(salford) oughty to concentrate on their”noisy neighbours”& wind their necks in when it comes to us…what is their obssession ffs!rep of manure are at it as well-about the carrot headed dwarf who plays for them.spuds are not even on the radar when it comes to hate concerning salford fc

  95. Point being made quite clearly in the Manchester City game tonight, Arsenal utterly dominant in possession but couldnt get the vital 3 points…

  96. 6 games played between United and Arsenal in the EPL and Champions League over the past two years.
    United have won 5 and drawn 1, which in the most basic of math equations concludes that United have not lost 1. United over this period have scored 10 goals against Arsenal and given up 4, And have beaten Arsenal by the score of 3-1 at Arsenal on two occasions over this same period. You know what, I like our chances to make it a doudbe this year.

  97. I agree with what you say. Arsenal plays beautifully and i absolutely love them.

    However, it hasn’t gotten them very far has it? They have the potential to be great. But they haven’t reached the full potential that they COULD have.

    I’m a die hard gunner fan. But you have a great point. They have little to show for their graceful passing.

    Nasri said recently that “he would swap every individual accolade he has received this season to get his hands on the Premier League trophy.”

    So it is about winning. If they can do it beautifully then even better.

    Great article.

  98. Good article .But your views seem to come out of the fact that you cannot handle the success of a foriegn coach with a foriegn style in the EPL .The fact is people love to watch attractive football.That is why we love Brazil and Argentina more than England or Italy .More recently spain .Barcelona and Arsenal among the clubs .
    And get this right .Ferguson is no better than Wenger.He spend more than 15 million on 3 players in the last summer in 1 year .Wenger has spent 15 million on 1 player in 15 years .
    So if Man U is winning more(only recently) that Arsenal its because they spend big and play dirty .

  99. what? Ferguson is Scottish? i dont care where he’s from. Youve fallen into the trap immediately. “The fact is people want to watch attractive football” you say. Well, attractive to whom? Arsenal’s short passing is deemed attractive. Im pointing out that its not

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