Can Spurs be considered serious title contenders?

On the 26th October, 2008, Spurs hired Harry Redknapp to become their new manager. At the time they were bottom of the league with two points from eight games. Just over two years later, they are sixth in the league and only six points behind United and Chelsea. They have qualified for the Champions League knock out stages and defeated the reigning European Champions on the way to doing so. More importantly for Spurs fans (probably), is the tremendous victory against Arsenal coming from 2-0 down to win 3-2. Things are looking good in North London.

Both Harry Redknapp and Jermaine Defoe have recently come out and said that this Spurs team should be considered title contenders. So with so much noise coming from White Hart Lane, can they really be considered title contenders or are they still living the dream of recapturing their glory days?

Firstly, let’s look behind the scenes at the club. Financially, Spurs seem to be in pretty good condition. Now I’m by no means a financial expert but the majority of articles I have read online regarding Spurs finances have been generally positive. They never seem to be shy on spending a few bob on new players, and whilst they are rumoured to be in around £80mil of debt, this does not affect the financial stability of the club. The club also has plans for a new stadium, either by moving to the Olympic Stadium after the 2012 games or by redeveloping White Hart Lane. Either way they’ll be looking at capacities of way over 50,000.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the playing squad. If I’m being honest, I rate Spurs playing squad as one of strongest in the EPL, with probably only United and City having stronger squads. Before I get a million comments telling me I’m mad, I’m talking about depth of squad, not starting 11, the full 25 man squad. Saying that, their starting 11 isn’t too shabby. They have possibly the greatest player to ever grace the green in Gareth Bale (or so some pundits would have you believe, oh and comparing him to Messi? You’ve got to be kidding!). Rafael Van Der Vaart could go down to be the bargain of the season for a shockingly low £7.5 mil. Couple in Defoe, Modric and Lennon and you’ve got a pretty solid attacking line-up. All in all, Spurs have shown that on their day they can match anyone (see 3-1 against Inter, 3-2 against Arsenal and 3-0 against Werder Bremen). But they have also shown that they can be defeated by anyone too (see 4-2 Bolton, 1-0 against West Ham and 1-0 at home to Wigan). That, I believe, brings me onto my last point.

Harry Redknapp has worked a minor miracle at WHL. Taking Spurs from bottom of the league to the Champions League knockout stages in two years. He has done this playing simple, attacking football. What he lacks in tactical knowledge, he clearly makes up for in man management. Because when he connects with a player, he gets the best from them. It doesn’t work with everyone (just ask Darren Bent) but when it does, fabulous things happen. Gareth Bale went 150 games (give or take a few) for spurs without winning a game before Redknapp came along, leading him to be nearly loaned out to Forrest. Saying that, Spurs have severely lacked tactical prowess in some of their losses this season. Losing 1-0 to both West Ham and Wigan doesn’t exactly smack of title aspirations. How often in games that Spurs have been losing in has Redknapp’s only answer been to lump on another striker. There have been times when this tactic has worked, others when it hasn’t. But when that’s the only thing you bring to the table, you aren’t going to get away with it over a 38 game season. This is where I feel Spurs will eventually fail, where it all began, with the manager. Harry Redknapp has not got the managerial prowess to win the league for Spurs, and in my opinion, the best thing for them would be to hope he gets the England job. Because with him at the helm, they will never be anymore than a fourth spot side.


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  1. How often in games that Spurs have been losing in has Redknapp’s only answer been to lump on another striker? Well, that’s the biggest load of tosh I’ve read for a long time. I’m not saying Spurs will win the title but that comment simply shows you haven’t been watching. Don’t even care to go into that too much, but just one example: Losing 3-0 to Young Boys, Redknapp brought on Tom Huddlestone. There have been countless other examples of midfield changes – that have worked – when we’ve been behind. Do some research, you chancer.

  2. Thanks for the comment Shannon.

    I have done my research and many of your own fan blogs have stated that is tactically lacking. But hey, I guess I ‘chanced’ upon them?

  3. In that case Chelsea aren’t title contenders because they lost to Birmingham and Sunderland and Man U aren’t title contenders because they keep throwing away 2 goal leads to draw. And don’t say they know how to win because their teams are nowhere near as good or young as they used to be

  4. yeah lets hope the best manager we have had in a long time gets the england job! U bloody prize idiot! Shall we not wait and see if he can take us to the very top or shall we just take your word for it? Im going to suggest jk rowling gives up writing and lets you have a go! I for one as a spurs fan am very happy with harry redknapp and how many teams are people talking about setting the champions league alight this year…thats right, one…tottenham hotspur…go and sharpen your pencil

  5. Please yourself, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve made up your mind about Redknapp and tried to cloak it behind the facade of an analytical article. Have fun.

  6. I don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t agree with you? Nice argument. Redknapp has done a good job thus far but he won’t take you any further

  7. No, you don’t know what you’re talking about because you’ve got your facts hopelessly wrong. If your research is limited to fan blogs, you don’t have a hope.

  8. What a load of bollocks firstly Lets look at Utd they won 7-1 today the under fire Bugerov scored five he wont do that every week . Mr Nani he run away from the World cup with a mystery shoulder and his ex Manager of Portugal got sacked for stopping drug testers from testing there players read into that what you like. Giggs Scholes on the way to retirment Rooney back from America hiding away to get his fitness back very strange?. Ferdinand one knock away from finishing Vidic ready to go to Madrid with Ronnie Muscles. There Dept is Massive borrowing now borrowed to make the crippling dep’t manageable Double dip recession away from disaster. Now Spurs Dept is only 6 million already wiped out with two new Sponsers betting and Puma. New ground on the way Hotel shops the lot. Team first eleven on par with Utds first team except experience and winning mentality. will they win the league it depends on Spurs getting Woodgate and King playing every week with Gallas Dawson and Kaboul and Gomes back in top from otherwise no is the answer.

  9. What fact exactly have I got hopelessly wrong? The fact that you have mentioned one game in which Redknapp’s tactical genius was to bring on Tom Huddlestone? Or the other twenty games this season he’s either brought on Keane, Crouch or Pavlychenko? My post is my opinion and IN MY OPINION Redknapp has took you as far as he can. If you read the rest of the post I make it quite clear you could kick on to bigger things. I also mention that Redknapp’s turned you around in a very limited time.

  10. Your opinions I don’t care about. But don’t ask me to do the research for you AFTER you’ve written your worthless little piece. I won’t be replying again.

  11. Clearly you don’t care about my opinion, you have only replied 5 times. I’m astounded you have mentioned research again. This may possibly be because you can’t read? And I’m not surprised you won’t reply again as you’ve failed to put up a decent argument in any of your comments.

    Thanks for visiting The Faithful though, come back soon!

  12. I love the Spurs fans response to this article. Not one argument between you apart from ‘you talk shite’. Has anyone got a decent point?

  13. having read your article which does have some merit i have yet to find a supporter of a football team who can give an honest unbiased opinion of another teams chances and abilities , so your opinion will always be biased as this is the nature of a fan . but the fact you took it on yourself to write about an oppositions team shows that you are already getting a feeling that there is a new team on the horizon that potentially might be challenging for top honours in this country sooner rather than later which has a lot of faNS saying the same as you this happened as soon as we qualified last year against man city and has carried on till now and every time people have written saying we wont this or that we have managed to prove them wrong , and so this will be proved wrong aswell , wether it will be this year or the next it will happen , things are changing in the premiership and along with a couple of other teams the noses of the so called big four have been knocked out of shape by the new team challenging for their position at the top , so enjoy your time looking down from the top and gracing us with your meaningless predictions cus the changing of the guard is happening and you know it , and the stench of fear from fans of the big four is becoming overpowering , so enjoy your time , we are , just hope your still in existence and not bankrupt so we wont have to hear you only did it cus we wernt there lol COYS

  14. I agree with what you say, Spurs will be up there sooner or later as they have the structure and are planning well for the future. But I still don’t think you’ll do it with Harry Redknapp. Before you all start getting carried away, you have played three of the big teams this season, losing to us, drawing with City and beating Arsenal. You haven’t played Chelsea yet but you are still 6 points behind.

    Don’t worry about United being here, we’ll be around for a long time yet. If you need proof, check the league table!

  15. Mad manc78 you cant be mad unless you went the Twisted Wheel or Wigan Casino. You don’t fool me with your rant its based on your insane Jealousy because Spurs have the natural replacement to Giggs Bale. You no Bale Loves Harry not the nasty scot the one time head of the Worlds riches club now a footballing Titanic that Pimp Rooney nearly sunk when he tried to jump ship across to the Camels City oilers. Sir Ferguson of the Whiskeynose went mental and sent Rooney to the C I A for torture and to fine where is form has gone. Max Clifford the well none star maker and parasite of talent and Scandal has told Bale to stay with Harry and make Millions Utd countered this by giving Rooney a false pay rise to show Bale they are still rich and announced a 60 million transfer Kitty by selling empty shops in another bankrupt business belonging the the Mormons the Glasiers clan your club is like Ireland ready for Baling out not our Bale. We trust Harry and he will deliver and he will become Sir Harry of the overachevers.

  16. Has anyone got a decent point??? thats the question we are asking you? what are you suggesting here? that we get rid of redknapp and replace him with who exactly? Only to possibly upset the current lot of players and start a rebuild of players as most managers do! Harry has been in charge for a few years now and we should move on! you should no better seeing as fergie was saved his job with an fa cup win i do believe! Now where would he be without that! Its not always about managment its sometimes upto the players and what he is trying to do is get their minds mentally correct! have a think about that yourself because if youve ever played the game then you will know where im coming from!

  17. Not for one second am I suggesting replacing Redknapp, you’d still be hiding in Arsenals shadow if it weren’t for him. What I’m suggesting is he isn’t the man to take you to the title

  18. Davspurs, I can only assume from the two comments you have left that you are either mental or on drugs. However I approved your comment as they are funny

  19. Excellent article. Firstly, spurs should be proud of the position they are in. Redknapp has done a stellar job and his board have backed him with some excellent signings. The question of this article is can Tottenham kick on. My opinion is PROBABLY not. Without doubt spurs are contenders. But can they attain the consistency over a whole season to jump United, Chelsea & arsenal…and u can add City to that. The answer is pretty clear. Can they penetrate that group of teams? Absolutely yes. But spurs have proved that they have issues with consistency and this will be a telling factor. In the future if spurs invest as they have they can truly be considered challengers, but their fans have let this smell of success go to their heads after beating arsenal and inter. It’s the Boltons you need to beat to be champions. Spurs have a better chance of winning the champions league as they’ve always had a good cup pedigree.

    The reality of it all tho spurs fans…redknapp will be gone soon when Capello goes. And let’s face it if United offered him fergies job one day he would dump Tottenham in a heartbeat. As would Bale, modric and vdv. Win some trophies and then u can come to the party and play.

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