Daley Blind: Manchester Derby in Houston is not going to be a friendly game

Daley Blind and Man United are currently on their US pre-season tour, and they will play the next game against arch rivals Man City in the International Champions Cup.

The Dutch defender doesn’t think the clash will be a friendly one and stressed the importance of it for him and his teammates. “It’s something different, that’s for sure. I think it’s great. No doubt there will be lots of people coming to watch the game and it will give a great experience to every player,” Blind said.

“These are the games you want to play in with these teams. The derby always brings something extra, personally, and for everyone, so I think it will be a great game, experience and preparation for the season.”

“We are here to prepare ourselves for the season. The training sessions and games are coming first, but of course it is nice to bond with the team and when you have an hour off we can go for a coffee or something. It’s not a big deal in LA because there are so many famous people here,” Blind continued.

“You can go for a quiet coffee and you can do it all the time, but when the time is there and we are allowed, it is nice to go and do something like that with a few teammates. The preseason and training sessions, and matches, are obviously coming first and that’s the most important thing,” he added.

Blind was also quite complimentary of Major League Soccer: “The stadiums are full. The atmosphere is nice. The pitches are good and where we train as well. If you see the American teams, I think they are growing each year and it helps to have the highlights on TV in Europe,” Blind explained. “It is difficult to compare it to Europe. I have to say soccer here… right? Well, soccer is growing. I think,” Blind explained.

The match between Man United and Man City will take place on Thursday in Houston, Texas.

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