Alex Ferguson’s Lies – A Risk To Souring His Legacy?

This article gives me little pleasure to write.

Alex Ferguson is, has been, and always will be something of a hero to me. Thanks to him my time supporting United has coincided with a seemingly endless run of success. A glorious chapter that could never have been foreseen by those, like my Dad, who have spent the bulk of their football life clinging onto the occasional cup success. However one of the sobering experiences of growing up is recognising your heroes to be less than the faultless, supreme beings you thought they were. Rightly or wrongly, I perceived Alex Ferguson as ‘different’, a bastion of truth, someone who understood what our great club means to the fans. No longer can this be argued to be the case; over the last half decade our manager has become not only distant but purposefully misleading in his communication with the fans.

In short; Alex Ferguson is a liar.

‘So what?’ I hear you say. ‘Tell me something I don’t know!’ In the past I have not only been aware of Ferguson’s deception but actively revelled in it. The misleading team news that so angers self-important wind-bags like Alan Green has had me chuckling along with the rest. His dealings with the press have long been a Cold War of his own creation; Fleet Street’s finest tip-toe around him for fear of being the next victim of his regular purges from the press-room, television interviews are conducted on his terms as networks desperately seek to avert yet another blackout. All of this has regularly been celebrated by Reds who classify this as ‘mind-games’, all part of Ferguson’s master plan to create or perpetuate the ‘siege mentality’ which has so often galvanised the team to perform.

I simply don’t buy it anymore.

The way Ferguson behaves is a consistent two fingers up to the fans. I believe that as manager of Manchester United he has a duty to communicate with, and be accountable to, the fans who give up so much time and income to provide support to his team. For a long time now he has failed to accept this. At times his treatment of the fans has been verging on contempt. Traditional avenues for manager and fans to build a relationship – such as supporters club events – have been jettisoned. His infamous airport response to fans who confronted him over his role in the Glazer takeover has even been immortalised in song by the breakaway club FC United. Even MUTV – a station which makes Pravda appear balanced and impartial – has been cut off on a whim on more than one occasion. Part of me thinks that those who shell out on such sanitized garbage deserve what they get but it is yet another forum of dialogue with the common supporter that Ferguson no longer feels to be worth his precious time. Recent condescending comments regarding blogs like this one are further evidence of his belief in his own omnipotence and total disregard for the hopes and concerns of loyal supporters.

In reality Ferguson’s refusal to enter into dialogue actively fuels the suspicion that all is not well at the football club. If you have nothing to hide, you should have no reservations about engaging with those who may question your judgment. Could it be that when faced with questions from those who are well versed in the impact of the Glazer regime, Ferguson would be unable to counter their evidence based arguments. Arguments that far from ‘doing their job well’ our Floridian overlords have placed all the progress made over the previous two decades in jeopardy. Given our phenomenal financial turnover, and steady diet of on-field success, there should be no reason why we cannot compete with the billionaire boys’ club. The owners have engaged in a process of milking as much as possible to serve their own interests – as shown by a net spend lower than Stoke City and Sunderland over the past five years. To make matters worse this has coincided with astronomic rises in match going costs which has forced many loyal fans to give up their fortnightly pilgrimage to Old Trafford.

So how have they got away with this?

Alex Ferguson. The Tampa boys got lucky when choosing a club with a genius of a manager in charge. Ferguson deserves immense credit for continuing to deliver success in spite of the Glazer hand brake yet in the long-term – what does this mean for the legacy he leaves? Infuriating platitudes claiming ‘no value in the market’, ‘no players of sufficient quality available’ and ‘money to spend if I want it’  provide a handy smoke screen for the owners whilst treating the fans like fools. A man of Ferguson’s unrivalled footballing knowledge KNOWS it is insufficient to achieve success when selecting Korean wingers, Brazilian full backs and thirty-eight year olds to carry out the task of commanding the central midfield. I do not believe for one moment that Ferguson believes that our midfield depth is enough to challenge City. We aren’t asking for Xavi and Iniesta, we’d just quite like to see two players line up alongside each other who’s job description could legitimately read; central midfielder. Yet rather than use his considerable clout to challenge the owners to back him he instead performs the role of Iraqi information minister to try and keep the heat off his bosses.

'This is no time to be panicking.'

The saddest part is it appears to be working.

In the summer I wrote about how on pitch success had seemingly derailed the anti-Glazer campaign. I speculated over whether attention would return to the boardroom should the damage of our underinvestment be exposed but as yet this hasn’t happened. Looking at the issues facing United today they can all be traced back to the owners; unbalanced teams featuring a mish-mash of out of position players in lieu of sufficient quality investment in key areas, the pricing out of vocal supporters leaving Old Trafford eerily quiet when once upon a time the crowd would roar the team on to victory, and the alleged disillusionment of an under-performing, over-indulged player who was richly rewarded little over a year ago for fear of losing their most marketable asset. The issuing of a statement denying a news story which had yet to break seemed to me like a Stalinist act of paranoia rather than a rational response to apparently baseless speculation.

In spite of all this, such is Ferguson’s ability to fashion winning football teams that we will most likely continue to compete at the top end of the table until his inevitable retirement at most five years down the line – and then what? As a result of Ferguson’s refusal to recognise the concerns of the fans his successor will inherit a side suffering from ten years of underinvestment and a fanbase dangerously isolated from the club they love.

In amongst Roy Keane’s embittered rant against his former mentor was the claim Ferguson acts for himself rather than the club as a whole. Do what’s right for all of us, prove him wrong, open up and tell it like it is Alex.

Your legacy depends upon it.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. But nothing will change. Only when the real slide begins — and by then it may be too late to turn things round. Fucking Gimps.

  2. You’re picking on the wrong guy. Ferguson manages the football team. If you have questions about the finances or underspending or ticket prices address them to David Gill. Ferguson, quite rightly, avoids getting involved in this stuff. He takes the money he is given to spend and tries to win trophies. The same as he did when we were a PLC.

  3. Look, every United fan knows the restraints the Glazers have put us under, but despite this we are only 3 points behind the most expensive group of mercenaries in footballing history and have a great chance of overtaking them in the title race, all this with a supposed average squad which has been depleted enormously by injuries. Add that to the fact 6 years ago we were in a much worse position than we are now.

    Answer me this, who would you rather see running the football club than the greatest manager to walk to earth, in any sport?

  4. I’m not calling for Ferguson to leave. He is the reason we are punching above our weight. I just feel he has drifted away from the fans over the past few years which is a crying shame for someone who will be regarded as the finest manager in our history. The way he wields his power to despatch players who cross him has always impressed me so it saddens me that he is unwilling to use that power to hold the owners to accounts when they squeeze the fans for every penny whilst lining their own pockets.

  5. Excellent article as ever Tom, and very thought provoking.

    Personally, I have very defined thoughts about this subject, and similar topics in football.

    With this sport, us fans have an almost metaphysical connection. Our thoughts are governed by emotion as opposed to logic…and we swallow most of the party lines that come out of our club (See LFC last few weeks) and digest in full stuff what we consume from the media, including tweets, etc.

    Ferguson is indeed a living legend within footballing circles, but I think the God-head status we give him as a man sometimes is over-the-top. He is indeed human. He is indeed an employee of a set of bosses we care nothing for. He does have his own agendas..which include being employed as manager of the worlds most famous team, and the fame, adulation and money that brings to an individual. I think the whole thing about him..and managers in general..having the responsibilty to bridge the gap between fan and club is wrong. For me his job is to win matches and to win trophies…and that is it. Football is not politics…at least not on the pitch. The stuff of it that goes on…press conferences, contract wrangles, mind games, etc…are all rubbish in my opinion. The only off field activities that fans can point at and take to heart are transfer signings, and issues of club finance (two facets that are connected at the hip)

    I totally understand many MUFC fans disillusionment with SAF backing of the Glazers, when many consider Fergie a beacon of truth…but thats simply comic book. He was never going to go against them…in the same way you or I do not rebel against a disliked boss…cos said boss pays your wage and that in turns pays your bills and lets you buy Ipads & George Foreman grills.. that matter in the common man’s suburban lifestyle of 2012.

    Ultimately Sir Alex, Manchester United, FIFA and every player on the planet lie to fans…using the press as a vehicle. It is not a case that one man who has been at the helm does anything different to anyone else in this twisted game. The question of lies needs to be directed at the game itself…if honesty is indeed the most importand thing we crave from it.

    Personally im not interested in Sir Alex’s opinions about anything other than playing related matters of urgency. Do I expect him to say our MF is trash and he agrees with the fanbase…not in the slightest…so therefore I dont crave his feed back on this. Results will dictate whether he still has the tools to do the job…if we were sat in Chelsea’s current think it was time to start that debate.

    The old man is 70 now. He is at the endgame. I do not see anything him doing now as effecting his legacy at all. 20 years of success after Ron Atkinson’s jewellry and swagger? Not bad in my book. If City hadnt won the Middle East lottery then i just dont think this debate would be a topic of discussion

    The concept of a football club is no longer a socialist ideal…all linked together in a happy heirachy of mutual benefit. The football club is a capitalist model, and we all feed that with our season tickets, shirt purchasing and financial dedication to the brand. Sir Alex is just a cog (a huge one) in that machine. He sticks his rep on the line and I respect that. He knows he will upset some of the fans with his actions and words, but he rises above it…because trophies are his driver.

    I criticize the man all the time…but I will never forget what he delivered to a fallen giant that was once…and may well be again soon…a Manchester United team that regularly wins nothing….ever.

  6. Have you completely lost the plot. 4 EPL titles in the last 5 years with a team in transition. The lost of VIDIC for the season, Anderson for 4 months, Cleverly for as long, both Brazilians FB’s for months,Fletcher for as long, Wellbeck in and out of the squad with injuries, same with Rio, Hernandez for a month, Smalling for weeks, Jones for weeks, Evans for weeks, Young for weeks. etc etc etc and yet we are 3 points back!!!! City buying up half the worlds best talent save Barcelona and Real Madrid and without serious injuries to their top players and yet we are 3 points back. No respectable United fan would argue against Ferguson.He has earned the right to do it his way!!!!!! The problem with some of us is that we have been spoiled!!

  7. I guess being an idealist I hoped Ferguson might be different to the rest given the length of time he has been at the club. My expectations of that have never been high – especially his claim that looking after his twenty staff were all he cared about when the Glazers took over. It does stick in the throat though that other clubs – especially in Europe – don’t run themselves in a fashion where the fans are so low on their list of priorities.

    I agree that we have certainly been spoiled Richard and expect and understand your reaction to criticism.

  8. I do think the injuries the squad have suffered from has exasperated our situation but let’s be honest our MF problems have been well documented for 2-3 years.

    I agree with Rob, if the bitters hadn’t won the middle east lottery we wouldn’t be talking so negatively as a fan base. We have to look at the bigger picture because when Abramovich came to Chelsea the same conversations happened, we were finished, it was the end of an era etc etc. But history tells us that any of the teams who have this massive cash injection over a short period of time and challenge us may burn brightly for a short period of time but then normal service is resumed (in my lifetime blackburn, chelski spring to mind).

    Rob also makes a great point that in the wider picture, as the general public, we are lied to and manipulated on a DAILY basis. With the way the beautiful game is such a capitalist venture like any other big business, we would be naive to think that the same doesn’t apply to football.

  9. I agree, however i think it is Fergie who does not want to spend! He is always on about no value in the transfer market, but he has wasted money in transfers of sub standard players over the past few years which could have bought us one top class midfield player, i do not think that he could not get the money, i think he is pig headed in trying to raise another youth team like he did over 12 years ago.

  10. Great article. Brave too because not many would be able to say this about Fergie because of all he’s done, but I agree with most that’s been said. We bring in the most revenue in the world, yet we cannot spend it. Everybody knew what was was going to happen when the Glazers came in, everybody knows what really is going on now and Alex is denying it. I firmly believe that the Green/Gold protests should start again. I also agree with the fact that he distances himself from the fans. This firstly with the media who cannot ask him a proper question – they’re all shaking and stuttering because they are so afraid. It also coincides with the fact that he doesn’t bring out books anymore, like he did in his earlier years.

  11. Perfectly put! any fool can see we need investment, I’m not buying the whole – no value, nobody of sufficent quality etc lines. We dont just need to compete in the prem with city etc, were suppose to be member of the elite world class clubs, the best of the best, so we also need to compete and surpass the Barcalona’s and R-Madrids. How can we expect to do this with our current team/squad. With the exception of Vidic NO WORLD CLASS PLAYERS. WhenRonaldo left so did the fantacy, style and swagger. World class players used to want to Play for Utd, now it seem the prefer to go else where, including city. No doubt the Sir Alex knows best brigade will condem any criticism of him and say give it time, Tom Cleverly will be back soon, we dont need to invest, and believe all the Glazer/SAF mantra. As the article says, SAF does make mistakes and plenty of them, I dont want to believe he is the Glazers pupet, but is seems obvious to 90% of fans and experienced pundits alike that the team isnt currently good enough yet he “says” there wont be any new faces. I believe he should be more accountable and take on board the views of the fans, does he think he is the supreme leader and that were all North Korean.

  12. Didn’t Roy Keane say ‘People say Ferguson always does what is right for Man United. I don’t think he does. I think he does what is right for him”.

  13. im a season ticket holder for the past 5 years. ive been supporting all my life. Sir Alex Ferguson is perfection. All his actions are in the best interests of the club. you are just a t**t. if av a problem. F**k off. we dont want u as a utd fan. And dont wana hear the rubbish.

  14. Having read this article twice, I simply cannot believe what I am reading to be honest.
    Utterly amazed this post has not be met with the type of response that was written on the Faithful during the Patrice Evra article, naturally with out the vulgarities and racial undertones.

    Its quiet sad that a mere few months after Sir Alex’s silver laden jubilee and the North stand being renamed the Sir Alex Ferguson stand . The fabulous testaments that were written bye nearly every United forum on how they adored him and what he had done for Manchester United. Providing so much pleasure and unrivalled success, to now witness such ‘back- stabbing.

    1. Are you unhappy that United have just won their 19th premiership title knocking his aim, and your know doubt of their perch?
    2. Are you unhappy he has led United to 3 champions league finals in the last 4 years.Before this season.To be eliminated in the final bye arguably the greatest club side in the World ever.Winning the champions league cup for United for the 2nd time.
    3.Are you unhappy we sit 3 points off Manchester City ( having spent nearly 1/2 a Billion pounds) to assemble the squad.With 18 games to go.
    4.If you expect him to come out and be critical of the Glazer for the lack of investment in United. Approx £ 10.1 Million per season under their tutelage.What shall he say. “They are s***e owners and do not support me with funding.How will that help.
    5. If you think they are s***e owners and you have a season ticket at Old trafford you are a hypocrite.
    And rather than blame Sir Alex Ferguson and call him a liar look at yourself.
    6. If you want to help the situation get behind the team and the players we have.
    7. Sir Alex will be gone in the not to distant future, then we will see what he provided in his 25 years to date and whatever the small remaining period may bring.
    8.The way you paint it in the article most of it Red Herrings, is he has the ‘wagons circled’ all the time.No he is defending Manchester United against external critics.Letting them know, this is my lifes work.You will not ridicule or malign my club. Manchester United.
    9. As I said I am absoloutely amazed to read this and can’t imagine what would provoke such an article at this time of the season. As a club we should all be pushing on, and fully supporting the football club.Not in my opinion trying to nail the manager to a cross, to crucify him.
    10. David Gill is culpable and the ‘financer’ and its him you should direct questions at regards lack of funds, if it is the team you believe is so wrong.Which I believe, but I support United and whatever players we have, to otherwise defeats what I am. A young United supporter.
    11. If you are unhappy with him, and seriously think he is a ‘ liar’ maybe he should resign.That would solve everything.Yes?

    This will be the last time I post on the Faithful, I will not be party to a site that thinks my ‘hero’ is a liar.

  15. As a supporter of sixty three years, can’t argue with that. Looks like the feet of clay syndrome. Will he tread the same path as Brian Clough?

  16. I am a huge fan of Ferguson and indebted to what he has done in terms of success – but to claim he is perfection I’m afraid is utterly blinkered. No-one can be perfection. Like any human – however brilliant – he is fallible. He has acknowledged to mistakes in the past himself such as the sale of Stam. I’m sorry if it isn’t clear enough to you but I feel I articulate the point that it is the heart of the club – the fans – that I believe are not being served in recent years. Despite your polite request I won’t stop following the club I love because you don’t share my point of you.

  17. Alex Ferguson will prove you wrong again. Then you you back stabbing twats will pretend you always supported him!

  18. Oh my fukin God you’re the person, the first person i found that matches my opinion 110%. I just don’t have your excellent writing quality. Anyway what p***** me most is that when Fergie say there isn’t a quality player up there to challenge the existing one’s, is like we have Xavi & Iniesta in our midfield. We have perhaps one of the Shiitest midfield even compare to Blackburn & Bolton. And most of all I HATE CARRICK.

  19. Not at all he lost the plot mate. It doesn’t matter how long you have been at the club, doesn’t matter what legacy you have earned, BUT you have no right at all to mislead the faithful fans who pay their hard earned money to watch your team play. Ferguson has been lying all along in relation to transfers policies. Typical Fergie phrases like no value in the market and no quality in the market are utterly nonsense and misleading indeed. Where was no value in the market when he bought Juan Veron for then a club record of £28m, at a time our midfield was already gifted and talented if not one of the best. And how much game time did he got in his time at united? And how much profit did united made after selling him to Chelsea after only a short spell at our club? As far as i remember united sold him for not even half of the purchase fee!

    Where was the value and honesty when he said that he sold Beckham to Real Madrid for not able reject too good of a offer and that Beckham was approaching end of his career. and it was all against Beckham’s will is well. That guy loves & dreamed to end his playing career at united. Anyone who even has the most stupidiest brain ever would know that Beckham perhaps is the only sports person in the world that would still bring you profit even if he gets paid the highest salary and that including even if he don’t get any game under his belt.
    He was sold to Real for such a high fee that most of which they recover after only two weeks of his number 23 shirt selling. And in my humble opinion he would still walk into our current midfield at any given day. He can still surely cross better then CARRICK can’t he? In addition he can still assist goals, he can still score a goal every often compare to CARRICK’s one in a million year and he would still have the best corners and free kicks taking ability compare to not only CARRICK but also the rest. All he wanted is Beckham out of united, simply he had a bust up with him. HE LIED!
    All i am saying we have made Fergie is our GOD and he has started to misuse his authority. “No question about it” (Fergie’s best phrase)

    AND WHY SPEND £18ML on someone like CARRICK, i mean WTF
    i mean with same amount we could have bought 18 Demba BA’s and convert them into midfielders
    and surely at least one of them would have become a better player then CARRICK.

  21. This is what i mean, people like Scott are so old and gold that they still think like they’re still living in the 1960’s. People like Scott made Fergie who’s today. People like Scott him from Sir Alex Ferguson into King Of EGOson. People like Scott made him the ultimate GOD.

  22. Brilliant!!! I only wish someone would make him read it, i’ve been saying it all along, well done great stuff!!

  23. Excellent, I agree with everything and very well written. The “no value in the market” & “we only want quality players who will improve the team” type comments annoy me so much, smacks of not only lies but complete madness when you look at Bebe, Obertan etc. I read fans comments all the time and it strikes me that we feel he cannot do a thing wrong and the old ‘trust Alex’ stuff is always said. The fact is he has lied to us to protect those yank twats and thus is biting the hand that feeds him. It’s a disgrace that we can’t compete for the players that have quite obviously joined city for money but the players that are responsible for their rise. So Alex, Bebe was worth 7 million but Aguero & Silva weren’t worth their costs??? Silva wanted to signfor us. All these would be coaches who said Schneijder wouldn’t fit in etc suckin up to Ferguson & his smokescreens.. Great article that says everything I’ve thought for s few yrs…

  24. I’m so glad somebody is putting into an article what I’ve been saying for years vocally.
    Yes, I’m so grateful for the memories of the fantastic teams of 94, 96 & 99. Andw of course 2008.

    The worst thing is, they are quickly becoming memories. The team compared to that just 3 years ago is shocking. No recognized rightback, indecision in goal, which is no criticism of de gea, he simply does not have the experience, the embarrassing bottom half of premiership quality centre midfield, & on & on.

    The problem in writing an article like this is, as I expected, you attract the snipers at once.
    You haven’t called for fergie to resign, we ALL know we would be much further down the league with theses players & ANY OTHER manager.
    But just because of this, you cannot detract from serious issues.
    No, he won’t directly criticize his paymasters & put himself out of a job, but surely he has the financial security to not have to go to such pitiful lengths to protect the glazers & to actually slate people for daring to point out the obvious.
    Don’t forget, this is also the shipyard shopsteward, your common working man, who told probably some of the clubs most fanatic, & time serving supporters to f off & support chelsea if they don’t like it, because they dared to point out this day was coming.
    Just because you have the honestly to say, hey, actually, everything isn’t ok in the once rosy united garden, does not make you a traitor. The facts are you ARE being lied to, & as I knew, the fergie knows best brigade, come steaming out, put it this way, if utd was their marriage, would they put up with such dishonesty & contempt from their wife. To pretend the problems dont exist is to be somebody’s fool, & it doesn’t make you less of a fan.
    As rightly pointed out, much of this falls at Gills feet also, though the article isn’t about Gill.
    As it says, its about lies, & to claim that money is there, decent players aren’t gets more pathetic by the week. Tell that to city, Madrid, barca etc. As for y’days comments of “who do you get in January,? Nobody!”, well tell that to messers vidic & evra.

    For the record, although always against the gimps takeover, I kept going til summer 2009, which I guess does make me a bit of a hypocrite, though better that than a mug, then I jacked in because I simply could not accept the theft of the Ronaldo money. The people pretending that 3 points behind, injuries etc, & totally ignoring the massive incomes yet cronic underinvestment aren’t uberfans in my book, they are merely encouraging the problem, though its not my place to tell them how to live their lives.

    If something is not right, despite doubts of owing loyalty that you will obviously feel, don’t be afraid to point it out, you get nowhere in life turning a blindeye & being taken for an idiot.

  25. Why is it backstabbing to prove somebody is lying to you? Stop being such a fool, the article doesn’t call for him to quit, it calls him a liar.

  26. Brilliant resume of the reality with Ferguson. I suspect he is happier with old men players round him as it makes him feel he still young but in truth he has lost his way leaving players like Morrison and Pogba likely to leave soon yet keeping rubbish like Park, Gibson, past-it Giggs et al.

  27. Past- it Giggs? He’s getting even better, I can’t believe the negativity. So, SAF isn’t giving youth a chance, with Welbeck, Jones, Smalling, De Gea .. and De Gea doesn’t have the experience? Do you think Pogba and Morrison do? From what I’ve seen of them, they’re both good prospects, nothing more as yet and don’t deserve a chance above the excellent Giggs and Carrick. Cleverley is a far more certain bet.

  28. “At times his treatment of the fans has been verging on contempt.”

    To be honest, if the fans had called for my head right before I had delivered to them the type of success that they could have never even dreamed off, I would treat them with the HIGHEST of contempt. Just saying.

  29. Since the Glazers came in, we’ve won trophies. Same as before. Empire being destroyed? What drugs you on, mate? Send some my way. 😉

  30. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Thank you for posting the same thoughts I had formulated in my heart, RedScot.

  31. The irony of the situation is that so does Roy Keane. And since Fergie is the manager of the club, and is employed to them, whenever he thinks about himself he thinks about the club BY EXTENSION.

  32. Apparently during Chelsea’s rise, United were dead. We came back. We conquered ALL. Fergie makes mistakes. Everyone does. He did with Djemba and co. But he kept his faith with certain players – O Shea, Fletcher, Park, Ronaldo, Rooney etc. All of them became pivotal players for us and we destroyed once more. What people forget is that Fergie is an old man. And old people are more prone to mistakes.

    But we’re FUCKING 2nd in the table. I am not dissapointed in any way with how this season is going. ESP when u consider most people wrote us off in the beginning.

  33. here’s a question for ya mate. how did u feel in 2005 and 2006? when united went down the gutter for real? u really think our team of this year is as inconsistent as that team? we’re still challenging for the title and doing quite well, just 3 points off the pace and just knocked city out the FA cup. but we rebuild with that 2005 side too and won the UCL in 08. so yeah.

    If someone is giving u good memories, u need to accept the bad memories that come along with it. because I’m sure 20 years of mediocrity with an un-lying supposedly honest manager wont sound as good as 20 years of awesomeness with a few blip years here and there.

  34. If you have even the slightest of a footballing brain you’d realize that Carrick has been integral to our success ever since he came, its just the last 2 years that his form dipped.

  35. youre forgetting that even with those few bad decisions we still owned the fucking league, mate.

    i mean if as a United suporter u cant trust fergie who has destroyed and rebuilt teams succesfuilly over the years than you might as well just leave the damn hall.

    and LOL at your Carrick criticism. He isnt a Roy Keane type of midfield general or a Scholes type goalscorer mf. Stop treating him like he’s one. Here’s a piece of advice mate. Get your head out your arse and start actually watching matches and analyzing these things. People like you are a stain on this club.

  36. All the comments here… they remind me of something that’s very common in our modern society.

    A parent cares for his kid but the kid takes up little points and turns them into huge things to cause an argument over, even if the kid’s life is going swell and the parent has a proven track record of dealing with the hard times and bringing in more happy periods. But the kid will always be an ungrateful brat who takes up a couple points where the parent lied as things to cause wars over. My suggestion to all you success spoilt brats – keep calm or leave the hall. Y’all acting like we’re in the relegation zone. Y’all acting like you never told a lie in your life. Y’all acting like a bunch of people who’ve never seen how a real rugged old school fucker with a sense of pride acts. Because that’s Alex Ferguson. And that’s why I will always admire him. He takes no shit, not even from the fans.

    And this marks the end of my comments. I know better than to argue with close minded people who only see their side of the picture.

  37. This used to be a good well respected united blog, but articles like this and most of the comments that follow read like the childish spoilt ignorant sort of thing you see on the clubs facebook page.

    I suppose this is just the typical attitude of the clueless new age internet plastic United fan.

  38. “no value in the market” & “we only want quality players who will improve the team” 

    They annoy you BUT they PISSES ME OFF mate. Its so obvious that he don’t have the financial backing or simply lying, FULL STOP.

  39. @ Humanoid the NO1 GLAZERS online blogging agent, what is your per blog wage mate, tiny must be $$$ yes? Go and fukk Glazers mom you dikhead!
    We carry on winning is because of our already established foundation and the Yanks contributed nothing but destroying our beloved club!

  40. Absolutely spot on…a galloping case of Roman Emperor Syndrome – well done!

    Fergie should have backed the fans many times over and yet instead he chooses to lie down with the Glazer camels. Ultimately either he or the next manager will wake up with fleas and a club in irrevocable decline.

    He is a genius, and I admire and love him for what he has brought to our club over the years, but he’s sadly also a massive liar and I find his attitude toward the fans unacceptable. I gave my season ticket back some time ago and I fear greatly for the future of our club.

    Without its true fans, a football club is already in decline IMO. SAF’s actions, together with Judas Gill, are actually aiding the Glazer parasites to gradually bleed the club to death. I for one thought that he stood for much better principles than have been demonstrated and feel utterly betrayed by him, his condescending comments towards the supporters and his continuing silence and support for the greedy asset stripping owners…

  41. I totally appreciate not all times will be great, however in 2005&6 we weren’t being starved of cash like we are now. If we were playing in front of 25000 & charging a tenner for tickets & we didn’t have such massive amounts of cash coming in, fair enough, but thats not the case, far from it, & I would say fergie would have more dignity saying nothing on what is surely a tricky situation for him, that take people for fools with this money is there bollocks, I’ve been allowed to sign whoever I want.
    We used to bully clubs, like the stam, ruud situations to get the top players we wanted, now if chelsea or the like get mentioned, unless its a case of like ashley young who had eues only for united, then we won’t even try to compete for them.
    That’s what I find unacceptable. I’m not calling for fergies head, I’m saying stop taking people for fools to protect the thieving Gimp parasites.

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