Hargreaves to City – Unforgivable

This article is written in response to Rob B‘s article, Hargreaves to City – Has Fergie Dropped A Huge One?

When I first heard the news that Owen Hargreaves was having a medical at Manchester City, I assumed I’d mis-heard what the presenter on Sky Sports News had said. Obviously, I hadn’t. It took me a couple of minutes for it all to sink in, but straight away I had a peek on Twitter to have a look at the outrage by my timeline full of disgruntled reds. I was honestly shocked to see that there were more than a few people who were wishing him good look at reviving his career. I loved Owen Hargreaves as much as your next United fan, but surely a move to the blues total negates all feelings of well-wishing?

I entered discussion with a lot of Reds with various views. Our head-honcho Rob and I exchanged a number of views, mostly disagreeing about the days unfolding situation. I was furious with Hargreaves, couldn’t understand why he would do such a thing, and felt like it was a massive slap-in-the-face to every single United fan who had chanted his name through the near enough three seasons of injury. Rob, who explains his feelings in his article yesterday, couldn’t understand why I was so furious and sympathised somewhat with Hargreaves actions. Eventually we agreed to disagree and left it at that.

After reading Rob’s article, and calming down somewhat, I have to say I agree with a lot of what he says. I also disagree with some of his points.

The news of City signing Hargreaves is sickening. But I totally understand his motivations for the move. When you have the choice of a relegation battle with West Brom, a drop into the Championship with Leicester, a move to club like Spurs who look Modric-diseased and will be reminiscing about last years jolly in Europe when ‘they were a big club’ …you can understand why Hargreaves has chosen City over the rest.

No one knows for certain exactly what offers Hargreaves had on the table, but if he did have the ones above, from a purely professional point of view, you can’t blame him for signing for arguably one of the best sides in England. United didn’t want him, even after he offered to play for us for free, so a chance to win trophies at Wastelands isn’t to shabby a prospect. The problem is, I’m not a professional footballer. I’m not a coach, manager, agent etc. I’m only a fan, who loves his club and despises the sight of anyone wearing the blue of our neighbours. As a fan, emotions get the best of us all the time, and my emotions are asking me why? why slap us in the face like that?

So this is like Tevez right? Wrong.

Well no, it’s not like Kettleneck. In some ways its even worse. Yes, it was all United’s decision to not give Hargreaves a new contract. Yes, Tevez went to City because he is a money grabbing weasel. So how was it worse? Well for a start, we have spent the best part of three years wishing Hargreaves a healthy return from injury. Hearing news of his impending return, only to be put back due to another ‘setback’. Then when we saw his name on the subs bench, or on the team-sheet, our hearts got broken as he lasted about 27 seconds before coming off again. We chanted his name, we wrote about how we missed him, and we prayed for his return. But it never came. So after all that time, to think that the next time we see him pull on a football shirt will be in the disgusting blue of Citeh, it hurts like hell.

If you were a betting man the odds would still be in our favour that Hargreaves has little chance of being a success at City in terms of playing impact….

And this is what it all boils down to. We know that Hargreaves will probably only play a handful of games for City, if any at all. We know that the odds are they will see as much of him this season as we have seen of him over the past three years. But we also know that Hargreaves, when fit, when playing regularly, is a hell of a player. A player who now looks destined to ply his trade at the council house.

but if they win a trophy…and he’s got their Blue on his back…dancing around….well…that will be hard to take.

I’ll leave you with this. Its derby day, its 0-0, Hargreaves has just come on for City replacing Yaya Toure. They get a free kick just outside the area. Hargreaves takes it and scores the winner. Not only would this be hard to take, it would truly devastating.

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  1. Unlucky you RAG scum bags. Pay per play contract, win-win situation for city. If he does get anywhere near fit enough he is better than the majority of your shameful excuse for midfielders (Carrick, Fletcher & that Brazilian who is really over weight.

  2. All your points are taken and accepted . However we released him even though he tells us he offered to play a year for free . This to restart his England path ? We said no because SAF wants to bring through our youth . OH now has the right to ply his trade where ever he is wanted . Citeh as hard as that is to take for us ! I cant help but feel up at the unity stadium they are pulling a propaganda coup .We have to take it on the chin ,and not become the new bitters .
    By the way we have Michael Owen under similar circumstances .

  3. wiuru has it spot on. To be bitter about it is pointless and self-destructive. OH offered to play for us for free for the year just to stay at United. SAF didn’t want him, who are we to demand he doesn’t join this or that club?

    Personally, I wish him all the best and I hope to see him return to the level he was at before his horrific injuries. I would prefer it if he didn’t play for City, but I understand his position.

    I think far too much weight is put on the decisions of players when moving from x or y club. Campbell from Spurs to Arsenal as another good example. The players move to the clubs that offer them the best terms and the best chance of success for their careers. It’s only us fans that get heated about rivalries. Unless the player in question is a Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher, I can’t see them putting much thought into choosing a supposed bitter rival.

  4. Just read that following failed attempts to lure Christian Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney but having offered bigger money for any United targets the pending acquisition of Owen Hargreaves added to Carlos Tevez has thrilled Brian Kidd who believes that although Mark Hughes was unfairly sacked they are actually starting to look like United. The Mansours are allegedly drawing up plans to introduce a new red, white & black home kit & reports coming out of the Etished suggest that a £1.75 billion bid for Old Trafford is also in their sights. They have top lawyers tasked to find a way of getting round copyright laws in order to change their name to United. They also have a contract offer drawn up of £300 million per week + bonus’s ready & waiting for Sir Alex.

    Their only stumbling blocks at present appear to be how they can find a way of buying an additional 50,000 season ticket holders, 350 million world-wide fans & a history.

    A number of somewhat confused citeh fans interviewed in Edgeley seemed to welcome the latest stage of the “project”.

  5. @wiuru – I’m with you 100%. As much as I’ll hate to see him in blue (assuming he gets in a game), we forfeited the right to bitch when we turned down his offer to play for free. Which, imo, was a classy move on his part.
    This is just The Bitters fucking with us. Let’s not rise to the bait.
    Focus, Reds, focus!

  6. I agree with what Spoon says..but I don’t wish him the best. He’s a Blue now, so he gets treated like a Blue. I totally understand why he’s joined them from a professional standpoint…and it was United that gave him a choice to make. I have no idea why fans don’t understand this. It’s modern football. It’s business. He owes United nothing the day we terminated his employment

  7. I suppose you have to say good luck because otherwise Owen Hargreaves will have to commit suicide for the stupid move he’s made as he’ll never live it down if he gets injured!

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