Henry makes a request regarding Sir Alex which is sure to anger Arsenal fans

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has stated his belief that the Premier League trophy should be named after iconic Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

Despite some lean years, Manchester United have been the most dominant force in the Premier League since its inception 25 years ago and the man who has enabled the Red Devils to enjoy such tremendous success is the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

Under the tutelage of the Scotsman, Manchester United were able to claim an astonishing 13 Premier League title victories and it has perhaps been no surprise to see the Red Devils struggling since his departure back in 2013 as they have not even come close to mounting a title challenge.

United’s struggles in recent times just serves to emphasize what a brilliant job Ferguson conducted at the helm of Old Trafford and now Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has gone on to show his appreciation for the 75-year-old.

Most of United’s title triumphs under Ferguson came at the expense of Arsenal but despite the rivalry, Henry has hailed the former Red Devils’ manager and has claimed that the Premier League trophy should be named after the iconic Scot.

Henry said, “When I met him for the first time, I called him Mr. Premier League. Thirteen. This is ridiculous. The trophy we see right there should have his name. People might disagree with this, and I’m not a Man United fan. Thirteen times? This is too much.”

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