Is Chicharito the next Solskjaer?

I have previously written about one of my favourite United Legends; Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, on this site already here and it seems weird to be writing this post just a few months later. But I am.

Everything I’ve seen about Javier Hernández makes me excited for his future and of course for Manchester United. Last season we fell short with our goals, a tally of 86 league goals was impressive; but Chelsea had gone on routs of seven or more goals on a few occasions and finished the season with 103 league goals. The smash and grab capture of Chicharito in April was a splendid bit of early transfer business for the new season. When we signed him the Manchester United website had 50,000 new user registrations from Mexico alone in 24 hours.

Chicharito showed us what he was capable of in the World Cup, a player who had recently signed for one of the biggest clubs in the world wasn’t showing any fear or pressure that this would entail. He’s also got a great eye for goal. Also since Ronaldo’s departure I felt we have been lacking a bit of speed to our game.

Chicharito is fast.

He clocked 32.15kph during the World Cup and has shown although he’s not very tall that it doesn’t hinder him at all. In fact I was quite shocked to find out he’s only 5ft 9.

What I’ve seen of Chicharito reminds me of Solskjaer. There is that feeling that “he’s going to score in a minute” that I’ve missed and I think the team has missed also. I knew I had always missed Solskjaer but I think seeing Chicharito has definitely made me realize just how much. There is that penchant for direct, simple football and the clinical goal.

Chicharito even graced the Kickette website yesterday, he’s everywhere.

There’s still a lot of transfer gossip about Ozil but frankly that talk is making my head spin. I’m pleased to hear Tom Cleverley is staying at Old Trafford and will not be going out on loan, I saw a lot of him at Watford last season and he could be that missing goal threat that we need from midfield.

I think this is the MOST excited I’ve been before a new season in a long time. We want our trophy back!

For one, I’m excited. I’m sure you all are too.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing this season?

Written by Sarah.

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  1. Chicharito is the real deal, very interesting talent and is the jewel of mexico. He done it against holland-argentina-utd-barce-mls-estudiants and will do it against prem lge sides, the lad is a star and utd have 1 deadly lil weapon here 2 unleash on europe, gona place bet on him being top scorer this yr and he be most feared forward in europe in a yrz time.

  2. Cheers for reading j.

    I like the enthusiasm that you’ve got for him too. I must check out some betting odds for him…

  3. chicharito is already a topclass star and quickly heading to world class. he has been compared to the legend that is ole gunnar solskjaer and michael owen. chicharito wll run riot for years to come and will be a major player as we domìnate a 3rd straight decade, a clear bargain at only 8m. chicharito ìs the next big thing, be afraid be very afraid. chicharito is gonna rule england and the world with manchester united, brilliant signing by fergie. chicharito, welcome to manchester.

  4. Interesting Article …… True fans would say there is only one Ole …. But I agree this kid looks fantastic …. The fact that he can score and isn’t afraid of it makes him different … He would be fantastic for the team cause not just his goals will count; I’m sure his enthusiasm will definitely rub off on the like of Berba and the rest …. As far as the Ozil link goes … getting him would be a waste cause we wouldn’t be able to exploit his talents to the maximum because we would never play to his strengths. Cleverly Staying is the most exciting news of the lot …. playing him along side Fletcher would be fantastic cause he would score Plenty of goals …. I haven’t been this excited about a season since we last won the league and Champions league together ….. Before pre season I felt we needed more of a goal threat …. Which Chicharito and Co will rectify this year …. Rooney won’t get goals on demand like last season but I predict he is going to return to his role of doing the donkey work and letting the others take the plaudits!!! Cheers!!!

  5. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez. *mexico’s goldenboy, the talent of a generation. *the complete player. *debuted for Chivas in 06, but became a first team regular and the central figure of the team in 09. *29gls in 79 including 21 in 29 last season for Chivas. *9 in 16 for Mexico since callup 9/09. *has scored against Netherlands, France, Argentina, Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Estudiantes, MLS All-Stars 2010 and the biggest club in football Manchester United. Chicharito is a world class star in the making.

  6. Quality post,exactly what i was thinking…the new baby faced assassin! Chicharito reminds me of Ole in so many ways,good workrate an always alert and on the move waiting for mistakes to pounce on…good link up play with teammates while not trying to do too much by himself…then there’s that killer instinct with either left or right foot along with being good in the air for his size…also seems like he’s got a good temperement with his main focus on doing well for the team and scoring goals! I think he’s even faster than Ole was and considering he’s got so many similar attributes i feel opposition defence’s are going to have a very difficult job of keeping ‘little pea’ quiet,i’m really impressed and excited about everything i’ve seen from him so far and genuinely believe he’l grow to be as big a star as David Villa! As well as Tom Cleverley i’m looking forward to seeing if Gabriel Obertan gets the chance to show us more of his qualities,i like his pace and technical ability and believe if he improves his finishing an decision making then we’l have another seriously dangerous option…people doubted Nani but he started to prove them wrong 2nd half of last season and hopefully Obertan can blossom the same way Nani did once given a good run of games!

  7. I’m bored of the Ozil stuff now. I think we’re looking pretty good this season. Cleverley alongside Fletcher would be fantastic. Let’s hope we see some of that this season!

    I’m with you on the excitement factor for this season, I’ve got butterflies already (have had them for months now)

    Can it start now? Haha

    Cheers for reading 🙂

  8. we all miss ole gunnar solskjaer, i remember when we signed him and what a player he was, a true legend. chicharito can and will be a manutd legend just like ole, i have only seen 8 of his games but have watched alot of him on the web, looked into him and heard alot on him since we signed him in april and its a safe bet that he is gonna be world class. forget ozil, cleverley is miles better and deserves his chance. with the youth we have the future is trophies galore as the youth are prime and ready.

  9. Yeah I think we definitely have a new baby faced assassin. Love Ole loads and really feel Chicharito has so many of the same qualities.

    I echo your thoughts about Obertan and hope he can step up this season too

    Cheers for reading 🙂

  10. Wow great post! I also agree that chicharito is gonna be a special player and is like our very own Ole. The two goals that he had contributed for mexico in the W.C was nothing short of special. For a young player of his age to score two quality high class goals requires alot of talent but also the coolness of a level headed mind in order to score what were fantastic goals. I also hope that with his arrival, it reignites the old burning flame within berbatov that was present at his spur’s days. Hopefully but for some strange reason(LOL), Iv got a feeling that the old berba may just be back. His style kinda reminds me of sheringham. Not too quick and with a lot of pateince and with the talent to really punish even the worlds best GK’s. What do you think? I also think fergie may have finally found the player that may just gel this yourthful and very experienced team together once again. Im also excited by obertan’s performances in pre – season training as well. hope he ups his game into a new level.

    Secondly this whole saga relating to whether ozil is coming or not doesn’t really bother me too much. Yes it would be great to see another fine specimen at the club but if not, then we have more than enough quality in our midfield to rip through teams this year…….. Cleverly, Gibson, Flether etc.

    And finally, Welcome Chicharito to the red side of Manchester – Where the real legends are born! :):):)

  11. 100% right but no one is talking about ANDERSON, i believe this could be his season too

  12. This is why this season is so exciting. There are so many players who can set up this season. Exciting times ahead!

  13. Alot of enthusiasm being thrown about here and rightfully so by the best and most passionate fans in the world. Chicharito, Gibbo, Cleverley, Da Silva twins, Kiko, Obertan, Evan brothers gives us alot to be excited about and i for one can’t wait to take our title back, remember the feller who said “you don’t win anything with kids”, we taught him and we do it again.

  14. Indeed we all remember “you don’t win anything with kids” from Alan Hansen. Loved proving him wrong

    We have a great mixture of youth and experience now, roll on the start!

    Cheers for reading 🙂

  15. I just hope SAF plays him more often as he has settled well in the team, and if rooney hits top form quickly, both of them will just create magic upfront, like once Cole & Yorke did to light up the opposition defense

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