The Louis van Gaal Focus at Manchester United

louis van gaal

There will be no Champions League or Europa League football for Manchester United this season and probably for good reason. Football has a way of sorting situations out for clubs whether they like it or not. Manchester United need time to regroup and shift focus back on structure, stability, and the Louis Van Gaal implementation as smoothly as possible. While teams like Liverpool and Hull City (Yes, Hull City) are forced to try and build squads with depth for Champions League and Europa League competitions respectively, Manchester United can focus on building a squad that will compete strictly in domestic competitions. Even though LVG is not personally familiar with domestic competitions on England soil, the glory of domestic success should be all too familiar for the Dutchman. Ryan Giggs has enough domestic experience for League 1 and League 2 combined and will prove valuable for the upcoming season.

Manchester United already has quality players that can perform at the highest levels in Europe but also has a robust enough first team squad and seasoned reserve players to progress through the early round cup games with ease. LVG also has the luxury of a very relaxed first six games of which three are against newly promoted teams. There will be plenty of time to finish polishing off the starting 11 and implementing the correct system that will be finely tuned to the English game before facing a confident Everton side on October 5th. With the transfer window closing a full month away, even if United cannot close on record signing Arturo Vidal this season, there will be plenty of time to bring in players that will allow progression domestically.

If LVG plays his cards correctly and with patience, he could go into early 2015 with a strong points lead and setup for success in the Premiership and cup tournaments. After the World Cup hangover of inflated player transfer fees dies down and LVG demonstrates success at Manchester United, the 2015 summer transfer window is where United can have tremendous impact. LVG needs not be concerned quite yet about buying Europe quality players right away, but let them come to him next year and at United’s asking price. Manchester United will serve themselves well to focus on home wins and away draws against the big clubs, something David Moyes failed miserably to do last season. Europe will be waiting for Manchester United next year; so focus on the domestic early, begin search for top players in the spring 2015, and prepare a local only pre-season tour.

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