Making More Football History with Muller

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Football legends come and go, and if even they end their careers with a bang or not, people will still remember them. There has been a lot of questions about why players retire at an early age or even later, but the fact stands that they are still the legends of the game.

Thomas Muller is one of those key players in the game who proved to be a big factor in how the Bundesliga champions became the champions of Europe as well. The team’s unstoppable victory was the headline of soccer news sites for days. The former Man United target is in his 12th season in the game and has already put up more than 500 matches to his name. Bayern Munich’s strong scorer-passer shined well for the team and clearly showed the world why he deserves so much more.

‘It’s pretty clear what challenges we’re facing right now’, he wrote on his LinkedIn column. ‘We only had two weeks to process the magnificent treble win – which is hardly any time at all’.

‘We opened with an 8-0 win over Schalke and were immediately in seventh heaven again’, Muller said of the club’s recent struggles. ‘We won the Super Cup and German Supercup, but the defeat to Hoffenheim – our first in 10 months – uncovered some frailties’.

Muller has found himself with nine Bundesliga titles, two titles in the UEFA Champions League, six DFB Cups and a FIFA World Cup to his name. He looks back on the times he had back in the games en route to a historic season, and they have cleared the claim about being the best in the world.

The Raumdeuter showed no signs of slowing down in his game. He has made over 50 matches this season, and getting a fine job done in the game is going to get the team up back into the championship race. There is a fine sign that the club will surely reach bigger heights in the game.

‘Personally, football isn’t about titles or trophies’, Muller said of his goals in his football career. ‘It’s always about experiencing that winning feeling. Whether it’s in a training match, in the Bundesliga or the Champions League final. You always want to be the best. To achieve that feeling, I’m always ready to go to my mental and physical limits’.

Bayern has been very consistent with him and the rest of the squad on rhythm. Getting things done on his end is something that pushed Bayern to be better. He is finding more chances for his teammates, and that means that the team is getting better than ever.

It would never be pointless for him to stay in the game longer, but it seems that he will be remembered for his legendary career with the club. After all, he has already written history by his own right.

‘That’s also what distinguishes us at Bayern. Triumph in the face of adversity; to come out even stronger when the going gets tough’, Muller said of the team’s pace this season. ‘That has always been a motivating factor for me, and is what we’ll have to do in the coming months’.

If Muller soon retires, then his legacy will endure. Just like how other players are written in history, the German’s legacy would probably be felt if you play Football Legends Deluxe when he either retires or even right now while he’s still active. You won’t regret the decision to do so.

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