Antonio Valencia sent off after Mourinho refuses to sub—Jose Defends his decision

Antonio Valencia received a red card in the 68th minute of the pre-season match against Real Salt Lake for a tackle from behind on Sebastian Saucedo.

The red cards are unusual when it comes to friendly games, but Valencia was infuriated with Saucedo’s tackle that injured Juan Mata, so the Ecuadorian international decided to take action. Even though Mourinho was instructed by the referee to take Valencia out or he’ll get the red card, the Portuguese tactician opted to leave him on the pitch, but referee Allen Chapman sent Antonio to the locker room.

Mourinho explained what happened: “The delay was because the referee asked me to change the player and I didn’t,” Mourinho said. “Because I don’t agree with the card. Because Saucedo was really aggressive during all of the second half, with what happened to Mata and some other actions where it was a bit dangerous, which I understand. Young people, enthusiasm playing against Manchester United, but you come with the mentality of a friendly match and in the end you find yourself in a different mentality,” the gaffer concluded.

Valencia’s frustration was evident and is not an everyday thing to receive a red card in a pre-season match, but the Ecuadorian will not serve the suspension and will be available for the next clash with Man City on July 20.

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