Done – Manchester United have agreed £7million deal with their player

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Yesterday, Manchester United made an official announcement to confirm that Scottish midfielder, Scott McTominay, has signed a new four and a half year deal with the club.

According to The Mail, the 22-year-old has secured a contract that will make him earn £30,000-a-week (£7million until June 2023).

In my opinion, the youngster should have been offloaded and United need to revamp their midfield by signing top players.

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Previously, McTominay was earning around £25,000-a-week (The Daily Star) and I do not know what has he done to earn a new deal with the club.

The Red Devils have used him in multiple positions in the midfield and also in the defense and Solskjaer thinks (MUFC) that he is an ‘intelligent’ player but to be honest, he has offered little to nothing.

McTominay has already featured 33 times for us in all competitions and mostly in the central midfield role but he has neither scored a goal nor provided a single assist.

In the defensive midfield role, he has never proved to be a solid play-breaker and in all fairness, he is not a natural defender even though he has played in the central defense a few times. So, I think that he surely did not deserve this new long term deal.

As far as our midfield is concerned, Carrick retired at the end of the last campaign, Fellaini should leave as he does not fit in now, Matic will turn 31 this year and Fred has been out of form since moving to Old Trafford in the summer transfer window.

Fortunately, Herrera and Pogba have been rejuvenated since the appointment of Solskjaer but clearly, our midfield lacks quality and depth. Therefore, the management should splash the cash to strengthen the department.


  1. I agree that the lad had more chances that any in the Youth team but has not been convincing in terms of skills. He works hard. While I am at it I am of opinion that Fellaini is not injured. He is doing a Van Persie. He is out of favour and will punish UTD by making any deal to move him impossible.

  2. Getting rid of McTominay would be idiotic. We’v lost 2 CMs and McTominay has shown what we lack:a midfielder with determination that plays a role so that the rest can thrive.

    His lack of goals, assists and skill your reason he should leave? Pathetic understanding of football. So what, we sign a bunch of Galacticos in the heart of our midfield with skill? Thats not how one creates a winning team, especially not in the PL!
    McTominay definitely aint struggling!

  3. What are you even talking about. He has scored for us. Before you pit an article online makensure you get your facts right!!!!!

  4. Aaron, next time you post a comment on an article, make sure you check the date first. Thanks

  5. For now this is one the best midfielder in EPL so I don’t know what you are talking about. If I may ask who do you want to use and replace him?

  6. I am highly dissappointed of this article and on who ever that posted this,scott deserves morethan 100,000 a week he has become a better player under ole and if could vividly check it he was phynominal in the absence of pogba,he did well so i believe this deal is not good enough united should add on his salary,i checked the date,but i think i needed to say something ,this person who posted this is really wrong

  7. Actually Scott is a good player. I love his zeal when ever he is playing. He deserves more

  8. If Pogba goes, the only person who can replace him is Adam Tarore from Wolves who can be the very ideal one.

  9. I think he should be offloaded and a better player signed. No disrespect to the lad but Man utd deserve better.

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