“Manchester United Have Lost Their Identity” – Meulensteen

Old Trafford - Manchester United

Nine years have passed without Manchester United, a professional football club from Old Trafford, England, having won a title in the Premier League. Consequently, they have come under heavy criticism for their failure to carry on a meaningful legacy set out by Sir Alex Ferguson, the former manager in charge of the team. They still sport some of the best players in the sport, and their current stats are available through betgames.

Recent Struggles

Rene Meulensteen, a backroom staffer for Ferguson’s organization for a total of 12 years, did not hold back when discussing the club he had formally been a part of.

“The worst part is that Manchester United have completely lost their identity…everything Ferguson had built up over the years has been thrown overboard…Manchester United had their own way of playing. They played in an attractive, creative way. But, that recognizable Manchester United football is gone.” – Meulensteen

He then proceeded to compare the team’s shortcomings with the success of their rivals, stating that in order to be successful, it is critical to have continuity in a vision with a stable, solid organization. Furthermore, he outlined specific players like Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool and Pep Guardiola of Manchester City, who are, in his eyes, responsible for their teams’ victories.

Change in Leadership

The former coach also took time to explain decisions surrounding the appointment of David Moyes some 9 years ago. Although there were two options, the philosophy was to “get someone from the outside who would do things entirely differently at once.”

Moyes is now serving as the manager of West Ham United, a Premier League club. He was the first successor to Ferguson as manager, but due to his inability to lead the time in qualifiers for the European competition, he was removed after only 10 months.

Still, despite the setbacks, Manchester United is considered one the most popular clubs in the world with rivalries in not just Liverpool and Manchester City but also Leeds United and Arsenal, scoring wins in betgames over and over. Between 2016 to 2017, the club was the highest-earning in the world with annual revenue of over €670 million.

Similarly, Ferguson is not only the longest-serving but also the most successful manager in history, winning nearly 40 trophies, including 13 titles in the league, 5 FA cups, and 2 titles in the UEFA Champions League between the years of 1986 and 2013. From 1998-1999, Ferguson secured the club its first moment in history to receive the European treble; a symbol of achievement honoring teams that have secured wins in the Premier League, FA Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and a key win for betgames.

The Wild Card

The best player on the team, by majority observance, is none other than the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Considered one of the greatest in the history of the sport, Ronaldo has secured the most goals and assists in the Champions League. Furthermore, he has secured the most international appearances by any European and achieved victory in three consecutive titles for the Premier League.

A considerably versatile player on the field, Ronaldo plays on both wings in addition to the center pitch. Despite being primarily right-footed, he excels with both feet. Furthermore, he is considered one of the fastest runners and dribblers. Due to his incredible prowess, he is a key variable in betgames. For the 2022 Premier League, he has won 18 apps and 8 goals for a career total of 631 and 487, respectively.

Players of betgames will find that Manchester United is currently 4th in the Premier League, having defeated West Ham, Brentford, and Burnley in the past month.

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