Sir Alex Ferguson displays ‘rare sympathy’ for rivals Liverpool

Legendary former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has stated that he feels sympathy for rivals Liverpool over the Philippe Coutinho saga.

It goes without saying that Sir Alex Ferguson is not particularly fond of Liverpool and one of the first ambitions of the Scotsman when he joined Manchester United as manager back in 1986 was to knock the Reds ‘off of their perch’.

During his glorious 27 spell at United, Ferguson managed to do just that as the Red Devils dethroned Liverpool as the most successful club in England and the 75-year-old would undoubtedly have enjoyed such an achievement as a cherry on top to everything he achieved in his managerial career.

Four years on from his retirement though, Ferguson has now gone on to speak in defence of Liverpool and has stated that he feels sorry for the Reds in the manner at which Philippe Coutinho has looked to force a move away from Anfield this summer.

He said, speaking at the UEFA Elite Coaches Forum in Nyon, “I think strong management is crucial in this situation. Part of your job as a coach also is to educate your players’ character so they have a responsibility to what they’re doing.

“Obviously, in some cases, that is changing a bit. It’s disappointing because I’m sure that, in the case of Liverpool, they did a very good job in making Coutinho the player he is today. So, it’s a bit disappointing but you have to deal with it and the transfer window doesn’t help in that situation.

“If it closed in July, Coutinho would have continued playing and it would have been gone. The matter would have been over. The recommendation we look at is to close the window before the season starts, so everyone knows which players they’ve got and aren’t waiting to see what the first results are going to be.”

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