Manchester United’s accidental Winter break

Much has been made of the Chelsea away game postponement. Conspiracy theorists are in their element suggesting that Ancelotti took secret delight in the first opportunity to postpone last weekend’s game. He may well have done. All i’m hearing is of the advantage to Chelsea, and their opportunity to get Lampard back at full throttle. Ive not heard a single report about the benefits to us.

The fact is, we have now played one game in 19 days. And that was at home.

Many argue strongly for the official winter break. To be honest i can see both positive and negatives, but in terms of Fergie’s annual season strategy of starting slowly, gathering confidence, gaining a sense of momentum, and being an unstoppable force through Easter, this is surely a massive filip for us.

We are relatively injury free. We have a solid foundation, and our older players are having some serious rest time. In Serie A their winter break began after the games on the 20th December and they resume on the 6th January. 17 days. We’ve effectively had one too.

Another huge bonus has been our rivals inability to capitalise. Seems relatively extraordinary that on the 1st November  Chelsea sat atop the table with 25 points from 10 games, five points ahead of us. And now we’re three ahead of them with two games in hand. Even City had the chance to get the Christmas Number One and have blown it in classic City style. Whereas Arsenal were typically Arsenal on their visit to OT.

This all bodes very well. Both Fergie and Rooney have made recent overtures to the benefits of a proposed winter break, so this clearly hints at a team and strategy that will benefit from some time out mid season. Fergie actually has a long history of giving key players a fortnights break at harsher points during a season. I never remember this backfiring.

So, before we lament the recent lack of action, and before we jump to the conclusion that a future fixture congestion is a negative thing, lets enjoy the rest. As the freedom from Carling Cup commitments, coupled with a rested squad, could actually make the Blackpool and Chelsea postponements the thing that get us our title back.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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  1. I think it is also known that we were suffering with flu through the camp and we would have had to field a weakened side vs chelsea. I cannot believe, as you point out, that not so long ago we were 5 points behind a chelsea team that looked unstoppable and the speed at which that changed. Top at Christmas and looking at past seasons we always come good after Christmas so here’s to a real good go at getting number 19!

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