Manchester United’s interest in South American sensation confirmed by academy director

Newell Old Boys director Martin Mackey has confirmed that Manchester United are interested in Luciano Cingolani.

There were recent rumors regarding Manchester United’s possible move for talented Newell Old Boys youngster Luciano Cingolani, which was immediately dismissed by many due to the lack of evidence.

However, this rumor has been breathed new life by Newell’s Academy director Martin Mackey once again as he has confirmed that Manchester United are indeed pursuing the services of the talented youngster.

Mackey told Rosario 3 in a recent interview about the talks between the clubs over the availability of Cingolani and he also spoke about the Premier League giants’ decision to wait a while before making a further approach.

In the same interview, Mackey then expressed about his displeasure to seeing one of his academy stars potentially leaving the club at such a young age.

Mackay said, “For another youngster, Luciano Cingolani, Manchester United showed interest. When communicated, they were expected to tell us the proposal they want to make, and none came in.

“When that happens, the CD will evaluate and from that, the decision we think is necessary will be made. But I don’t want him to leave either.

“No matter what the payment is, I don’t want the guys from the academy to leave, when it’s first-team players these are the rules of the game, but not the academy kids, I don’t earn anything for that money that may enter, I work for the boys to play in the first team.

“We made a list of 20 players that Newell’s should shield through a contract, because it’s the only way to prevent them from leaving, but the club is not in a position to contract 20 youngsters, considering the amount of a first contract.”

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