Mr Pogba and Mr Morrison. Your time at Manchester United has come!

We’re approaching our traditional squeaky bum time. Late March inevitably means scrapping for League points and the sharp end of the Champions League. This weekend has seen United steal a traditional late winner a la Steve Bruce or Federico Macheda. Its all looking promising that number 19 will indeed be delivered. Fraught opinion on Carrick’s form, Scholes’ retirement and future signings speculation are abundant.

But this weekend, along with the weekend previous, also saw yet another example of why our future is rosy.

I’m a firm believer in the Green & Gold campaign. I don’t want the Glazers at our club. I’ve not been to an OT game since the Champions League semi final against Arsenal. I refuse to line their pockets, but one thing i cant live without is my subscription to MUTV. And this subscription isn’t to listen to the Pravda style rantings of Paddy Crerand, but the chance to see the kids play. Every weekend.

Since MUTV began screening youth games in the late 90’s its been nothing but a pleasure to watch the youthful exuberance on a Saturday morning. I genuinely get as much pleasure out of watching them as i do the first team. Sometimes a lot more. And for those steadfastly refusing to spend a fiver a month on MUTV, its the best fiver you’ll spend as a United fan.  I love proclaiming I’VE SEEN THE FUTURE when a youngster begins to dazzle. And i’m happy to admit i’ve been burnt a few times when ranting at friends who follow other teams that Giuseppe Rossi and Fabian Brandy will become United legends. I’ve not always got it right clearly… I’m now more aware of what it takes to be a Darren Fletcher and not a Chris Eagles. Talent is one thing, application, stamina and belief is an entirely different thing.

Which brings me back on topic.

This weekend, and the weekend previous, saw our two brightest youth hopes step up yet another level.

Firstly, Ravel Morrison was a two goal man of the match last weekend at Anfield in the Youth Cup, and the weekend before that had an extraordinarily good game against the Blackburn U-18’s. I don’t want to rake over the troubles Ravel Morrison has outside of the game, others can moralise over that. What i want to talk about is his form since coming back into the team (post court case). He is a game changer. He has the kind of talent you see very rarely in this country. He is part Giggs part Gascoigne. He has the ability to make the ball glue to his feet, and can couple that with a turn and shoot to rival anyone. He has that lovely look of someone who finds controlling a football naturally easy. And importantly to us, at this time, he could easily be both heir apparent to Giggs & Scholes. Pressure, yes. Can he take it ? We don’t know yet. What i do know is that i’d rather have him in the squad than Bebe or Obertan.
Ravel is 18 years old now. Rafael and Fabio both had their debuts having just turned 18 and have not looked back. Fergie will have no qualms about age when throwing in young talents. And this boy has talent.

Paul Pogba is a different beast.
Again, i’ll leave the Le Havre poaching accusations to others, but the fact is he is now ours and we should cherish him.
This boy is a monster. Physically imposing already, he takes the centre of midfield by the scruff of its neck and dictates the play around him. Its all too easy to liken him to Patrick Vieira but the similarities are there. Telescopic tackling legs. Bursts of pace and power. Leadership qualities in abundance.
These are in stark contrast to the easy barbs aimed at Carrick and Gibson this season.
What Pogba also has is an eye for goal. He’s hit some absolute stunners this season. And none more stunning than this very weekend against Derby. In fact watching this last night had me shouting at the screen. This boy absolutely must play a part in the first team next season.

and he has a habit of scoring stunners

I’ll probably get some grief for this post.
Too early to hype them.
We’ve seen youth talent fail to make the grade before.
We want experienced big money signings like Wesley Sneijder

And probably the fairest point of all is that its difficult to blood youngsters in the positions that REALLY matter (ie, its easier to being in youngsters at full back), but Gibson has had his chance, Bebe and Obertan too. And in the same way that Hernandez has grabbed his with both hands, i fully expect Ravel and Paul to do the same. I’d pencil them both in the squad 25 for next season right now.

Yes im happy to put my neck on the block again. Its worth thinking the next time United fans clamour for mega signings. We dont buy superstars at this club, we make them.
Welcome Paul and Ravel, your time has come.

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  1. having watched these 2 they definitely looks the part, the only problem is the already overcrowded midfield, bebe, obertan may go out on loan hargreaves maybe finished and scholes is quiet which suggests he may retire (hope not)which may find places for pogba and ravel, with douglas costa in the stands I can see him being bought too so we will have a young midfield in years to come

  2. **STOP THE PRESS ** ** EDIT **

    Ravel Morrison has just been sent off against Newcastle, and will now miss the FA Youth Cup semis with Chelsea. Gutted.

  3. Cracking read that Mike, shame about Morrison’s attitude (red card today prime example) but I think if any club can get him to sort it out it’s us really. Only seen bits and pieces of Pogba but what you say about his physique is spot on, players like Rossi, Tosic etc who light up the reserves just dont have the pace, power and strength to be a real force in the pl. Pogba appears to have those bases covered, with the technical ability to boot, so I hope to see him feature in some carling cup matches next season.

  4. I totally agree with everything written in this article. especially that some times watching the youth team is more attractive then watching the first team and the point that the £5 spent a month is well worth it.. after watching pogba and morrison for the past two years i truly believe these 2 boys will make it into the first team sooner than later. pogba is ready, and it makes my blood boil when gibson, oberton, bebe and carrick get the chance and pogba and morrison havent yet… i was set in the away end at anfield and spotted morrison, tunniclife pogba along with you team manager paul mcgannis. i spent the whole 2nd half talking with morrison and let me tell you that the boy does not have an attittude problem, he came across shy and i asked him about his past and he told me it was a mistake he made when he was younger.. the press and other united forums have given fans incuding me a negative image about him… on the other hand i was saying to the youth team manager that pogba is ready and why has the gaffer not given him his chance yet and he replied by jokingly saying he was a lazy 5hit…But mark my words along with these 2 boys, davide petrucci who is slowly coming back and ryan tunnicliffe the future is bright!!!

  5. the thing is if pogba is good enough and considering our midfield its fairly shocking that his not had a sniff of a few minutes. he looks good but so have others in recent years but they all failed to make the grade.

  6. Sorry to go off subject, but why as Tosic deemed not good enough for the 1st team when he didn’t even get many chances. I heard he did really well in the reserves, scoring some crackers and a hatrick. I’ve always wondered….

  7. pogba and morrison are to play for the senior boys.they might even take part in the remaining games.for tosic he was just unfornate.

  8. speaking as a liverpool fan I think its great when clubs can bring through young players. I worry about your finances under the Glazers. I worry about ours too because so far FSG have not spent one penny on the team. I wish both clubs could have british owners. Of course I don’t want you guys to get no 19 but if you do it will be well deserved and will give us something to chase

  9. Fantastic article. You’ve stimulated my interest beyond the first-team and have me chomping at the bit to catch my first Utd youth / reserve match. I too pray that yours isn’t misplaced optimism, and that we will see these two youngsters garnering our 20th, 21st, and so on. Cheers!

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