MUFC Away Days – ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outsung…?’ United at Rangers

I’ve had the privilege of watching United all over this country, and in varying places in Europe.

Different stadia, different towns, different people.

But nothing I’ve seen before could compare to the atmosphere inside of Ibrox for the Rangers v United Champions League game. I’m proud of the fact that United are one of the only teams in the country, maybe even Europe, that take so many numbers to away games and make so much noise during the matches…

But last night was the first time I’ve ever heard us get simply drowned out. We sang for 90 minutes and for the most part were creating most of the noise, but when the Rangers fans got going, they really got going!

The atmosphere had been quite tense around Glasgow all day, as scores of United fans descended upon the Old Firms’ home patch. There was much banter between both sets of fans…Rangers seemingly adding to the list of club fans who dislike hearing “Thursday Nights On Channel 5”!!

The game was heading towards 0-0, fair result given it was a pretty terrible game. Then in a second we’ve been awarded a penalty and Rooney grabs the ball. He’d had plenty of stick from the Rangers fans and up to that point hadn’t had much in the way of support from the United contingent. Personally I’m fully behind Wayne and I was thrilled to have him re-sign.

The ball is on the spot.

Rooney steps up.

And the ball hits the net!!

Cue scenes of joy amongst the United Faithful, and cue an out pouring of relief from Rooney. It was good to see him so thrilled to have scored. It must have meant so much to him. Chants and songs about Wayne now pour out from the United end and the boos I was embarrassed to hear at the Wigan home game were now a distant memory. This is our Rooney back.

The game itself will not live long in the memory, Rangers defensive tactics coupled with United’s current form made for a game that wasn’t particularly pretty on the eye. But Rooney’s goal and the subsequent celebrations meant the trip further North than Manchester was well worth it.


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  1. Ibrox is a very special place, im glad you had a good time. Shame we lost, but good luck Utd and Sir Alex for the rest of the tournament.

    Utd and Rangers – Brothers in Arms

  2. What a load of rubbish, that was without doubt the most pathetic support to visit Ibrox on a Euro night ever, no colours, only singing after the penalty was scored, pathetic glory hunters.

  3. From a rangers fan point of view it was a great atmosphere for us. If only we could see you at Ibrox more often….ideal scenario was us to beat you last night and you to gub Valencia….we can but dream. Good luck in the next few rounds. p.s. Get rid of the tricolours and fly the Union flag…Rule Britannia

  4. Glad you enjoyed the atmosphere at our place. To be fair, it was rocking last night and you had no chance of outsinging us. Your fans (the ones I met anyway) were good lads and I enjoyed the banter with them. You’re welcome back up anytime… long as you rest Rooney and Berbatov. Anyway, you were the better team and deserved the 3 points.

    All the best for the rest of the competition.

  5. Cheers for the comments, glad you enjoyed the read. I can honestly say I’ve never heard noise like that last night, you should be proud of that its a very intimidating atmosphere. Its s shame you didn’t go through, the Champions League deserves to have nights like that.

  6. I must admit it was funny hearing the Man U fans singing the very song Uefa have “allegedly” banned us from singing!

  7. The funniest thing I heard all day was the barmaid in the pub at 10:30am: “if you want a pint you’ll have to buy a breakfast” literally the best advice ever given!! Great day out

  8. Hopefully..UEFA..will now do the right thing…and ban Celtic sectarian songs… getting back to the important Rangers did the best they could under pretty awful circumstances , too many injuries to key personnel to have a real go. Would have liked Walter to change tactics with half an hour to go, think we gave them too much respect…At the end of the day, the most talented team won. Still, we Bears are still proud and loud..!!! We showed as a team, WE ARE THE PEOPLE…!!!….

  9. Glad you had a good trip mate. Every now and then ibrox cranks up a notch and it is special. I am not just saying thus but I honestly feel (despite wed being good) we did not reach our maximum in respect of atmosphere and noise. You def deserved to win the game , well done. Oh and it was a miracle the war the Celtic fans spent all week ensuring us would happen never materialised. You really should distance yourself from them. The are the neighbour that opens their door fir you yet talks about you as soon as your back is turned. I mean really how can you gave ‘special relationship with Liverpool and Man u…….and Man city? You are welcome back anytime good luck in the tournament.

  10. Man u were in glasgow 4 the draw and the gr8 unwashed handed them a win PMSL gave rooney pelters all night but he who laughs last laughs longest

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