Man United star reveals what ‘makes him unhappy’ at Old Trafford

Pogba MUFC

Manchester United’s star midfielder Paul Pogba has revealed his unhappiness regarding Jose Mourinho’s tactical training methods.

Paul Pogba has been instrumental for Manchester United this season, with the Red Devils heavily relying on the French international to create chances in most of the games.

The French international has been the go to player during the current campaign for the Manchester United team due to his influence at the middle of the park and the Red Devils have often looked uninspired as well as lethargic whenever the flamboyant midfielder is not on the pitch.

Such ever growing influence has convinced many Manchester United fans to tip Pogba for great things in the future, with some even regarding the player to be the most important figure of the team.

While the fans may be happy with Pogba, the Frenchman is not entirely content he recently revealed his displeasure about the nature of defensive training under manager Jose Mourinho.

Pogba told reporters, “My favourite part is the game at the end of the session. The worst is the same for everyone I think – the tactics. Defensive tactics because you just have to drill, you don’t have the ball. I always learned playing with my friends.

“When you come from where I come from it was like two-vs-two, three-vs-three. It was physical and technical so I always loved it. I always loved the beautiful tekkers, the nice skills.”

As fulfilling defensive duties is as important as attacking flair in Mourinho’s teams over the years, Pogba will need to continually work on such an aspect of his game and he will certainly become an even better player by doing so.

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