Paul Scholes: This Manchester United star should be made permanent captain

Manchester United legend-turned-pundit Paul Scholes has urged his former club to hand the permanent captaincy to Paul Pogba to get the best of his abilities.

The Frenchman showed his leadership qualities with his rousing speech in the lead-up to Les Bleus’ World Cup triumph and he has since followed to lead United in the season opener versus Leicester City.

Speaking on BBC Five Radio Live, Scholes stressed that Pogba should have been made the club-captain shortly after re-joining the club and he would still suggest the same, should he maintain his consistency.

“Of course he showed desire, he should be showing that every week anyway,” he said. “Captain’s armband? I thought the minute we signed him he should have been made captain.”

“Give him some responsibility, a young player. He started OK Friday, I don’t think it was anything special, if he can thrive on the responsibility then yes, keep him with the armband.”

On his day, Pogba can be a driving force from the heart of the midfield and he can transform the game in a zippy just like the Manchester derby this year where United won from a 2-0 deficit.

Despite the positives, the Frenchman does go through a sequence where his passing game is nowhere near his standard and hopefully, the temporary leadership handed at the moment can spur him into more match-defining performances.

Pogba was handed the man of the match during the curtain raiser against Leicester City where he scored the opening goal of the Premier League season via the penalty spot.


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