[Picture] First Welbeck – Now United Set To Lose Another Striker To Arsenal

One of the more difficult parts of the transfer season was – after many years of defending him- seeing local lad Danny Welbeck move to Arsenal. Fortunately the hat-trick he scored in the Champions League was something of a false dawn as young Daniel found goals as hard to come by as the Emirates as he had at Old Trafford. The latest transfer news may not be as kind to United as reports emerge that long term Red striker target Karim Benzema could be heading to Arsene Wenger’s side.

Benzema has been on United’s radar since his time at Lyon and it would be a huge disappointment if the Reds weren’t able to tempt him now the striker seems set on leaving Real Madrid. According to the latest reports- including a back page lead on the Sun, Arsenal are set to offer £40 million for the star which could prove enough to tempt the Spanish giants to let him leave.

It may be time for Louis Van Gaal to work his magic and try and get Benzema to a club that really deserve his talents.

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  1. Somehow found my way to this page (gooner here).

    While I don’t agree with you about the part where you say United deserve his talents over Arsenal(we’ve not had a bloody striker since that dutch judas went to your mob!), I’d say you lot have nothing to worry about.

    We won’t spend the money on him and the Sun is not the most reliable of sources.

    I’m looking forward to reigniting our rivalry this year, hope we’re both in it til the end because I’m sick of both those blue teams winning in recent yeas… pack of cunts the lot of em

  2. “a team that deserves his talents” – well that rules your mediocre club out then. There’s only so long you can live on past glories and Manure are a spent force. You can spend all the millions you want on players but citeh (who lets face it are now the bigger club in Manchester) proved that spending money on players that aren’t gelled together into a cohesive squad doesn’t always work. If you were an honest writer, you would say that Benzema to arsenal is the right move for an ambitious world class striker looking to challenge for trophies. Good luck in the hunt for fourth, my my how the tables have turned!

  3. Come on now, put your tribal rivalry aside for a minute and have the good grace to admit that Arsenal are a class act who try and do things the right way both on and off the pitch with style and dignity. The way the Glazers have continually milked United during the Fergie years and have recently pimped the brand to the highest bidders and all comers then tried to throw money at other clubs and players is embaressing, we are in danger of turning into Real Madrid. The way Van Gaal is treating unfavoured players is brutal Arsenal deserve Benzema’s talents far more than United do at this point in the clubs history.

  4. Spent force?? Deluded Arsenal fans, you haven’t won the league in over 10 years you absolute dreamers.

  5. You guys don´t deserve his talents…

    You buy a bunch of square pegs for round circles and blame the square pegs. All of a sudden, you guys deserve every player out there even though I´m certain no one at United have put a bid in on him in years.

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