Player Ratings: vs Arsenal: Defensive Shambles & Di Maria Shame

There’s very few positives take from a game where you’re beaten by a side you have aspirations of finishing above in the table as the player you sold them in the Summer bags the goal to knock you out of the cup. United now have to focus on finishing fourth but it’s going to be difficult given the run of games we face and the seeming inability of our defenders to make even the most simple pass. United looked fairly comfortable in the first half against Arsenal yet fell apart in the second and while Michael Oliver will get the blame, Louis Van Gaal must answer some questions on why he took Ander Herrera off and failed to address the obvious weaknesses in our defence.

Here’s the ratings from United’s 2-1 loss to the Gooners.

David De Gea. Thank all that is holy for David. Without him it could’ve been three or four to the Gunners and despite his distribution not quite being as crisp as usual, he’s one of the few players who did himself justice. 7

Luke Shaw. Looked a bit of the pace and was subbed at half time. Simply looks nothing like the player we saw at Southampton and the questions about his fitness/stamina aren’t going away. 5

Marcos Rojo. Our best defender on the night which isn’t saying much but at least he looks like he has a United future unlike others. 6

Chris Smalling. I’ve had enough of the cycle of ‘decent game, poor one’ that seems to be the perennial form of a player who’s been at United for half a decade. So ponderous at times it’s a wonder he’s ever gotten near the England set up. 4

Ashley Young. This was David Moyes era Young rather than the one we’ve seen at late. Huffed and puffed a lot but did little of note. 5

Antonio Valencia. Louis van Gaal claimed he was the best player on the pitch. Louis van Gaal also thinks Marouane Fellaini is a better option than Juan Mata. Enough said. Gave Danny Welbeck an early Easter gift and continues to play like he’s being forced to at gunpoint. What has Rafael done to deserve this? 4.

Daley Blind. The jury’s still out on Blind, he may run around a lot but he’s slow and his passing often deserts him. Should’ve been subbed for Michael Carrick and the decision not to may have been the difference tonight. 4

Ander Herrera. One of our best players so naturally subbed by a manager who seems to think logic is a place in Sweden. What was LVG thinking taking him off? 7

Marouane Fellaini. Clumsy, wasteful, poor positionally and erratic in his decision making. Other than that he was awesome. A joke that Mata couldn’t get on the pitch and someone whose sole positive is the ability to chest the ball was. 5

Angel Di Maria. Was having one of his better games until madness took over him. The game ended with his dismissal. 3

Wayne Rooney. If we had more performances like our skipper’s we might have stood a chance. Took the one good chance he got with ease and had to feed off scraps, only downside was poor dead ball delivery. 7


Michael Carrick for Ander Herrera. Couldn’t bring the calmness needed to the side although he was better than those around him. 6

Phil Jones for Luke Shaw. When is he going to grow a brain? Utterly useless to anyone other than the Arsenal side. more suited to comedy than football. 4

Adnan Januzaj for Rojo. Given twenty minutes to make a difference and the best he could muster was a booking for a silly dive. Not the answer to our problems and it’s doubtful whether he ever will be. 5

Louis Van Gaal. Got it wrong with his substitutions and it cost United the game. Poor from a man who supposedly knows his tactics better than almost any ‘trainer coach’ on the planet. Lose to Spurs on Sunday and the knives will be well and truly out. It’s just not good enough and the ‘philosophy’ needs to start being to beat teams than aren’t from the lower leagues. 3

Michael Oliver. Bellerin should’ve been sent off. Gave United very little and has probably realised if you want to advance as a ref treat the Reds like garbage and FIFA will love you. Awful. 3

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  1. So Roy Keane says we need to give this has-been LVG 2/3 years………No thanks…….the most poorly prepared united team ever…..It is down to LVG…..Not one player has improved and all the new ones have joined the rest of the headless chickens ……the next 5 matches will tell the story… 5… not make me laugh!

  2. Who are we kidding?
    If Bellerin deserved it, so did Rojo, so did Fellaini..
    Fact is we simply werent good enough

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