Reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back!

Reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back

Before I start, I realise how can I list all the wonderful things about Manchester United being back in just a few points on a blog. Well I can write an opus but would anyone take the time to read it? Exactly. I like most of you I’m sure, are not just excited about Manchester United being back but also the football season. Manchester United is the all consuming part of my life but football itself is a big passion of mine also.

Some of these reasons might not be totally Manchester United related but it’s my list and I can do what I want!

The Premier League is back tomorrow!

First and foremost the season starts tomorrow, our campaign starts against Everton at Goodison Park on Monday night. Hard to believe that we’ve waited so long for the new season isn’t it? Some of us impatiently…

You can look THIS good in our home shirt

Yes it’s raised a few eyebrows about what was going on in Nike Towers when they came up with our home shirt. Fans both love it and hate it. The marmite shirt.

But can you argue when you can look this good in it?

reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back

Taken from Alex Morgan’s twitter account (@alexmorgan13)

Our new away shirt

Any colour but white I shrieked when the hundreds of leaked shirts filled my twitter timeline during the Summer. Obviously they weren’t going to listen to me were they? White it was. Really like this shirt, except that it’s white. I’m a messy pup at the best of times so chances are I’ll be wearing a bib with this one

reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back

Kagawa, Powell and some RVP guy… do you know him?

I’ll admit writing this I’m still trying to compose myself into some actual readable stuff on our signings because I’ve been too excited and dance around the room happy about Van Persie coming. Yes he’s actually a United player. WOW. Big grins are permanent with me at the moment. That shouldn’t distract from our other signings that we have made. Shinji Kagawa has impressed me so far in pre-season and Nick Powell is someone who I look forward to seeing more of.

reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back

Yes I know there are signings that we can all list that we would like to see made before this transfer window closes. Sir Alex did say today there was one more signing if they became available…

Can you manage your own football team?

Fantasy football season is back. Here at TF Towers we have our own over at The Premier League one. Code is  30476-10585. JOIN UP!

Nemanja is back

Quite possibly the man who we missed most last season. Actually no, what am I talking about? He WAS the man we missed most after his injury back in December. Oh how I’ve missed those thighs 😉

reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back

Football superstitions/rituals

Not totally Manchester United related but we do have them. Footballers have them too and you’ll notice these through the season of quirky things that they do. Particularly when you see them ready to walk out from the tunnel onto the pitch.

As fans we have our own – a lucky shirt, pair of socks, which turnstile we use to enter Old Trafford. Everyone will have their own “thing” that they do/wear or whatever as they watch United no matter where they are in the world. There might be a special bar that you go to for match days. Match days rituals are a must and yes I believe in these things. I have a pair of earrings that I HAVE to wear every time United play!

Going to Old Trafford

Reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back!

You might have a season ticket and go to every match or you might only be able to get to Old Trafford for one match. However many times you go, you can’t beat that feeling of unity with fellow fans. The chanting of your favourite player, the goals, those moments you’ll tell your grandchildren about.

Ah Old Trafford, how we have missed you!

Match of The Day or #MoTD is back

Another love it or loathe it. Although I actually don’t think a lot of people love MoTD but it’s part of our football watching culture and habit. The decision to have Harry Redknapp and Mick McCarthy join the team has left me puzzled. The BBC were praised over their expert analysis over the recent Olympic Games and they seem to almost want us to switch off!

This is the first season that MoTD will be available on the iPlayer but it will only be available from the Monday.

You might want to miss the opening credits.

Transfer talk stops

Well the transfer window shuts on the 31st of August so then it will stop. Sort of. Each Summer on twitter the transfer windows have got worse and I’m muting more and more rubbish rumours and “agent” and “ITK” accounts. At least when September comes it will be more about the actual football rather than Player XYZ is in talks with XYZ club.

Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs still play for Manchester United

Yes, yes I know. It’s not really a great reason.

It’s a bloody fantastic one!

I love the fact that these two are still playing for United. I have been honoured in my time to see these two play at Old Trafford and at many stadiums around the world. It might not be high up on your list of reasons but it’s right up there for me.

Gary Neville is on Monday Night Football

Ahhh Gary. The man who has brought sensible football commentary to our TV boxes (flat screens, plasma’s) and was it ever really in doubt that he would? Of course not.

reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back

We still love you GNev!

Watching other football clubs, managers and players

I love football and whilst Manchester United is my main love I will always keep an eye on not only what our rivals are doing but also some other random choices.

Currently my list is thus;


Obviously the newly promoted trio of Reading, Southampton and West Ham will be intriguing to watch. I am more interested in the first two admittedly.


My list was long but I’ve cut it down to just four;

Lukas Podolski – Interested to see how he’ll work in the Premiership and filling Van Persie’s boots.

Clint Dempsey – What a season he had last year at Fulham, but he wants a move? Hmm. Can his form be repeated for another season?

Papiss Cisse – I love this guy. Could watch this goal all day

Jan Vertonghen – From what I’ve seen he looks good and this article from an Ajax fan really made me take notice. I also really liked the phrase from that article “Some birds are simply too beautiful to be caged, they have to spread their wings”.


Just the one from me. A silly choice.

Will AVB manage to continue his crouch throughout the season? Now come on, how many of you fine athletic readers of TF as I know you all are, can crouch down like that? Be honest now. Maybe don’t read this if you can’t get up without assistance…

I have really dodgy knees and if you have any problems with your knees do not attempt it. The Faithful takes no blame over doing anything we ask you to do!

reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back
Seriously AVB how do you do that?


You know the ones, the ones that make you stop in disbelief at how anyone could get the ball in that angle, or the one that looks like it might go in and you wait for what seems like hours for the ball to hit the back of the net. That goal that means so much, that can bring ecstasy to one group of fans and despair to the opposing side. Goals that can ultimately decide where the trophy ends up this season and who gets relegated.

There will be goals of the season and you’ll probably try to re-enact some of these moments whilst out with your mates. You’ll be unsuccessful and probably break something so be careful. Kids will be out trying their favourite goals too and they’ll be able to do it much better than you. Leave it to the kids eh? 😉

The Banter

Or as I call it The Monday Morning Smile or Hide.

If your team has won over the weekend then everything will be happy in your world. You’ll arrive to work with a smile as the traffic wasn’t so bad as usual, it’s the same as usual but you’re too happy to notice! You say “good morning” to everyone, even that bloke you really have no clue who he is or why he’s even in the building. You’ll also make your way to the drinks machines at every given opportunity to gloat over your team’s performance, especially to those who seem particularly fragile over their team’s loss. Monday mornings have never been so good.

If your team has lost then you call in sick.

Don’t be daft. You go into work but the traffic is mad, so mad you’ve uttered all the swear words possible in the space of five minutes and it’s only going to get worse. Someone has taken your parking space and their car has a sign in the back window with the scoreline. More swear words are shouted. You park a mile away from work and arrive hot, bothered and sweaty! Nice. You try to avoid everyone and you’ve brought enough drink with you to not need to go to the drinks machine all day and avoid the abuse. You tell your boss that your phone doesn’t work and there’s a problem with your email too. There is no way you’re going to speak to anyone or even let an opposing fan email you in the office. You avoid all football internet sites and social networks.

Dramatic? Yes.

Necessary? Yes.

Bring it on!


We all know how close we were last season and how the Summer break has made us brood a bit but ultimately re-focus. Certainly Van Persie is a sign of our intent and you can see that broad grin of Sir Alex in many photos over the last month but especially in the capture of our new striker.

This right now is when we as a football club, fans and players alike dig in. We want that trophy back, we’ve been here before and we know what it takes to bring that trophy home. There will be ups and downs but that’s what being a Manchester United fan is about, we never do things the easy way…

Would we want it any other way?

Glory Glory!

Oops that was almost an opus! x

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