Roy Keane’s cutting comments on Angel Di Maria’s PSG move

The ever angry Roy Keane has waded into the Angel Di Maria saga, with some explosive comments on the matter.

Di Maria seems set for a move to the French champions after failing to report to Manchester United’s pre-season tour of America.

Talks of United and PSG negotiating a deal have dominated headlines this week with talk of a €65m deal close to being wrapped up.

But Roy Keane believes that any potential Di Maria move to PSG won’t have been for footballing reasons and takes aim at someone in Di Maria’s life for pushing the decision.

The former Ireland captain is quoted as saying:

“It’s not a football move, it’s a lifestyle move. It tells me the player is weak and his wife runs his life.”

Keane has never been one for holding his tongue, with his comments frequently causing controversy and these latest words aren’t likely to be any different!

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  1. Those quotes are from 2007, regarding a player who wouldn’t move to Sunderland. Really, come on, guys. Do the research.

  2. may be controversial but the truth can sometimes hurt ….. why would you want a move away from the best league in the world from arguably the biggest club in the world to move to a league that is way behind some of the other big leagues in Europe?? although he struggled for form during the second half of last season i saw enough to convince me that he can cut it playing in England when playing at the top of his game & it is no coincidence that his poor run of form coincided with the burglary at his home & bad luck with injuries ….. although i do feel for Angel & his family, i wouldn’t of been as abrupt as Keane but i have to agree with him ….. he is one of the best in the world playing at his best & i was really looking forward to seeing his best in a Manu shirt next season….which is why i paid 60 quid for a shirt last season with his name on the back of it ….a waste of 60 rips cheers Angel

  3. Tr16ia u are a dumb fuck…. he recently said that at a pre press conference in dublin

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I think Roy Keane is spot on as to the reasoning behind De Maria wanting out. My only qualms is that Manchester United should not give in for less than the fee paid last year for the player and if that is not paid then let the player stay and contribute professionally or rot

  5. Di Maria is just like Lionel Messi, they play and perform good in spain because the level of Football there is very low, Di Maria is weak he cant compete with the big players, he knows that he can’t cope and handle the level of football in England.
    He better leave he is boring me even though i like him and iam a big Man utd fan. But i dont like the way these players are treating My team i hate it

  6. The decision is down to lifestyle and notably Mrs Di Maria, not footballing ambitions – totally agree with Mr Keane. Di Maria by his appearance looks like a Wuss, and now, he has acted like one – Hope i am proved wrong but David De Gea is not to far behind either!

  7. weak, like most south American players very unreliable and dishonest. A lot of Spanish/Italian players have the same attitude.

  8. Roy is right. Let him go. But make PSG pay well.Had not the guts to turn up in USA for tour. Should be fined. As for Ramos no scruples or integrity. Still need striker and at least one centre back.
    Slang agus beannact

  9. Yeah sure. English clubs are so competitive that none could even make it to the quarter-finals of a continental competition last season. Any of the Top5 in Spain will stand favourite against United these days, let’s admit it.

  10. Good riddance to the lazy, disrespectful, softarsed pillock. Di Maria vanished when the going got tough and his old lady probably whined on about the nasty Manchester weather(Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.).
    Hope Louis gets someone who will give his all for the reds on the pitch (like Rafael always did) and not another not turning up, can’t be arsed Fancy Dan like Di Maria..

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