Saturday morning team changes… How do managers cope?

Managers across the world are making team change right now. Will they bench their top scorer as they didn’t play too well in midweek? What about midfield, will the winger be fit enough for 90 minutes? Will the goalkeeper be able to put behind the penalty that he should have saved last weekend? It’s a risky business being a manager, jobs are on the line every week and are they ready to make these cut-throat decisions to get the most points ready for glory.

Points. Yes fantasy football points. Right now people are logging into various fantasy football sites to make tweaks to their teams. It’s a game that has become incredibly addictive and if this is your first year at having your own team… You’re hooked already aren’t you? Thought so.

But who to pick! Do you pick from the club you support or do you stay away in case you might jinx them? Do you struggle with putting a player in your team that you don’t like, for example Tevez but he might get you a lot of points? Are there clubs you avoid? For me I love reading all the tweets during matches about fantasy football. You start wanting players to do well and I’ve had this conversation a few times over the years with my Mum;

Me (shouting at the TV): Oh heck! (or words to that effect ;-)) Samba just got sent off, points down the drain again!

Mum: I didn’t know he played for United! (bless her!)

Me: He plays for Blackburn and he was in my fantasy football team

Mum: Well if it’s fantasy it’s not real then is it… have some cake

Me (slightly ranty by now): No it is very real. We’ve got midweek matches and I can’t change my team now and he’ll be suspended and my other defender got injured today!

I even turned down cake I was so angry! How do managers do it? Real managers that is. I can feel my blood pressure rise as I’m typing about it. I wish I could ring Sir Alex up right now and say “HELP ME”. I’m about to log in to my team right now and make a change. Will the change be the right choice or will I live to regret it? Seriously how do managers do this. Please send cake when I have calmed down.

The Faithful has it’s own fantasy football league if you want to join, we are using and the league code is 1548-1078.

A confession – I take full responsibility over Chicharito being injured. I put him in my fantasy football team before the season even started and I never normally put United players in. Oops! But if I want to do well I need to have the best players in so really I have to have United players don’t I? 😉

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