A season of excitement ahead for Manchester United

After getting involved with The Faithful MUFC website, this is my first articled blog and to be honest after the slow capitulation of my beloved Manchester United last season under David Moyes I felt as a Manchester United fan I had a lot to say.

What a difference a NEW manager can make to a club. I don’t want to speak too much in regards to David Moyes, but what I will say is from the off, is that all was not right in the Manchester United camp. I personally believe he was way over his head and to be honest again my opinion, one of his biggest mistakes was trying to do it all his way during his short reign at United. David Moyes forgot the rules of business never mind football, if a business is successful why would you think coaches with no European or silverware experience we’re given the job of looking after in Louis van Gaal’s words “Big Kids” – who lets not forget, are winners as well as millionaires.

The best thing for David Moyes to have done, is slowly integrate his own staff with Sir Alex’s existing staff still behind the scenes, that way he himself would have seen with others with him whom some had been there over 10 years the enormity of the giant that is Manchester United.

Let’s get to the new season.. Watching Manchester United during pre-season this year has in fact been a pleasure, the way in which Louis van Gaal has come to town and literally got a rocket in his socket! It is something we have been lacking all of last season, LVG brings with him authority, respect and energy, all of which are a great mix for a great manager. He has got a plan and although yes, it’s early days we can see from the outside looking in the team are most of all responding to our new Dutch master, LVG has a CV any manager would be proud of, but that’s all on paper, what really counts is the belief and attitude towards him as a person as well as a manager. The players have to believe his ideas, Fergie was a master of his craft believe it or not and in my opinion that was mostly down to belief he made players no matter who they play they are better, I see similarities with LVG. He has an opinion, a big one, but most important it’s an opinion the players believe in.

If you we’re lucky enough to have watched pre-season you’d be forgiven for scratching your head wondering is this the same team that lost home and away to all our Northern rivals, the way we pass the ball was sharper, the players we’re hungrier, with something to prove the body language we’re back and we’re gonna show them, United aren’t under much pressure when you really think about it as long as we finish above 7th that’s an improvement we also have no Europe, very sad but at this transitional period it may well be a bonus cone the end of the up coming season. No one believes we can win the title but me as a Manchester United fan I always have belief, and I believe this season we will have a lot to say when it comes to who will be crowned the next champions of England. Don’t be surprised if it stays in Manchester, just that it maybe on routé to the Red side of town.

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Steve Ferguson had taken over & re-branded The Faithful MUFC website back in the summer of 2014 and is now the owner and editor of the site. Steve, from Ashton-Under-Lyne in Greater Manchester, is a 35-year-old life long Manchester United fan, travelling over the globe to see the Reds play. Steve has been lucky enough to be at both the 1999 and 2008 Champions League finals, seeing Manchester United lift the biggest trophy in the World, none more exciting than that faithful night in Barcelona in 99. The website is a blog, but also hopes to deliver the latest Manchester United news from around the internet too, linked up with our growing twitter account which is @TheFaithfulMUFC, give it a follow as we will follow you back as soon as we can.

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  1. I can’t agree more body language speaks volumes! Players smiling Rooney looks as sharp as ever Glory glory man utd and the club go marching on on on

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