Solskjaer to blame for collapse, Man Utd should pay £7million and get rid

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Sad

Manchester United have only earned 17 points in the last seven months. In that period, our arch rivals Liverpool have won 17 league games on the trot and are firm favorites to finally win the title this season.

As an interim boss, Solskjaer did well but the Norwegian manager ruined everything in the summer transfer window and now our squad is much worse than what it was in the last campaign.

Lukaku was our top scoring striker in the last campaign. Yes, he wanted to leave but allowing him to go without finding a replacement was a massive mistake.

Transfer: Man Utd could press to agree discount deal to sign £50million star – Report

Sanchez was world class at Arsenal. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a flop at Old Trafford but Solsjkaer opted to let our highest earner leave without adequately replacing him as well.

The idea of signing British players perhaps worked under Ferguson but that is history. Remember how Dalglish flopped at Anfield after focusing on British signings. He lured Carroll, Henderson, Adam and Downing and failed big time.

Solskjaer opted to splash the cash on Wan-Bissaka and Maguire. Both very expensive signings and the duo, who were supposed to transform our back-line, have not improved much. Maguire is the most expensive defender in the world and he is nowhere as good as Liverpool’s Van Dijk.

In the center of the park, our former striker allowed Fellaini to leave in the winter transfer window and let Ander Herrera depart for free in the summer transfer window. However, he did not sign anyone to replace them, instead United mainly focused on holding on to Pogba, who wanted out. Now, the French international has been injured and we lack quality and depth in the midfield.

After the defeat against Newcastle United, Solskjaer said that he allowed Lukaku to leave because the Belgian’s head was not here (Sky Sports). So, it is baffling why he held on to a player like Pogba, who has been highly inconsistent since returning to the club.

Next up, we will collide against Liverpool and we might find ourselves in the relegation zone if the European Champions beat us after the international break.

It is clear that managing Man United is too big a job for an inexperienced man like Solskjaer. Reports suggest that United will have to pay around £7million (The Metro) to sack the Norwegian. I think the time has come to show him the exit door and someone experienced like Allegri or Tuchel should replace him.


  1. 100% correct; pay the idiot 7m and cut our losses as there is no hope with Solskjaer at the helm.Keep him and i’ll guarantee he will do a Cardiff on our club. That will mean a drastic loss in revenue, a drop-off in the fan base, and an incredibly hard journey back to the elite division, plus no ability to attract top players. Yes for Allegri and Tuchel but I would also add Rodgers to the list. He is experienced in Britain and seems to improve players.

  2. While I do agree that ultimately Ole has to go, his tactics are too negative. But you are wrong to say our defence hasn’t improved. We have the third or fourth best goals against this season, but if you don’t create and score goals one goal will beat you. Plus I don’t believe Lukaku, Fellini, Sanchez and Herrera leaving is all down to Ole or the fact that they weren’t replaced. That lies firmly and squarely at the door of Ed Woodward. But I do question Ole’s seemingly lack of strength in not insisting that these players where replaced before being allowed to leave. But this was a money move not a squad one, especially as I read today that the upkeep of Old Trafford has been allowed slip due to the high wages and transfer fees. I think that says loads about our owners. I think when, yes when and not if, Liverpool beat us Ole will be sacked though I haven’t a clue who will replace him but he has to be a very strong willed individual to get the required money out of this board.

  3. I entirely agree, Colin. There is more depth to this problem than the mere fact that Solskjaer is way over his head and naive. Woodward and the Glazers are part of the fiasco. It is a pity that they do not have the soul of the club at heart, just money. However, I would have thought that they should understand that the more the team wins and succeeds in the league and competitions, the more money they will make by the various revenue streams that stem from the successes. Should they want to sell and cash in some time in the future, a club at its peak will obviously fetch more than a borderline defunct entity. Trying times indeed. Bottom line, however, Ole must go.

  4. Certainly,we have a very hard road to travel,We all know that the Glazers are only after the monetary returns,They don’t care who the blazes manage united,Woodward,Stoneward or water ward .,…,.

  5. You’re so busy focusing on the short term, and immediate results, you can’t even comprehend what went on in the summer. Ole is doing exactly what Mourinho wasn’t allowed to do, get rid of the waste and get the club back to a base that it can grow from. Some of us spent years seeing nothing but the odd cup win every few years, but we were there every week. Now all you glory hunters want is a quick fix, a board that will spend $500M without batting an eyelid and Pep Guardiola. Get a grip glory boys and stop calling yourselves ‘faithful’ you’re embarrassing yourselves.

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