Spoilt MUFC ‘Fans’ Reaction To Young Signing Says It All

Football is indeed about opinions.

We all have ’em. We all have players that we favour…that we trust. And we all have players that just don’t float our boats.

If MUFC can complete the ‘done deal’ of David De Gea then that will push the clubs summer spending through the £50 million mark…and its not even July yet! We have already welcomed the prodigious talent of Phil Jones, and yesterday the ink finally dried on the deal to capture Ashley Young.

But many United ‘fans’ think this is not good enough.

They vent their spleen:…’Sir Alex and MUFC have no ambition’ ‘We purchase the wrong players’ ‘We have no chance of ever catching Barcelona unless we ‘do a Madrid’ and compile a team of Mancgalacticos’….’And Ashley Young wouldn’t have made any difference at Wembley last month’….the rhetoric is painful.

Maybe its social media to blame, but a growing band of fans have come to the fore. We’ve always been accused (and fairly so) of having a huge element of glory supporters..but this comes with the territory at Manchester United. If you are successful, the casual fan will align themselves with you, will want to wear your sparkling Nike top, and will revel in the brand that gives them sporting kudos on the streets, playgrounds and football pitches.

This is nothing new.

Recently though, a more vocal and dare I say it knowledgeable fan has been testing the waters. And as a collective their voice starts to be heard more. And more.

These fans want a sea change at United. They want to see thirty and forty million pound signings. They want something that we’ve never really done at United. And the justification all stems from this last Champions League Final.

Now yes, we got a bit of a battering. But that battering came from a once in a generation team. A midfield quality that I certainly haven’t seen before in my 30 years of watching the game. And on the night they were at their A1 level. We worked. We tried. We managed to pull them back with a brilliant Rooney goal. But ultimately we were second best.

And second best isn’t good enough for United and their fans…..right?


At United we always aspire to be the best. Always. Success is the currency we deal in..but the fabric of the club is documented in every book ever written about us. The way that Busby and Ferguson achieved success is clear. Yes you buy players…and sometimes you push the boat out for a signing. But there’s always a structure. A game plan. When you see United linked with every player on the planet…that’s because of the press. Yet this fanbase to which I refer to think this is the gospel. That we DO want to buy every player on the planet. That we WILL make signings in the bracket of the pathetic £50 million that Chelsea payed for an average Liverpool forward.

Chicharito is the litmus test here. A player that helped us win the league by nine points, yet was bought for the same value of one of Fernando Torres’ arms. The young Mexican has got world class written all over him. We recognised that..and we gave him the stage to apply and prove himself.

But we do invest… prudently. £10 million on a player like Chris Smalling shows this. A player from the non-league system. Many thought this was a waste of money. Yet only a season on hes recognised as one of the best young centrebacks in the game. I’m sure some fans would’ve loved us to buy David Luiz or Pepe from Madrid…but that is not how you build a squad from the root of the tree and reaching for the leaves at the top.

These United fans have become obsessed with the soap opera signings they are fed by the Red Top tabloids.  And they have the memories of creatures swimming around a footballing goldfish bowl. As deluded as Liverpool fans who now think they will win the league because of a few signings and ‘The Kenny Factor’ ..these United fans want us to chase the tale of Barcelona by signing Wesley Sneijder. The ONLY player capable of replacing Paul Scholes. The artistry of the two players…yes can be compared. But that’s where the comparisons stop. These fans show no knowledge of tactics..of the way United play. They claim we need ‘an attacking midfielder’…do we? Do they watch how this football club plays its football?

I think the influence of seeing Madrid, Chelsea and City address their ambitions and problems by chucking money around Europe like its tickertape has poisoned their minds. They want to see us sign Ronaldo like signings. Well who wouldn’t want that! But its not the truth about Manchester United is it? Before this summer United have only spent in excess of £20 million on a player only four times in our history (Rooney, Veron, Rio and Berba) The Manager has never been backwards in coming forward when it comes to getting the chequebook out…but its for the good of the squad..and not to placate fans who really should be moving their allegiances to the blue half of Manchester if they want to follow a club that has a chance of signing Messi.

Personally I think Young and Jones are stellar signings. Why? Because they make the squad stronger. You don’t need to buy huge to strengthen a team. Its all about options. You cannot buy anyone in Europe who is better than Xavi and Ineista. So the trick is don’t try! You need to take stock of what you have, and not peek over the fence and admire just how greener the grass is on the other side. At United we have always practiced this holistic building of the squad…and we have made heroes of the players that have achieved the most from this approach.

Do these fans think Eric Cantona was a big money signing? Do they think that a young Roy Keane was the finished article when we bought him from Nottingham Forest, who at £3.75m was mega money and as a transfer is the doppelganger of the Phil Jones deal. Dwight Yorke arrived for £12 million..and was hardly a star of world football. Like Young he had talent, and Sir Alex recognised that in his team he could contribute to the charge. Good players become great players when they play with applicable talent.

For this is the United way.

I know its easy to ignore these idiot fans (and I mean that in the nicest way) But I feel I represent the United fan who has stood in the pouring rain..appreciating how lucky we were born as Reds rather than any other team. We aspire. But we appreciate. And more importantly we understand how this club was built. This new breed just simply don’t. But ultimately we follow the same team so I would rather address these fans than bury our heads in the sand when they pop up!

These fans are drunk on success. Intoxicated by the damn luck they’ve had in seeing United in three of the last four Champions League finals. Swaying in the wind in a toxic mix of winning the Premier League four of the last five times. Fans should appreciate the arrivals of three excellent talents in Young, Jones and De Gea. They make us stronger. Maybe they are not the superstar signings that other teams make. But Manchester United is unique…

Lets keep it that way.

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Steve Ferguson had taken over & re-branded The Faithful MUFC website back in the summer of 2014 and is now the owner and editor of the site. Steve, from Ashton-Under-Lyne in Greater Manchester, is a 35-year-old life long Manchester United fan, travelling over the globe to see the Reds play. Steve has been lucky enough to be at both the 1999 and 2008 Champions League finals, seeing Manchester United lift the biggest trophy in the World, none more exciting than that faithful night in Barcelona in 99. The website is a blog, but also hopes to deliver the latest Manchester United news from around the internet too, linked up with our growing twitter account which is @TheFaithfulMUFC, give it a follow as we will follow you back as soon as we can.


  1. great article.. … cheers for united… hopefully young would be a great signing for us… he has the potential to be great… also … he may be the missing part in the puzzle.. who knows… he is definitely good with dead-balls (be it a corner or a free kick) which united have lacked since the departure of ronaldo

    so lets hope for the best ….

  2. first class writting, i dont anone could put it better than you have and of course (as far as im concerned) you are absolutely correct in what you say.

  3. I agree with you in a sense but you cannot try to tell me that we dont need a creative midfielder. Basically our midfield eeds strengthing….quantity doesnt mean quality!! The real reason why we won the league and got to the Champions league final was that our defense has been by in large stong and our forward line is strong as well. We werent over reliant on the midfield. I think one quality creative midfield will make all the difference.

  4. Its the way football has evolved, its all money, money money. In the past fergie let players go who thought they were bigger than the club beckham the biggest example. As a club we got pushed into the shadow that has come over football with Rooney holding us to ransom last summer. Its inveitable that we will fall into the barca, madrid way of thinking eventually. I hope the next manager keeps up the tradition Fergie has done so well to keep up.

  5. I’ve seen ever game: preseason, friendly, league and cup game since about 1996. I like our signings this summer.

    We aspire to be the best club team in the world, that means beating Barca.

    I like every part of our squad apart from the center of the park.

    Fletch, carrick, giggs and ando are nice players. Good squad, but we do need a boss in there. Maybe ando can be it.

    Nothing wrong buying big. But is nice when you can develop your own.

  6. you make some good points and maybe its not names we need but our midfield has been lacking and not just because of this recent defeat by barca, i felt we were lacking after that night in rome and 2 years later our midfield was lacking again.

    maybe sneijder isnt the answer, although i wanted us to sign him while he was at ajax, creativity would be nice however i would like to see fergie either via a diamond or one in the rough add to central midfield.

    as for ashley young, i bow to fergies judgement, as for me he seems a bit hit and miss for £15/20m and the amount of time his been a prem player.
    i havent moaned about his signing but i do feel that there were better options out there.

  7. I for one am delighted with the signing of Phil Jones who is a wonderful prospect who could dominate English football in his position in the near future. Although we have Nani, Valencia and Park, Park is getting on a little which is no discredit to him as he will always give everything, Young will strengthen the squad no end.

    If my stats are right, Young is second only to Cesc in the past few years for productivity of team goals. Nani may have had the most assists last year, what harm is it adding another player proven (and English) to provide AND score goals? Fergie rarely gets it wrong, Djemba Djemba, Kleberson blah blah. The man is the best at building teams (not individuals) that last and win, and I continue to place 100% of my trust in him.

    Great blog

  8. Is this whole article about united fans that want a new attacking midfielder? It’s a bit of of a crappy subject, pastore and sanchez were fairly unknown, they’re not worth 30-40 m but have been priced at that much because of the media attention and over evaluation, mainly uniteds fault for selling ronaldo for 80m. So it’s not the ammount of
    money these fans are bothered about, it’s the type of player eg. Pastore or sanchez. Young was a great addition btw and well have the best defence soon for years to come.

  9. Hear, hear Rob, excellent article – couldnt agree more!

  10. well said lukman, that idiot over at redflagflyinghigh may as well be ABU – all he does is criticise and write shitty articles, this is a quality article right behind the players and the manager as any loyal fan should be – how can anyone criticise Sir Alex, we dont even need to defend him, just direct these tw@ts to our trophy room

  11. Great article as always Rob. As your article implies, it is about rebuilding and that doesn’t happen overnight. Even those who splash the cash thinking they can buy instant success have to wait- as proven by the City and Madrid examples. The league remains the bread and butter of any football club and despite their mega money signings the past couple of years, neither City nor Madrid have yet been able to claim that ultimate, most coveted prize. Yes you can win the FA Cup or the Copa del Rey but winning these competitions don’t need the depth of squad, stamina and longevity that a league title does. The same might also apply to the glitter and glory of the Champions League. Talksport focused an entire hour yesterday on why a signing like Ashley Young will not bring United closer to Barcelona. Is that our aim? I don’t believe so. The aim of the rebuilding PROCESS, which is taking place with an impressive sense of determination and purpose this summer is to build a new Manchester United squad that will evolve into a title-winning machine… That will be the next squad that wins 4 out of 5 league titles and reaches the Champions League final 3 out of 4 years in a row- the next time around, not the one that is capable of beating Barcelona in the CL final or winning the domestic treble next year. It is a continuation of the PROCESS that started with the brilliant signings of Chicharito and Smalling, the same logic behind signing De Gea (assuming it’s done). This is a visionary approach that very few clubs or managers have and one that has continued to be successful over several generations and iterations of the United squad from the Busby babes in the 50s/60s days to the treble winning late 90s squad to the triple-league and CL winning squad circa 2008

  12. Well said, especially hate the people saying Young is overrated! Oh and also, don’t mean to be a pedant, but you misspelled paid in the line ” £50 million that Chelsea payed for an average Liverpool forward.” 😛

  13. Hi J-P-L, I totally agree with you – we need more steel in there, Ando showed so much promise before, I hope he can step up to the plate. when he got a few games under his belt last season he was starting to look good again, playing well with confidence, before finding himself on the bench again (was it to do with his attitude or fitness or what??) lets hope Sir Alex can get the best outta him this season, he’s like a pitbull in the tackle and

  14. ……can be direct and creative, a proper all rounder – fingers crossed.

  15. Very good article — I hope many people read it and take note. (Still like to see Sneijder or Modric as the fourth signing though! — Or Rooney or Berbatov as playmaker?)

  16. Hi Bruce, I think Rooney has got what it takes, but sad to say i don’t think Berba can drop and be as effective as Rooney or Modric – Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Berba-Hater, I love the guy, he loves the club and I think he gives his best, he’s just not quick enough for me to perform in that roll, scholesy and rooney (to a certain extent) now are both so quick to spot a short or crossfield pass and execute it quickly and accurately to expose the space and set up an attack.

  17. Defo not overrated Sameer – his stats speak for themselves, he’s a creator and we havent had that constant creative threat down the left wing since giggsy in his hayday skipping past defenders – the guys is proven in the EPL, I think he’s a great signing, not many better in his position in the League is there? (plus he can play right across the midfield and support a lone striker – versatility is important in the modern game!)

  18. These things tend to happen with United, as you have already noted. I’ve been campaigning for a DM for a while now, I’m personally surprised there is not a unanimous call for one like there seems to be for this “creative” midfielder type.

  19. think we’ve been linked with every world class DM out there but they arent available? Di Rossi, Diarra etc. even Alonso lol. Maybe Fergie isnt planning for an out-and-out DM, more flexible ones who can defend and attack?? CM is definitely the area we now need to improve on, I just wonder what Fergie has up his sleeve, the next few weeks will definitely be interesting………

  20. @George Best
    I love Berba too, but it’s looking like SAF wants to recreate the highly mobile and pacy forward line we had when Teves and Ronaldo were in the team. Unfortunately, as you say, Berbs for all his inventiveness and technique still tends to slow the play down. It’s looking like there’s no place for him, and added to the fact that when asked to step up to the plate once or twice last season, he didn’t, he may well be going.

    Just a thought…

    De Gea

    Rafa Vida Rio Evra

    Jones Rooney

    Valencia Nani Young


  21. These so called fans are a bunch of FM players who edit their United to have 200 million transfer funds. Period.

  22. Well written, couldn’t agree more. I will say that I do expect another buy, but it needn’t be Wesley Sneijder.

  23. Fully agree about the new signings, great players to get on board and if De Gea is a done deal then thats also a top signing. With regards to the ‘attacking midfielder’, I think you may be slightly wrong or are speaking to and reading comments by people who are caught up in the ‘spend a £150 million’ dream team bullshit. We do need a creative force in midfield, somebody that can thread a ball through the defence, somebody who can run with the ball and take players on and also is able to put in a decent shot and score a few goals. I’m not saying we need to spend £40, £50 or £60 million on a player but we do need that type of player. Far too often in recent seasons we have missed a player like this and less we forget we were by no means dominating last season, we were far better in the CL but if we are honest we were gifted the league because other teams were more inconsistent than us, that isnt going to be the case every season and thats what people need to think about IMO. I would love Morrison to be given a chance as well as Cleverly but this is for SAF to decide and whatever he decides I will back.

  24. wonderful piece. Am in awe here. Its like u were writing what i was thinking. And to the ‘spoilt fans’, go support city.

  25. Hi Bruce, sadly I agree, seems his days are numbered – he’s a class act, but just doesnt fit in with quick attacking that we love to see, my god we were devastating back in the day with Ronald Tevez and Rooney, goals scored in a flash. I would love to see a return to that.

    Very interesting team selection too, I wouldnt mind seeing that team in action!

  26. It is far easier to ignore the clamoring clods that drool over big-name stars, and to disregard those who bitch about United scouts, or David Gill and Sir Alex’ competence in the market.

    However, we can and must educate and illuminate these fools; or eliminate their desire to shout.
    Hi Bruce, sadly I agree, seems his days are numbered – he’s a class act, but just doesnt fit in

  27. Well i agree with the article, and i think most utd fans i spoken to are happy with the signings, but what most utd fans want is not to go spend £50mill on a player but to get 1 or 2 centre midfield players in, if this is modric and sneijder or nasri and mata the fact is tht we the fans just want to see players brought through the acdemy or purchased to strengthen them team.

  28. Great article, totally agree with everything you said. But we still need to sign a central midfielder.


  30. Thanks for this, I think you hit the nail on the head with the whole peeking over the fence and seeing the grass is greener at other clubs splashing clubs. At United I have noticed we rarely buy big, we make them into stars. I would get so much more joy from seeing a few of the youngsters make the grade in the 1st team than splash 30mil up on a player who is not even guarenteed to be a success *cough* veron *cough* brilliant read thanks again!

  31. Hi Rob.
    Interesting opinion. You have a point in that the fans have become more and more whiny recently. Maybe its because the fan base has been infiltrated by non traditional supporters. An example of said fans are in the United States who want to see every season ended with silverware and will jump ship when we go a season without a trophy.

    But on the specific topic of A.Young, I have a very reserved feeling about the deal. I know him to be a talented player who has good pace and scores some goals. But I feel he is not Manchester United Quality. He is more of an Arsenal player. (You know, sulking when he doesn’t get his way). I wonder how he is gonna take it if he is benched a couple of games.

    Personally I feel a player like Joey Barton or a player of Joey Barton’s tenacity would have been a more fit.
    I dont have any problem with the signing of Jones and hope we can get another defender of his quality.

  32. I’ve been a supporter since 78 and your article really pissed me off. It’s extremely stupid! Young is good, but Scholes is sadly gone and our central midfield is WEAK! Carrick, Fletcher and Giggs of 2011 isn’t above average . Ando has real potential and unless Nani moves to the center we suck!

  33. Its so refreshing to encounter a fellow Red with the same mindset about everything United.
    It absolutely blows my mind that there bafoons who think that they know better than the Great SAF by questioning His every move. Personally, I stand by my creed than after ’99, even if didn’t win a single pot for the next 10 years, I would still be a happy fan, that’s how much the Treble meant to me.

  34. well i’m certainly less than impressed with this signing to be perfectly honest!

    here are my very legitimate concerns regarding the signing of Young….

    1. I honestly don’t see how Young will improve our squad as he is certainly not fit to lace Nani’s boots never mind take the left wing slot off him!

    2. He is also nowhere near as solid and reliable as Park for those hard battles away from home in my humble opinion either!

    3. He’s not impressed me in an England shirt and definitely lacks that touch of sheer class that separates the great players from the rest, hence why no other big named club were in for him!

    4. Why pay around £20m for a player who has only 1 year left on his contract? surely this is plain madness and certainly not value in the market!

    5. I simply don’t see how Young will help us win the Champions League next year especially when he’s got no experience at that level and you look at Barca adding world class players like Sanchez and Fabregas to their squad this summer!

    i’m sorry for the negative comments but when i look at the class and experience that have left our squad and the names that we seem to be linked to i really expect to see proper world class players joining us this summer and stepping straight into the first 11 and not the type of signings that have been made so far as even De Gea isn’t the finished article! As far as I’m concerned United still need to sign 2 established world class central midfielders to replace both Hargreaves and Scholes as there is absolutely nobody at the club ready to step into their place including Cleverley as we found out at the under 21 Euros!

    Rant over and frustration released for now but SAF must pull out a couple of top signings soon or risk going backwards next season!

    Support the Team and Live the Dream…..

  35. Great post. I think Young is an excellent addition, he will bring balance to team that has been missing for a number of years. I can imagine some great overlapping runs made between him and Evra. In addition Rooney and Henandez will scoring plenty of goals from another line of service that Young will provide.

    You probably think I am mad but I don’t want to see Wesley Sneijder at United as he only consistently sparkles when the whole team is based around him……remember the issues we had with Veron?

  36. Excellent article. Unfortunately the fans (who are rarely supporters) who should be reading this and taking it on board will probably either completely disagree or pay no attention.

  37. Be as it may there are things that u and the football fratenity can not deny,FOOTBALL HAS HAS CHANGED AND SO SHOULD THE TEAMS THAT ASPIRE TO WIN ON BIG STAGES.This means as gratefull as i am i do realise the shortcomings we have in our midfield,if not why even bother buying.Might as well promote from our youth system.WE NEED A PLAYMAKER AND A DEFENSIVE MIDFIELDER-PERIOD

  38. love the article but i feel your missing the point it not that we want 30mil signing we just want someone in midfield as this was one of our weak areas last year even though we one the league and got to the final of champions league again. I agree you can’t just go and buy a xavi or inesta but teams never ran through our midfield like it wasn’t there b4. results away from home suggested that team was taking it us at their ground like never b4. The reason i’m not over the moon about young signing is because i not sure where he is going to play, if on the wing does that mean nani or tony not playing?. If we bought a 6mil midfielder with potential to be great i would be happy. nice blog hope i here from you

  39. was it the utd way to poach kids from around the world on the cheap or is just the way the has gone, just like other clubs are spending big money is that the way the world is

  40. I dont know if this is the right channel to notify my team and the gaffer about talent that we might be seeing in different leagues,but all the same i will say this and mark my words.There is a lad by the name of Andile Jali.He is a mobile difensive midfielder,tanaciuos marker,with very good pass,Jing Sung Park like lungs (if i may say so),packs a ferocious shot,good vision,comfortable on the ball and he is only 21.Please check his games for Orlando Pirates FC in South Africa,and the recent game against Egypt.Its unfortunate that he might not be on Youtube,but the boy is good.Knowing how good the gaffer is with youngsters i believe this could be a cheaper but good option.

  41. ‘WEAK’ midfields do not win you League titles and get to Champions League finals. Weak midfields get you to mid table pal…a place where United used to live in the 1970s/80s. Nobody would disagree that we need strengthening in the midfield, but the issue of this article is the contsant call for huge money signings. Its naive to think this is the only way. As a fan from 1978 you should really know all about this.

  42. Thanks for your comments Simon. Let me try and answer from my view the questions you asked:

    1. ‘Young isnt fit to lace Nanis boots’…id agree with that if we were talking about the right wing..but were not. Nani is not a great left winger. He is average from this side. His delivery is inconsistent from the left which is where hes been playing since Valencia returned. Young, though right footed, has played left wing for seasons..and is a former PFA Young Player of the Year from this position.

    2. Young v Park…totally agree with you. Park is our warrior. When we need him he will play there. That gives us a strong option of Young from the bench or allow him to go inside and play behind the striker. This is normal for squad rotation

    3 Young has been named man of the match in many of the last few games hes played at international level. I find it unfathomable that you saw these games and wasnt impressed!?? It is also my understanding that Chelsea and Liverpool were both very interested in Young and approached him in January for pre contract talks.

    4. The Young transfer will cost the club around £16m…going up to £20 if he brings success…not exactly huge money for an international winger with a good PL goals strike rate

    5. This the most valid point of yours…I agree i dont think that Young would make a huge difference if were thinking in terms of the CL final of last month..but squad building is not about that! We are weak from the left and the manager is addressing this. Its similar to when we signed Valencia, and many said ‘How is he gonna win you anything’…its just so short sighted to judge every signing with the sort of criteria like this.

    Thanks again for your comments..as i allude to in the article it really is crazy that any United fans can feel “frustrated” as you quote yourself as being. I think you need to take stock of how 99% of club fans win nothing…ever. This is real frustration. And as signing a top class talent like Hargreaves showed..you can chase them and buy them..and then they can sit on the treatment table year after year.

    Smell the fresh air sometimes…its lovely. Weve just won a 19th title oh mighty lord!

  43. thanks jonathon. To answer your comments..i agree we do need strengthening..but the issue is do we spend 10m, 20m, or 50m??? Some fans will only accept a Sneijder and will be negative about any one else joining…as were seing with Young and Jones. I think you hit the nail on the head…I can see us bringing in a 6-10m player who will learn the ropes..im sure if Modric was available for the right price we would go and get him..but this is all pie in the sky in real terms….and some MUFC fans reside in this fantasy land 24/7. And re Young: He will play left and side and will give us someone to rotate Rooney with , as he is very good behind the striker. Giggs no longer plays on the left and Park is no winger (hes a lefthand sided MF)..Obertans lack of progression means we are lacking from this position..and the manger has addressed this with an internationally capped winger.

  44. yes United poach kids…as every team does. Some would say we poached Beckham from Spurs and Giggs from City..but i dont think they would tell you that themselves. Money has always been part of the game, but since Chelsea was bought by a Russian oligarch, there has been alot of ‘new’ money in the game. United are not privvy to this sort of investment. Therefore we cant behave the way those clubs do…but some fans are irresponsible and would like to see us roll the dice. This is real glory supporting.

  45. Well said and another well written article.

    Young had been earmarked as far back as year ago to be brought in as a viable wing option.
    As well as his technical/tactical abilities, drive, penetration and pace…He will give us GOALS a genuine goal threat, goals Valencia lacks and 100% reliability (excellent for the manager) which so far Nani still can struggle with…He will give us flexibility in our attacking/counter approach as well. He WILL prove to be an excellent addition to what we already have.

    Fergie know’s what he wants. I just hope he get’s his other first choice’s.

    Personally I would love to see Modric alongside Carrick. Perfect balance. throw in a Fletcher or Anderson for a 3-man midfield…slowly blood in Pogba and we’ll be sorted.

    Let’s just wait and see how the summer unfolds.

    IMO the goalkeeper situation replacing Van der Sar THE No. 1 postion will be the biggest factor in whether we can retain the title or not. Importance of having a top quality keeper is often overlooked by sooo many!

    Anyway another well written article mate, speak too much sense.

  46. Thanks. Your comment is packed full of football common sense. I like this. You obviously watch the game and see the things most balanced United fans do

  47. Great great article by a true Red fan. Fully support your view. We are Manchester United and we have the Man Utd way of doing things, everything ….. from the way we play to the we sign player. Sir Alex, the genius and best manager in sports ever not only look for skills and ability but most importantly the mental and spirit side of the players which will qualify them to be a United player. This special trait is what some call the winner’s mentallity or what we as Man Utd fans know as the Man Utd’s mentallity. We must trust in Sir Alex and in our team. Manchester United, the greatest, biggest and best club in the world.

  48. Absolutely agree..Glory hunters go and support the likes of City, Madrid, Chelsea.We dont need you. If you had given any support to players like Gibson, Berbatov they would have certainly excelled. The only thing I disagree here is that Fernando Torres was a world class before .He just had a dip in form. Though I am a Un ited fan, I must agree that he was a world class

  49. “unless Nani moves to the center we suck”………. Wow. Need i say more?

    Great article written with perspective. Such a shame that’s still lost on some.

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