TF Chronicles: The Berbatov Emotions – Is it time for a BERBAGASM?

Dimitar Berbatov, I’ve not written about you in a while. My history with Berbatov (not like that, dirty bunch!) is much like his United career I have been as much in awe as I have been in frustration. A twitter search of his name brings up a mixture of responses from the “never wanted him at my club anyway” to the hashtag BERBALOVE. His time at United has been mixed and really the only thing really that has never been mixed has been his professionalism.

I don’t think I would have coped with being dropped for that Champions League Final. It is the biggest football stage of modern times and he must have wondered then – what do I have to do to play? I remember my twitter timeline when the CL final team was announced and even Berbatov’s sceptics were surprised. But did he go off for most of the next season on a golfing holiday? 😉 No. Of course he didn’t. He stayed. He still expresses his admiration for Sir Alex and the club.

My own feelings towards Berbatov have changed over the years, I have been in awe one match and then returned to frustration the next. Much of this could be more of a personal view as I know he has bags worth of talent and I don’t dispute that at all but we all know Rooney is Sir Alex’s main man. I often feel that when Berbatov goes (whether it’s this Summer or not) we will definitely realise more what he has offered United and could do. I think my mixed reactions over Berbatov’s time at United could be summed up by this moment;

Back earlier this year in the January transfer window this picture kept appearing on my twitter timeline

First reaction –


Second reaction –

I realised I was crying… seriously WTF?

He didn’t leave but it seems inevitable that he will be going. Oh Berbatov! Why do you test my emotions so?

We have seen this season so many turns, spikes, forks in the road and for a very long time I have been sat relatively ignoring the points difference between us and City and concentrating on the goal difference. The reason I screamed myself hoarse watching Wolves v United was I wanted more goals, we needed more goals.

Are we really going to look back at this season and wish we’d have played Berbatov more? What would our goal difference now possibly be? Again it’s all hearsay as we can’t change the past but I’m pretty sure my timeline would all have a BERBAGASM if he was to help bring home the title for us.

Monday night cannot come quick enough, we need to turn up on Monday night and go for revenge, the Etihad will be singing about the 6-1 (why wouldn’t they be?) and we have to ignore, move on. This is what football is all about. Our team will be squared up against City, man to man – we will go to war. We know United’s history, it just takes a moment or two to write history. That chance taken, that moment of pure joy that raises the fans from their seats in expectation. As nerve-wracking as it is I love these moments, the fact that we have got so far but we have to just get over that last hurdle. It hurts way deep down inside at the thought we might have blown our chances this season but it’s not the United way to give up. We have so much more to give, both on the pitch and in our support.

Is it Monday yet? F***. This is going to be a long week…


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