The Curious Cases of Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison

Gibson has already gone... is Pogba next?

Social networks have many plusses and an equal amount of negatives, none of which I will go in to here in much detail. Personally I use Twitter as a forum to discuss many things, none more than United, with people from all over the world. But one thing is abundantly clear from using this forum, and that is the majority of ‘fans’ on there act like hormone-ravaged schoolgirls at a Justin Beiber concert when it comes to Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison. Recent news of moves away for the two talented youngsters has sent the fan-boys and girls into melt down. The level of hysteria shown by the masses of United related tweeters have surpassed the feelings shown when Ronaldo left, when Rooney threw his wage-related paddy or when Scholes retired. The statements I have read have filled me with a plethora of emotions ranging from disgusted to embarrassed, annoyed to just down-right confused. I read calls for Fergie losing the plot because we aren’t doing enough to secure their signatures. I witnessed tweets where people have actually abused Morrison and his girlfriend because he is rumoured to be moving to Newcastle. What the hell is going on people?

Lets break this down for a minute. Paul Pogba, a player who we practically stole from Le Harve in France, who showed absolutely no loyalty to his childhood club, who isn’t even 19 years old until March of this year and has made only three senior appearances for the club. Yet we show utter surprise when he is seemingly seeking a mega amount of money for his services? Get real! Then there is Ravel Morrison, who again is not yet 19 years of age until February this year, who again has made only three senior appearances for the club, who has the chequered past of a gangster rapper and whose own teammates have (allegedly) called him a ‘lazy s*** who can’t be arsed training’. He gets linked with a move away from the club and suddenly he is like the devil incarnate. Two players, with a combined age of less than Ryan Giggs, with less first team appearances combined than Bebe, who have both been in the first team for less than six months; can you see where I’m going with this?

Sir Alex Ferguson is not a fool. You can question his morals, you can question his decision-making at times and you can question his motivation for remaining in the job this long (if you are that way inclined). You can not, however, question the mans ability as frankly it speaks for itself. Throughout his entire Manchester United career, have we ever let a player go from the youth team who has gone on to greater things? No. When Keith Gillespie went to Newcastle as part of the Andy Cole move, he was considered a good prospect but his career barely improved from that level. Gerard Pique, who played for our first time quite a bit, could be argued to fit into that category, but his move to Barcelona was down to his lack of first team chances behind Rio and Vidic. Sir Alex clearly doesn’t feel that either Pogba or Morrison are ready, deserving or talented enough for a run in the first team at this present time. And lets face facts, he’s not exactly shy about giving youth team players a chance is he? How many games did players like Luke Chadwick, Chris Eagles or Kieran Richardson get before they were moved on? Fergie gives talented youngsters every opportunity to prove themselves worthy of a run in the first team, so to me there is something going on behind the scenes that is hindering their chances. And I, for one, would wager a considerable amount of money that it is the players themselves.

So to the hysterical masses on Twitter, I say to you now, calm yourselves and have a moment of rational thought before you tweet. Maybe even have a re-read of the tweet before you click that send button, to see if you sound like a crazed stalker or a rational-minded soul. And to the many sensible fans out there who like me enjoy the banter and the discussions that take part on this kind of forum, try to avoid the crazies and seek out the like-minded fans. We are on there, we are just a minority.

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  1. It so true this just reading some peoples timelines is madness how they go on too these young kids, there going to try it on all the time!

  2. We already have our graduate from the academy which may be at the same level with Becks, Scholes, Butt and the like and that’s Tom Cleverly (really hope to see him back in Feb.). No need to worry if Pogba or Morrison would leave cept they’d be fools if they think they can go to a better club.

  3. Great post, too true. Idiot fans who dont know much about their own club.In Sir Alex we trust.

  4. Nice post, i must say. This panic is exaggerated.
    But, you can not deny that we invested a lot in these 2 guys already, they are one of the best youngsters on the island and losing them would mean that we are doing something wrong in our scholar policy.

    I can see that clubs getting those players for nothing would mean that we are a feeder club. The lack of loyalty that these players show (or the media show) is their problem and it’s unacceptable. But, onthe other side, we are living in a different context then the young Giggsy era, so we must adaprt on the market and show that we are competitive financially to keep our best players.


  5. Pique probably worth about 30 million now and Rossi at Villareal is probably worth about the same. No brilliant bit of business letting those go on the cheap. I agree Fergie is a great manager but I have to question some of his decisions at times. Manchester United will always be bigger than one invidual and that includes Pogba, Morrison and SAF!!!!! Roy Keane made a few good points a week or 2 ago after our dreadful showing in Basel!

  6. It would be a real shame to see these two lads go, especially Pogba. I’ve been a season ticket holder for three years, and have watched the reserves for around 4, including Pogba debut. I think that it is true that we cannot get held to ransom, but I do feel to lose BOTH Pogba and Morrison would be a real disaster and show a decline in the clubs ambitions. Although I agree (if the stories are true), I would have to say I would rather see Ravel leave as opposed to Pogba, as Pogba seems more interested in playing football (shame about his agent), whereas Morrison seems to have a few screws loose. With the departure of Darron Gibson too, it has be be pointed out the wage bill has dropped, and surely this is enough to sign either Pogba or Morrison?
    I think it would be a real disaster to lose either of them and see them go on to great success, and after all the praise SAF has been giving Pogba, I really do hope he does not let it happen.

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