The Evra Bomb! Why Pat Should Be Nowhere Near Anfield This Saturday

So the racists have won.

Evra is absent against Liverpool. The clowns who advocate the words of Luis Suarez have a good laugh. Manchester United go crashing out the cup. Isnt football just a bag of tripe?

There are many reasons why Patrice Evra should or should not play in this weekend’s FA Cup tie at the home of the most disgraced football club of this season. The defiant will tell you HE HAS TO PLAY. They will tell you that we can’t let them gain an advantage from all this. That what stand would it be against racism if Evra was to step aside for this tie? They will then tell you with a veiled smile that the Scousers will cut their own throats. About the opportunity for them to look like idiots and vile racists…and we can stand back with glee as the world condemns Liverpool Football Club. The opportunity to help destroy their reputation is greater than protecting the man himself. A man whose welfare should be greater than this specifically pathetic tribalism that has been caused by this whole Luis Suarez affair. The minute you use the history between the two cities is the minute you have lost sight of what this is all about.

For me, football is secondary when it comes to this matter. It’s not about winning games. It’s not about sticking one up your oldest rival. The matter in hand is the protection of a man. That his welfare…his mental state…and to an extent his physical protection…are of paramount importance this Saturday. What is actually going to happen? Who knows. But as the wounds are still so sore and filled with salt, it would be prudent not to tempt fate. We love to react in this country. We see something…we have a go. We gob. We shout. We tweet. We all do it. But then there is a percentage of us that will go too far (and I include United fans in this) There is no doubt in my mind that if Patrice Evra plays on the weekend, he will be subjected to some form of racism from the crowd. It could just be a simple racist shout from a scouse fan near the ball for a throw-in that Pat takes. It could be a host of monkey chants. It could be something even more audible. This on its own is NOT the reason why Evra should not play.

The reason is to take Evra out of the firing line for his own benefit, deferring the advantage he gives Manchester United in playing. We should think about the greater good of the game, and not about watching Liverpool swim in their own filth.

I totally understand why some want Evra to play, but it is all tabloid reasoning to me. It is wrong to allow Pat on that pitch to be some sort of possible sacrificial lamb, just so we can see an Anfield travesty at his expense. It’s a simple game of Poker. If your hand is poor, you can give the eyes…and bluff. You can pretend it’s all ok and that you are ready for war. But your other option is simple. You fold on this occassion, and save yourself for another day. It’s not a defeat. It’s called being prudent. Football and Poker are obviously two very different games, but on this occasion the rules of engagement have a mirrored effect. Evra may be a footballing loss to United, but it is the right thing to do for his benefit…whether he wants to play or not.

Football is theatre, but what Evra has been through is not. We expect our highly paid footballers to take everything on the chin, man up…and put in a shift no matter. We want them to run through brick walls. To show their teeth like Dobermanns at the fence. But when it comes down to their welfare we don’t really give a monkeys. Not many United fans are considering Evra’s underlying mental state. About the possibility of stepping out on that pitch after this traumatic episode. Yeah he gets paid tons so he should be alright. right? Wrong. He is a man. He is human. And he is susceptible to all the rubbish that all of we are. The right thing is to remove him from ANY situation after this unfortunate soap opera that LFC have created.

Damn Liverpool for what they have done. The way they have conducted themselves. But let us not damn our own. Let us not let Evra walk the tightrope strapped across the whole of Merseyside, with only the hard concrete below to catch him if he falls……just in case he loses his balance in a worse-case scenerio.

This is not a time to be bombastic. This is not a time to be naive. Common sense must prevail.

Patrice Evra – We wont let you walk alone.

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  1. I took a shit this morning that looked like you Rob B.
    United are gonna win NOTHING this year 🙂

  2. By his own admission, Evra made a false allegation (nobody called him a n****r) and then retracted it.

    Nevermind how the FA kangaroo court’s interpretation – Evra lied.

    I hope he does play. He deserves to hear what the Kop have to say to him.

  3. Utter dross. Suarez wasn’t found guilty of racism. he isn’t a racist as confirmed by the idiots at the FA and “Pat”. So lets stop fanning the flames of a situation which has been brought about by the single minded press. And why question the mental state of poor “Pat”. Everyone knows he has history regarding racist claims. Its obvious his mental state is questionable.

  4. Well even as a supporter i find Evra a disgrace. Every honest unitedfan should admit that Evra is in the wrong – he is by no mean the victim. I cant stand the man Suarez, but in this case he did nothing wrong. The Fa and Evra, they are the sinners. Never liked evra anyway, find it a digrace that he is captaining our glorious team. He is nothing but trouble and as arrogant as they come. Look at him at the world cup, look at him telling french press that suarez called him the n-word atleast ten times – then telling the Fa, well it wasnt like that anyway. What was it like Evra? Give a decent person that armband – give it to wazza – he is far more a person with qualities – think about it. moneygrabbing Wayne Rooney !? He he, well atleast he is an honest lad and i love that.

  5. good article Rob,hope Evra is rested,his love for utd might drive hime to something stupid(like kiss the badge) at the Kop end,i love the guy n i dont want suffering emotionally again.

  6. Evra was seen on youtube by EVERYONE calling Chelsea players n****r .. Suarez just called him black which was time I checked Evra is.. The tackle carragher did to Nani that made him cry I hope Evra gets one of those and he would really deserve it too..

  7. His love for united? havent always been that great have it ? remember when i first came and complained about everything, food,weather, people, the city

  8. The answer to his questionable mental state is clear ; racist himself, arrogant fuck who does nothing but complain – racist there, racist there, my coach is poor so france are loosing – well you where on the pitch trying to be a captain wasn’t you ? Why not think for a second about your own responsibilities – well he wont be remembered fondly by many – come the time of his retirement!

  9. Take a look at yourself!! Get off your high horse and realise you are raciest yourself! Fucking hypocritical twat!

  10. Rob b, you bitter Manc tit! You sad keyboard warrior! Crawl back to that putrid, scum ridden shithole you came from! Wanker!

  11. You sanctimonious little tit- what a load of overblown nonsense! Christ, it’s not Afganistan, it’s a game of footy. Behave yourself and stop being so bloody dramatic!

  12. Haha. Calling someone a racist, when you can’t even spell the word. That’s just brilliant.
    Agree with the article by the way. Evra shouldn’t be put through what Anfield will give him. It’ll be horrible.

  13. As a liverpool fan i would have no intention of verbally abusing evra at the game. im not racist and i would not gain any satisfaction in acting in this way. Banter yes, racist heckling no.
    Reading your article with the sweeping negative generalisations about liverpool and particularly their fans it appears you are the one who is acting in a discriminating manner. i imagine evra would be ashamed to be associtated with your article.

  14. Well I’m not going to get them 5 minutes back!!! Tripe!!! try to write something intelligent instead of this bile!

  15. Biggest piece of crap I’ve read in a while. You’ve got to be kidding me. Poor little Evra. This guy is a professional wind up artist and he loves to stir the pot. I’ll be looking to him to be making a few more false claims on Saturday.

    This is a joke right?

  16. Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahaha what a load of shit, you talk utter bollocks the scum that is evra has history of lieing and last time he did it he was told to be “vastly exaggerating the truth” (nothing new there then). Utd did all they can to get one of liverpools best players banned to hinder them and they will still end up with more silverware than utd this season!!!

    All in all a career ending injury for one of the most hated figures in football will be nothing short of justified, then again even this may be to good for Mr (I will lie at all costs) Evra

  17. No!! Damn Evra, because he is a lying cheating b*stard who played the “Race Card” to get Suarez banned!! He has used this ploy a couple of times now, eventually the FA will have to deal with his cheating ways. The French National Squad realised he is a trouble-causing bar steward and he is now banned from the national squad. Personally, I hope he scores nothing but own-goals in all his games this season or someone breaks his leg!! It’s funny how the FA are now under investigation because they are both Prosecutor and Judge in all these cases! Hardly, a great example of democracy are they, where they have dismissed only two of 400 cases brought to the FA!! It’s about time Fergie’s old boys network was dismantled, well certainly the judgment side of the FA anyway.

  18. Never mind the (so-called) racists at OUR ground have won or protecting the reputation of the LIAR who started ALL this – I think? You’ll have a HARD job & THEN some? Protecting poor, hard done to, soft lad LIAR Evra? From KARMA; Why? Simple – MORE than one of our team? WILL be out to get him ON The pitch after what he’s done & if they Don’t on Saturday? They WILL at OT in a couple of weeks but almost a certainty? Is the fact you should worry more about tackles in the game than anything as sooner or later? One of our team WILL exact revenge & More for what that LIAR has done & never mind being sent off or banned off for 8 games – United? WILL Lose Evra for months After he’s CARRIED off as he almost certainly? WILL be against us sooner or later – Remember, what goes around? COMES around & WhatEVER United, Evra do or However Big they THINK their name is? It’s not & as such? Karma & the inevitable? WILL catch up with Evra sooner or later – I don’t expect him not to start or to be sent off on Saturday – I DO however? Expect him to be carried off if he’s not VERY careful & even then to make up for what he’s done with his LIES somehow or other even IF he doesn’t want to. In short? Evra WILL suffer for what he’s done with his LIES – Put money on it…………………..

  19. Doesn’t matter re’ our reputation anyway – One set of lies orchestrated by a professional LIAR & all round IDIOT like Evra WON’T ruin a century’s work & development anyway whatever happens. And our response via the media? WhatEVER United has done to limit the damage? Has been devestating to Evra whatever happens. We’ve COMPLETLEY destroyed what passed for his so-called ‘professional reputation’, his fellow pro’s have NO respect for him anymore And? He has NO friends in football now nor WILL he again & no-one? Believes Or WILL believe a WORD he says again – His OWN conduct, past lies & CLEAR untruths here have come back to haunt him in short & THAT video of him USING the word he SWEARS he despises did much of the damage – In short? Him & Ferguson MIGHT have understood how to cook up a crock of LIES using the rulebook & the FA to their advantage BUT? They forgot in the ENGLISH courts & The LAW courts of this world? Such a tissue of LIES? WOULD be Torn to PIECES by ANY half-decent brief in SECONDS & further ALL The internet evidence of just HOW much of a liar Evra is combined with revulsion at the sad mess that is his so-called character? Has combined with what Liverpool have done in the last month to UTTERLY destroy him professionally in terms of reputation & Rightly so. I don’t so much hate as DESPISE The petty, lying, vindictive, dwarfen, pathetic little LIAR & however much he’s done to remove Suarez from ONE game because Luis SO humiliated the pathetic little scrote? He CAN’T stop the Likes of Bellamy & Gerrard doing likewise on Saturday – Nor WILL he. Further? I hope he GETS his leg broken & or fractured or one of ours ahem ‘mistimes’ a tackle resulting in him being CARRIED off & out for MONTHS – then? Not only WILL United lose him for months? That evil LIAR of a manager of theirs? Can jump up, cry & report stuff to his HEARTS content – No-one will listen. Nor should they of in the first place. Why listen to LIARS. In fact? Evra, the JOKE of a club he plays for & their waste of oxygen, VILE piece of trash Manager? Shoudl be VERY careful Civilly in case Luis? Decides to do what the FA SHOULD have done & call their bluff with a slander/libel case – He does THAT? And Fergie/Evra/United? Will have NO defence – Not only will their laughable ‘case’ against Luis be SHREDDED In minutes but further? UNITED’S reputation will be destroyed & PUBLICLY at long last with them exposed for the LIARS we all KNOW they are & along with the FA? Will HAVE to apologise to Luis publicly. In short? What they’ve done? WILL catch up with them sooner or later – HOWever much they twist & turn to avoid it & rightly so………………

  20. Equating scousers with racists is ludicrous. You’ve obviously never spent a day of your life in Liverpool.
    As for Evra, the poor flower, lets just see in the long run who between him and Suarez proves to be the better man. You’re mistaken if you think that the Liverpool fans give a toss about that little prick: they’ll be supporting their club and their players. It should be obvious to anyone which team’s star is rising and which team’s sun is setting.

  21. Oh one more thing? WHY is the FA’s verdict treated as gospel? Why is Luis ALLOWED to be called a racist when NO-ONE in Football (Certainly NOT the pompous, arrogant know NOTHING Pigs at the FA) has ANY right to make a FINAL decision on such a subject – ALL rights to RULE with FINALITY on such subjects? Rest with the English LAW Courts both Civil & Criminal NOT the Kangaroo so-called ‘sporting’ courts & as such? The FA’s decision – laughable & WRONG as it was? Other than just an excuse to ban Suarez for NO reason? Holds NO real water. They CAN’T deem racism Happened as NO-one saw/heard it, they CAN’T call Suarez a racist as they can’t PROVE it & the LAW courts decide such matters NOT the FA & as such IF this case were EVER examined in depth by LAWYERS on behalf of Suarez or in a REinvestigation? Everyone KNOWS it would be torn to PIECES by an experienced brief in about FIVE minutes flat – In fact the FA are SO far from having rights to rule on this? That even FIFA could NOT argue were the LEGAL Courts of the UK to rule on it no? Remember FIFA ALWAYS Have a go when the Courts of a nation get involved in football but? NOT Here – Here? They were strangely silent? Why was THAT I wonder? Think about it – The silence of FIFA speaks volumes & should SHAME our FA or certainly panic them as WERE the case re-examined? They’d have NO support, be shredded & Humiliated for what they’ve done And they KNOW it. In short? The FA had NO right to act as they were & indeed were BEING racist by ASSUMING Luis as a foreigner did NOT understand OUR culture & They wonder WHY they get NO support at FIFA – It’s not HARD To figure out. Idiots. This WILL come back to bite the FA – BIG-time, mark my words……………

  22. I’d just like to add my comment after I wasted the minutes I did reading this typical manc rant. I can’t believe how many people have been brainwashed by this smear campaign. The victim here is Luis Suarez. I’m living in Chile where in the household I am staying in the father winds up his youngest son by calling him the same thing Evra was called by Suarez. translation “little black”. He does this because he is small, the same reason Luis caled Patrice negrito. He was mocking his size and little all men with ‘little man syndrome’ Evra bit and then besmurged Luis’ reputation to the whole world. The poeple here can not understand why the FA have supported Evra and believe he is the one who should have been punished not Luis. Bring on John Terry’s 16 match ban, bring on the boo boys. I hope we don’t chant anything on Saturday but deafen the petulant little git with boos everytime he touches the ball.

  23. Amazing how still the whole world apart from self pity mersey brigade accept suarezs reactions were wrong. And now they’re gettin all excited about a league cup win they’ve ‘already won’ against lower league opposition. Pure classless, clueless tools.

  24. Damn United and Evra for they are the ones to whip up the soap opera to portray Liverpool as a vile racists which you yourself point out and are willing to extend it to all connected. What truama for poor little Evra,,obviously you have not seen him insulting Chelsea players and calling them Nigers on youtube.

  25. he told ref he was called black then his team mates it was n….r get a grip he a prick with a chip on his shoulder read the fa report u idiot

  26. slimey cunt he is,fucking hate anything from old toilet,the whole fucking rip,shitheads and ugly motherfuckers.he will get whats coming to him,hostility, and i hope he cracks because he should.

  27. Yeah, Rooney is a ringing endorsement for all that footballers should aspire to. A brainless thug on and off the field, who hires prostitutes to screw around with because his pregnant wife couldn’t ‘deliver’.

  28. Mental lightweights like you don’t get it. There’s a vast difference between being a racist and simply making a racially vilifying comment. You don’t have to actually believe that blacks are inferior in order to make an insulting comment.

  29. Yeah right. Why don’t the FA set up some video equipment and microphones along the line Evra patrols to record the guaranteed racial taunts that will be thrown his way.

  30. You must be the twit who wrote up Liverpool’s first statement on the issue. Instead of talking out your arse (obviously your better looking side) go and do some basic homework, idiot, and you’ll find out that this is the first time Evra has brout forward a complain based on race. The other two cases you mentioned involved other parties, not Evra himself, even though he was the one allegedly being racially vilified.

  31. NO ONE is going to bother going through the painful process of reading even one of your rants, let alone three of them! I only had to glance over the basic lack of grammar and the constant stream of capitalized words to appreciate that the author is a typical Liverpool-supporting moron with zero life who has nothing better to do than bore everyone else on the planet to death with his excruciating attempts at writing. Go get some medication, warm yourself up with a nice cup of cocoa, and rest your weary head in the nearest gas oven – your choice if you want to gas yourself or light that sucker up.

  32. Nice. The man sets a bait, and all the ancient dirty creatures from anfield crawls out, to prove him right. “You da man” Rob B! I like your idea.

  33. Timbo? The “Constant stream of Capitalised words”? Was for the benefit of idiots like you or Manc’ supporters (the two are indistinguishable Clearly) who are unaware of just What is wrong with the fiction worked by Ferguson & Evra over the last 4 months. As to my “Rants” as you call them? Irrespective of whether or not You read them? They contain that substance which is sheer poison to Manchester United fans no? The truth – Or more specifically a number of Very painful Home Truths for your mob to face about the character or lack thereof in the moral pygmies & deliberate Liars/Schemers your disgrace of a (onetime) Football Club (Edit PLC) Now employ & have done for the past 2 decades.
    As to the shite you posted afterwards in your Worse than useless attempt to insult my Basic English abilities? Well I could comment on the disgraceful excuses for stereotypes that were apparently utilised by a linguistically to say nothing of mentally deprived ignoramus & the pathetic attempts to put together a so-called ‘argument’ by the poor soul from the legion of the Damned out of the Eighth Circle of Hell that are the United Supporters & which you clearly are prominent among but on the other hand? Why kick a dog while it’s down? Your strenuous, apparently overwhelmingly difficult task in putting together something like a coherent never mind a successful argument? Has apparently caused whatever passes for your grip on reality to say nothing of your mind? To utterly collapse if the refuge in abuse that is the basic shelter (setting?) of all United supporters when faced with Logic is anything to go by to say nothing of the clumsy, ineffective & offensive references to suicide. As to me? Rest assured when I see yourself in the same area as me – For your crimes against Grammar to say nothing of the Corporation you claim to support? I’ll gladly light up the stove & take you with me. Until then? Why bother with gas when a Far more virulent poison seeps out of the TV nearly every day of the week & goes unnoticed under the title of Manchester United Press Conferences? One look at those & the sheer shite served up? Is enough to drive Any right thinking person to end it all. The fact it comes from a United ‘fan’ (no better than a sheep & You are no different) Attempting to be ‘clever & thoughtful’ & Appear so? Just makes it All the MORE laughable……..

  34. Eric the King? Amazing how the whole world other than the Man United ‘til we die/Various United Supporters mobs? Recognise Suarez has Nothing to be sorry for – Never mind to feel that he was ‘wrong’ about when the LIAR who set it all up? Used the very word he claimed to be “physically repulsed by” as a JOKE a few months earlier – The same LIAR whose on FA Record as an “unreliable witness” In short? Virtually labelled a LIAR by the same FA that he now conned!! Amazing to how we All see that the pathetic Shambles masquerading as Evra & his joke of a clubs ‘Case’? Would last all of Five minutes inside a Real, Legal Court – Rather than an FA appointed firing squad – Amazing to finally how we All see that the FA’s word? Is very Far from final in this as they have No authority to label players ‘Racist’ or otherwise – the Sole such Legal (& thus FINAL) power? Resting with the English COURTS & not faceless, misguided ‘footballing’ authorities. We All know that Evra’s joke sorry ‘case’? & the accusations therein? Would last all of five minutes before being Utterly shredded by any half competent even trainee Lawyer & what a fully qualified professional never mind a senior partner would do to it? Would soon be stopped on grounds of cruelty or unfairness. Incidentally Eric? United & Evra should beware – The whole grubby affair? Isn’t likely to go away anytime soon – United & the individuals I named? Could be sued or taken to Civil court at ANY time for libel/slander/defamation of Suarez’ reputation & they would Soon be blown to bits legally with their own reputations & trustworthiness utterly destroyed beyond All redemption (other than Evra whose name & word is Already mud in football & always will be now). By contrast? Liverpool have as I said? Successfully destroyed Evra’s sorry ‘reputation’ beyond all recovery – It’s almost to be hoped that in future? When he Does Really suffer Racist Abuse which he patently did NOT that day at Anfield? Evra again goes to the authorities if only to be Ignored in public as he so surely Will be & indeed? Already Is being by his fellow professionals? That? Will only get worse & Rightly so. There was no refuge for the boy who cried wolf – But even He didn’t do it as deliberately & knowingly/Falsely as Evra. As such WHEN karma catches up with Evra (preferably with him being carried off on Saturday Never to return after Gerrard ahem catches him)? It’ll be the last we see of the lying, evil, dwarfish, backstabbing, pathetic, sunken, inept, faced little goblin from the dark side of Manchester.

    As to the League Cup? What’s wrong with celebrating getting to the Final? I recall your sorry brigade doing likewise before the Final against Aston Villa 2 seasons ago. Like Most United fans though? Logic escapes you no? As like All of them? You are a clueless, classless tw*t to the last. Look in the mirror & what will you see? I’ll tell you Eric mate, Another sheep in the endless flocks to be led over the cliff of blind belief in a soulless, ultimately doomed cause by the Pied Piper of Govan. Another Year, nothing changes & never will…………………

  35. It’s amazing how many are convinced ‘the whole world apart from Liverpool’ accepts Suarez’s reactions were wrong.

    The position of the English football association, British press and the British public is not representative of that of the rest of the world.

    Open your eyes.

  36. No offence mate – Timbo is clearly a bell-end.

    But he’s right. You’re rants are painful to read.

  37. I’ve spoken to plenty of fans from other teams in person, & seen plenty of posts on nany a forum where neutrals have shown their distaste for your angelic, diving, biting knob, infact I remember some on one of your Liverpoolkop forums, where a west brom fan cast his opinion & when questioned on it he then gave his response, was then told to fuck off, what’s it gotta do with him anyway. You lot only hear what you want to hear, so open your own eyes.
    As for trying to potray evra as a serial liar, & calling on the courts again for proper justice, so that’ll be like the justice stevie g got when being so tough him & all his mates attack 1 bloke, & despite such useless dismissable evidence as cctv, he got off. Or the fact that heysel wasn’t Liverpool fans, it was chelsea? Jesus Christ, its not my eyes that need opening so stop playing the fucking victim all the time and grow balls & a sense of responsibility

  38. A) I wasn’t pointing out anything about celebrating getting to the final, it was to with some of our own fans on here coming out with crap ….rant rant rant…& utd will win fuck all this year, in their smug belief that you’ve already got a trophy in the bag, which while in all honesty you should against a lower league team is not guaranteed at all.

    B) like utd did a couple of years ago against villa. Yeah, there was a real carnival in manchester that day & for the following weeks. It may be derogatory to the trophy, bit any fan with an iq in positive figures knows that cup is just a distraction & run out for the ressies/kids.
    We were & are winning countless, 19 now, league trophys either side of league cup finals, so we were hardly wanking off over beating villa.

    Look in the mirror, & you will somebody so needy, so desperate for success, that has fallen so, so far from when you were a proud club 20 odd years ago, to something that annually struggles to even compete in the top4, blames evra for your woeful league position instead of that Dick kenny, long may he stay, while I do think that yes, suarez has some fast feet & great skills, check how many goals, which I do believe football is all about, & to be honest, which as a Liverpool fan you will clearly struggle with, & perhaps you will see that perhaps the 65m spent on your strike pair with a goal return heskey, another anfailed legend, would be ashamed of,
    Oh, & clueless, thousands worshipping Gillette & hicks as saviours in your desperate clamour to keep up with united? Priceless!

  39. Eric the King. You utter mug. The views of the few people you’ve spoken to in person or on the odd internet forums are not representative of the rest of the world either. You tit.

    Nevermind Gerrard. Nevermind Heysel. Both irrelevant.

    Evra is a liar.

  40. The problem with your argument is

    1) We are not in South America. It’s England and Suarez has been in Europe long enough to know its not acceptable

    2) Context is vital. Making a comment in a lighthearted manner to family or friends is different to making it to someone you don reall know and doing so in an aggressive manner

    3) Most importantly he didn’t says Negrito. That was a myth Liverpool circulated for a bit but which wasn’t used in his defence. Suarez even admitted the word he used was Negro

  41. So pointing out that scousers are liars then accusing another man of being a liar is irrelevant? God, I do feel a right tit now.
    Kuyt kept changing his witness statement. Shall we chuck him in the liar barrel as well?
    Never ending with you pricks.

  42. And fair enough, my views or observations don’t represent the people of Uruguay either Apparantly….

  43. Can you not see the difference?

    The video you are talking about is a behind the scenes TV program of Monacos CL run. It includes a number of segments of the players messing around for the cameras one of which shows Evra switching into a Gangsta Rapper style persona for what seems a skit. He uses the word Niggez in the way that is acceptable by the Black community in America and certainly the the younger segments of he UK black community. I would assume its also acceptable in France. The context and situation is simply completely different to Suarez and its the context, tone and situation that is vital in deciding if the use of a word is offensive.

  44. Yes it is irrelevant you absolute clown. You should feel like a right tit.

    If you want to discuss how you believe scousers are liars or hypocrites, why do so in thread about Patrice Evra, the Suarez case and whether or not Evra should play tomorrow?

    By all means bring Kuyt into the equation. Not irrelevant at all.

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