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I wrote back in July “The Trouble with Berbatov” and I had questioned his right to be in the United shirt. The start of the season showed us glimpses of why we invested so much money in bringing him to Old Trafford and then… the inevitable. It all started to go wrong again.

I use to moan about Nani, but now look at him – he’s transformed himself into most definitely our best player this season. I admit I never thought I would ever be saying that. I still desperately want to turn around my feelings for Berbatov too. We all know what he can do but he needs to do this consistently.

It would appear that he suffers from a lack of confidence and this confuses me; as where else would you want to play football than at The Theatre of Dreams. It’s been speculated that maybe the pressure of being at United has got to him. So I thought when all the news was over the “Rooney saga” that this would be his time to step up to the plate. I was wrong. Hernandez and Nani amongst others flourished whilst his form dropped. Again.

Maybe it’s me but I can’t imagine not having the confidence whilst putting on that red shirt in front of the greatest football stage. I’d feel unbeatable, proud and knowing that Sir Alex is behind me 100% would give me the confidence to go on. But I’m missing something aren’t I?

The fans… otherwise known as The Faithful

Through twitter I have seen people rant and moan about his sulks and his attitude. This is a familiar scenario to last season where people started to lose their faith in him.  Only this time I can sense that The Faithful is turning earlier than last time; ever so slowly I admit, but still it’s turning. I myself got so caught up with how well Berbatov was playing that I didn’t think it would just slip away. How foolish was I? Now I feel letdown all over again. I want to be able to say next season how great a player Berbatov has become for United, just like I can now say for Nani.

I will continue to have faith, he’s one of our own and I know he can do it. The “Rooney saga” itself has knocked the confidence of The Faithful but we come back fighting for every match. We never give up hope and we all continue to believe. United go into the match with City tonight a depleted side due to a virus going around, Berbatov is thought to be one of those who may still miss out.

So when Berbatov is back, whether it be tonight or against Aston Villa on Saturday; just know this – The Faithful will be watching and waiting…

As always.

P.S. I’ve still got my Berbatov cake celebrations planned out ready for when we can celebrate his turnaround. Keep the faith!

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  1. I was so pleased when he got that hat trick against Liverpool…but i dared myself not to get too excited for this exact reason. His form is unreliable at best. I think its an oddity we will talk about at United for years to come

  2. Good post, Sarah. I eluded to this same point in my recent Carrick article. He seems too unreliable, and we can’t afford to have a liability on the pitch. He was so sure of himself at Tottenham, and maybe that had to do with being a better-than-average club, but now he’s at United and it’s the best club. Either way, I still hold out for his form to return because when he is on, he is supremely deadly for us.

  3. I really cant see what all the fuss is about after just three bad games (Sunderland/Spurs/Bursaspor). I dont remember this type of scrutiny when Tevez was mishitting 2 yard passes; Evra underperforming for almost a year now; Vidic’s barren spell early last year etc etc. I think we all need to get behind him stop the needless scapegoating and trust Ferguson….Simple 🙂

  4. Thank you for this comment and also the comments on my twitter page Nik. He did indeed play well last night and still some fans (not me!) but were saying he needs to go.

    For me, he always plays better when I blog about him. Little bit of a superstition I guess 🙂

  5. Well done S! i will continue to have faith in him as i like the way he play. Very good in ball keeping, very creative to make chances FOR TEAMMATES. Unfortunately not for himself. Cmon Berby Boy!

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