The Faithful Welcomes Caddies and Young – The Real Week In Football Is HERE!

Rob B: Every now and then the opportunity to work with shockingly good talent comes along. This is a rare occurance. But when it happens…you throw your back door open…and you say…”bring the bins in ta, and wipe yer feet on the mat before you walk all over my cream carpets” …The Faithful would like to welcome the prodigious talents of Caddies and Young to our Red domain. Two of the interwebs most special writers, who tell it like it is with ice and a slice, and a twist of lemon and unicorn tusk. Here is a short statement by dear Young about the pairs intentions for you and your brain:

When Geoff Oogle invented the internet in 1937 he hoped that it would be a bright new way to share highbrow information amongst his learned chums who were spread right across the globe. If he were still alive now he would log on via his box brownie and see a whole cacophony of filth. The internet nowadays is one third gambling sites, one third pornography and one third blogs. Apparently “Blog” is a shortened version of “Web log” although most of them are the inane ramblings of quarter-wits masquerading as “experts” on a subject they know slightly less about than a migrating mistle thrush.

A lot of “Blogs” are football related and by the nature of the volume of support for Manchester United a high percentage of these are Red. They vary in quality and content and as we are such painfully shy and unassuming types we couldn’t possibly comment on any of them. They all keep their readers happy and engaged in their own way, some are tactics heavy, others are stats driven and some merely comment on the MUFC Family.

You won’t get any of that with Caddies and Young.

We take a look at the world of football from a different angle, you won’t find any talk of “False 9’s” or “central wingers” which is good because we neither understand nor care what these terms mean. You are unlikely to find “heat maps” or “chalk boards” amongst our delights because we don’t see football that way. We aren’t likely to proclaim “Henderson has signed for United” or “Ronaldo is coming home” …because that is bullsh%t.

We won’t be “hit-mongering” with headlines like that, we will be trying to lure you into looking at football a different way. Looking beyond the obvious. Using our extensive global footballing sources we will be unearthing real stories…We were the first to really shine the spotlight on the footballing prowess of the wizard Bebe. We were the first to engage Shinji Kagawa and make him feel at home, inviting him to join our Friday chippy tea night alongside our chums Nashat and Fino.

Expect the unexpected, but you won’t expect it so it is a futile exercise. Watch out for real transfer stories, different stats that give you a real insight into the nature of a game and real analysis of each and every weekend’s events.

For now we will ease you into the action with a look at the group stages of Euro 2012, but when the season starts……………………be ready.

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