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Entry 2: 20:17 on 19th July 2012

Pre Season seems to breed utter madness!

Perhaps its made worse by social media sites like Twitter? But there is something about it that makes people who normally talk sense turn into babbling IDIOTS

It feels like the atmosphere before a huge thunderstorm. Everyone gets more and more wound up and then they collide over the slightest disagreement…because of the most silly of reasons.


Last summer I was still fairly new to Twitter. We had the whole Sneijder-go-round in full effect. It was almost enough to put me off Twitter for good!

I can vividly recall all of the rumours and fake speculation…grown men over-analysing everything that was said, like teenage girls trying to decide if the way he flicks his hair is a sign that the good-looking boy in class fancies them.

This summer the rumours havent been as intense as last with the Sneijder saga, but they are certainly as ludicrous and unbearable as twelve months before.

For example: This year it is Robin Van Persie

As much as I would personally like this to happen, I think there is as much chance of us signing the Arsenal lad as there is of Ferguson announcing he has found the ELIXIR OF LIFE and will be managing Manchester United for the next ONE HUNDRED YEARS.

I know it will inevitably get worse.

I can feel the change in the air pressure.

A palpable tension in the twittersphere!

But for my own sanity, and for the benefit of all the other United fans, I ask you:

Please think TWICE before chatting your pre season b0ll0cks on my timeline!

Little Pea x

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