The Moyes Timebomb – Which Type Of Supporter Are You?

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It is such a simple question, but in football terms it might be the most profound.

Yesterday we witnessed another poor result in this brand new era, which doesn’t include ‘Fergie time’… or the all out attacking football that fans still believe we play, which to be frank is like tactical mythology in 2013.

As supporters, there are always a conundrum of things we can point to that we don’t like as a collective, but when you’re not winning, these things get soaked in a liquid embellishment that you can smell from here to Far East Asia. The stench is currently set at ‘rank’

My opinion is that fans can always criticise the team…it is their right. I would criticise Sir Alex’s tactics regularly, even though he is the greatest footballing beast we have ever seen. Constructive criticism can NEVER be a negative thing. But as i’ve now said maybe a million times, the regular criticism I hear about Moyes and the very slow start to this season seems to be the same old tripe regurgitated, generally by fans who did not back Moyes’ appointment in the first place. In many ways, this article is directed at them.

We used to openly talk about what would we be like as a supporter base when Fergie left, when the weight of the world would be thrown on the shoulders of someone alot less capable. And lets face it, that covers every manager on the planet. Even Jose, Pep or Klopp do not have the experience that Sir Alex had. We would constantly talk about how we would not vilify a new manager early on, about how we would probably lose matches that we once would’ve gained points from. We would chat about how disgusted we felt by the carousel approach to management that the likes of Madrid and Chelsea had, and how we would NOT advocate such a thing for our club.

And finally, the one thing we said we would be was… patient.

Well as it turned out, that all appears to have been hollow guff. The vapid have stepped forward, and it feels that as a fanbase we are falling apart at the seams, all because of a touch of adversity in OCTOBER. Personally I just find it embarrassing. From the booing after West Brom, to the fans slating Fellaini (who has played for us for all of six weeks) …to the morons who can only use social media to scream into the internet abyss. The whole cocktail makes us look like a sh1t supporter base, and other clubs fans are laughing their heads off at us for these facts.

Personally, I have managed to filter the vast majority of the trash out, but you still can’t escape its presence. If you want to use Twitter or the like as I enjoy doing, there are constant reminders about how David Moyes is not good enough for us and how we are living in the middle of some titanic meltdown. I have started to find that I am more put off by our supporters reactions to things than I am an actual bad performance by the team! – And this is something quite new for me. As Southampton equalised in the last-minute yesterday, I was pressed to think about two things: The first was the post Treble years. The years before we signed Rio Ferdinand. Those few years were laden with individual errors and poor set piece defending. The goal transported me right back. I remembered how frustrated I would feel, as we p1ssed goals away…I couldnt understand why Fergie wouldnt address the issues. But the truth is he was addressing them, but it takes time. Sir Alex had to rebuild, and that process was not always going to reflect in the team’s performance and the final score. Younger fans may not even remember these years I am referencing, but they did occur, and it wasnt that long ago.

It’s this kind of example that makes me have the patience of saints with David Moyes.

The man has just taken over the impossible job, and he is going to give it his best shot. Even after the Treble, Fergie found it difficult to stop decline, and even though he had already earned his place in our history more than a decade ago from this point, he also received all kinds of unhelpful criticism. Fans need to accept that things will almost definitely not go our way in the next few months, and dig in for a war. But that is not a civil war. It is to fight the good fight.

…And that led me to the second thing I thought of as the goal went in yesterday.

I’ve always prided myself on the club I support, and I have always been proud how our fanbase is not overtly reactionary. But it appears that is a total joke. All I could think of as the Southampton players sprinted over to their fans was ‘United fans will be taking to their phones and tablets right now, to kill Moyes…’ In years gone by I might have thought alternatively: ‘Other clubs fans will be taking to their xyz to kill United, but stuff them and their mothers – I don’t give a damn’ – but when it is your own fans preparing the hangman’s noose, then it feels like a totally different cricket match.

This article isn’t really plea for calm or patience, I am past that already. I accept that every minute incident will be blown up by Reds, and those who love a Moyes Out hashtag will use it for their agendas. But I would like to throw the question out to you as the reader of this: What type of supporter are you? What type of supporter do you want to be? Do you want to be perceived as the spoilt brat that all and sundry see, when our club badge appears? Opposition fans hate us not because of who we are, but because of what we were. Not arrogant, just better. That could not last forever. Yes now the playing field is more level, so as a fan…do you want to support your club, or help kill it? I know this sounds OTT and many will think that by saying playing Ryan Giggs is mental, is not the worst thing in the world…but it is the rhetoric that suffocates. And if you are complicit to this, and contribute towards our downfall, then more fool you. I can’t advocate any of it. This is not a case of accepting mediocrity, this is about adhering to a philosophy that Sir Alex has established in us since the mid 1980s. There is no i in team – think about that the next time you want to have a breathless rant involving the character assassination of the current boss.

Yesterday, I thought we played some very nice football. Not world-class stuff, but we look like we have a shape that we can work with. Rooney had a poor match, and no one sat around me was surprised to see Moyes take him off and bring on a defensive option, so late in the match. We’ve seen Fergie do similar things in the past, and the coaching manual will back up this as a method to close out a game. But it didn’t work out – and a very good Southampton team got the bit of luck they needed. All in all, David de Gea had a pretty quiet afternoon between the sticks.

I will always hold on to perspective. If things continued like this, and no progress was obvious at the end of this season, I too will be questioning Moyes and his vision for United. But we are not there yet. We all have our own different levels of what we can personally take, in terms of frustration. But to strike out just now? …

…Well the only damage you can do is self harm.

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  1. I to realise the need for patience but what I have not been able to accept is £27,000,000 for a player who has no real profile or presence. I mean what is he in terms of a player. In contrast Victor Wanyama (£11,000,000) I know which player I would rather have in the team.

  2. Great article first off. Totally agree with your analysis of some supporters actions.

    There really isn’t a need to ask for the head of Moyes after 8 games or even after an entire season. As of today I have no doubt that the EPL is the most competitive league in the world. There’s going to be 6-8 teams battling for a top 4 spot. Couple that with the fact that this is our transitional period and you have to expect to have a few if not many tough results like yesterday. Each tough result is just as hard or even harder to deal with than the last but I’m ready. I was born in 1991 and all I’ve seen for the majority of my life is SUCCESS, I was lucky enough to be at Old Trafford when we clinched against Villa last season. When I see supporters right now crying at this start (though I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried and upset by some decisions) and wanting Moyes’ head, the first thing that comes to mind is one of a spoiled rich kid who’s parents have taken his/her’s Ferrari away.

    With that being said however, you mentioned how criticism is fully warranted if it is somewhat constructive. Well here’s mine. I just can’t understand two things; why in the world has Shinji played so few minutes? Why did it seem like to me that we we’re sitting on a 1-0 lead instead of making positive moves and doubling that lead?

    Just thought it would be good to talk about these things! Overall I saw that we played so nice football in the first half especially. Fellaini looked solid in the first half and that boy JANUZAJ, he is a talent.

    Great read once again!

  3. I am very worried. If Fellaini Moyes paid £27 mil. Plus is the type of players he is looking at I am worried United are going to he worse.

  4. I respect your opinions. However respect the fact that none of us know who supported or did not support the manager. In my case I wrote a glowing line of support for him, but he has let us down and his actions on and off the pitch are questionable and amateur.

    Again, all have a right to opinions and just because you do not like some of them does not mean that they are any less valid or respected by the rest of the faithful than yours.

    BTW, I am a life long supporter of United and have been so though the good times and bad…and this is bad! Oh, and in answer to your question…No, I want him and that new frint office baffon gone and sooner rather than later!

  5. Yes to some point I did like your analysis but like others have your opinion is your opinion no one can change but this is man united not everton in red, I have united play under moyes since preseason honestly he doesn’t fit d caliber of man united now teams sense d weakness in him if we can’t beat a team like sotton westbrom at OT den wat r you agitating to keep calm and let all d wrk sir alex did go down d drain I have supported dis team for 14yrs I know d transition so don’t out of fear say we should be patient coz he might turn tinz around. Moyes doesn’t have it is tactical approach looks questionable and now he sees draw as a good result for everton yes but in man united no. He can’t win 3 games at a stretch it breaks my hrt to see I team I love most play chambolic football

  6. I am a staunch MANU supporter for years. My contribution is that Man Utd should follow the Barca approach. Any incoming coach works around the winning philosophy and brand that exists and if anything try to improve it. We cannot talk of rebuilding – rebuilding what? The team won the EPL by 11 points last season. Moyes appears clueless, his tactics are awful. How could one be contended with 1-0 lead at home? Why does Kagawa not play? Why does he bring in Giggs when there are younger players? Why does he bring in Smalling, a defender when we need more goals? Why did MANU fail to by Wanyama who was willing to join the club? Why does Moyes pay so much money for Fellaini – he is still so clouded by Everton mediocrity?? Why does he fail to see that Fellaini needed to be out at half time. One other piece of advice – can Giggs now retire without disgracing himself. Pep joined Bayern the same time what excuse is there. This team is not Everton.

  7. fucking bullshit. how long you want to wait 2-3 years? are bfucking crazy, this no 80 and 90’s any mor5e.. moyes is not a united coach he’s has no clue how to use his best polayer – kagawa. this says it all. hope he will be sacked soon that fucking buffoon.

  8. Very unfair article to our fan base. Social media does not reflect our fan base in any way whatsoever. Yes, the team were given a few boos after the WB game but that happened under Ferguson once or twice and these days it happens at every club. Fans still sing Moyes’ name and even those who didn’t think he was the right man have not voiced this in the stands. United are such a media phenomenon that social media have a field day whenever we are under pressure. We have ignorant “fans”, mostly non local ones who “don’t know how to spell football, let alone understand it” (of course there are also many genuine, die hard non-local fans). This means that there is a loud and ignorant section of “fans” that get a lot of attention. It does not reflect the core support of United.

  9. Wow, referring to this as BAD makes me wonder what bad times you’ve been through before. It’s October, surely this can’t (yet?) compare to 26 years without a league title or a relegation, because since the early 90s when trophies started coming and then regular league titles were added we haven’t experienced anything that you can really call the bad times

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