The start of a new era for Manchester United

David Moyes at Old Trafford

It has been very quiet at TF Towers for a while now, the over saturation of United gossip on social networks is one of the factors of my lack of writing on anything United related. So much has changed since I last wrote here, both at the club and also on a personal level.

This is a Manchester United blog so I won’t bore you with the personal stuff. Although I will add that I do not cope well with change, so Sir Alex’s retirement has kicked me in the gut several times over and I’m sure it will continue to do so. Like many have said they have never known anything other than Sir Alex at United and I am the same, we have been a privileged group of supporters to witness his time with Manchester United.

When I think of United without Sir Alex as Manager, I still feel tears emerging from my eyes. I am actually fighting them back now as writing this all makes it real. At every coaching course that I have been on Sir Alex was used as an example, the broadest proud grin used to come across my face every time. That was OUR manager. I had even managed to make my English presentation at school on ‘Motivational Leaders’ about him. My teacher supported Arsenal so you can imagine how well that went down…

But he really has gone. We have a new Manager now. Everything starts fresh.

As usual the transfer gossip on twitter has been mad. So much that I tend to witness the aftermath of such deals, it’s rare for me to get excited about someone before they have actually signed for the club. Sure they could play for us but until it’s unveiled on the official website, I’ll pass thanks.

Because I’d much rather tweet stuff like this when deals actually happen:

Whatever gets you through your Summer free of football is up to you but I do find it weird that every year there is at least one player everyone gets excited over. The deal never happens. It’s not just at United that these frustrations exist, transfer seasons are the torture side to football exploited by tabloid journalism and ITK’s on twitter.

Looking forward, I’m excited but with excitement comes a little apprehension. We are all stepping into the unknown, we know and have read a lot about David Moyes expecially in the last few weeks. We also know that he was Sir Alex’s choice as his replacement. We also know that some people are fickle and those early fixtures could make things decidedly choppy for Moyes. I know in myself that I will of course support Moyes, I don’t know any other way to be.

Our first pre season match is tomorrow and I love seeing our boys back playing again. Hasn’t it been 3000 years since United last played? It feels like it.

I have watched many other coaches/managers come and go in other sports that I love but Manchester United has always been THE ONE. I fully support David Moyes and I am looking forward to see what happens in this next chapter for United.

But… could the season start now?

Oh, and could we just get our signings done now too?

Did I mention I am quite impatient?

Enjoy the rest of your Summer time!

Before you go…

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Thank you x

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