The Trouble With Berbatov

As the squad has landed ready for the pre- season tour of the US, my mind is totally over the World Cup (to be honest it was weeks ago, and not just because England crashed out) and back onto more important matters – Manchester United. There is much speculation among fans that due to the Glazer debt we cannot afford to do any transfer business for the new season. Sir Alex has come out and said there is no need for any business to be done and has reiterated that we have a good youth set-up coming through.

We know that Van Der Sar, Scholes, Giggs and Neville cannot go on forever no matter how much we wish it wasn’t true. We would all like to see plans being put in place now so that there is not a great hole left in the team, but that doesn’t look like it will be happening anytime soon.

This then leads me to the title of this post “The Trouble With Berbatov”. If Berbatov starts the season with how the last ended then it’s much cause for concern. Many fans have already lost their faith in the player, and I admit I am one of them. I don’t like feeling this way; I don’t want to ever moan about a Manchester United player. It is just Berbatov tests this patience. To the hilt.

The last player I openly criticised through other writings and through twitter was Nani. I was proved wrong, look at him now and I WANT to be proved wrong again! As fans we don’t want to turn against one of our own, it’s not right but we know we strive for the best. We lost the title last season by 1 point, that’s how close it was. Other clubs haven’t exactly been delving into the transfer market much, but we all have been keeping a close eye on what happens on the other side of Manchester, the blue side. I admit I’m nervous.

If we don’t get any new players then I can see Berbatov becoming the fall guy. We all saw a lacklustre and unhappy Rooney at the World Cup and we hope he’s back to his normal attacking self when he puts on the United shirt again. Then there is Macheda and Welbeck who are both capable of scoring goals but still lack the match experience that we know would help them. We have all marvelled at Hernandez through the World Cup but there is speculation that he might be heading out on loan. The pressure on him to perform is of course high, we need to remind ourselves to give him time. Then of course there is Michael Owen, I still have faith in him and believe that this new season will be judgement year on his career. Our midfield can also provide goals but we don’t want to rely on them or “own goal” from last season. Then of course we are back to Berbatov, his judgement might not last the season.

If he performs badly pre-season? Opening game against Newcastle? How much time before we are here again questioning whether Berbatov is right to be in the team? In May he retired from international football with Bulgaria so that he could concentrate on United. So no excuses if he fails for United then?

Sir Alex has confirmed today that it is doubtful that we will start the season with all of our World Cup stars playing at the start of the season; only one or two will start. Rooney is not due to start training until the end of the month so he would be a major doubt obviously for the start. Hopefully by then Berbatov will have had a great pre-season tour of the US and we can ignore the fact I’ve even questioned his ability.

I hope that this time next year I will be able to write about Berbatov’s best season for us, and marvel at the goals he’s scored and how well he has fitted into the team.

So next year when we can marvel at Berbatov I’ll run naked through the streets of Manchester make a big cake in celebration!

Written by Sarah.

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  1. I somehow have a little faith left in him but maybe it’s more hope than faith. This tour could show us what we will get from him but it might be misleading aswell

  2. Berbatov’s problem in my opinion is twofold. First, Ferguson will deploy a 4-2-3-1 formation in all the biggest matches, so Berbatov won’t play much, or out of position. It’s pretty obvious that Berbatov’s not built to play up front on his own.

    Second, hoping that he’ll perform better than in the last two seasons is probably futile. As my old business mentor used to say – “hope is no kind of strategy”. The club, we the fans, Ferguson should bank on Berbatov being exactly the same player. He’s 29, at his peak, there’s no more to come. Are we happy with that… if not perhaps its time for him to move on.

  3. Cheers for reading Crispin.

    I agree with your point about the tour, it’s his time to prove himself but we need to maybe not get carried away also.

    Let’s hope he does prove us all wrong

  4. Absolutely he doesn’t fit into United’s ideal formation. I hope he sees the tour and start of the season as his biggest yet.

    We’re waiting to see what turns up…

  5. guy pls too rush to sell berba we have very bad experience with forlan rossi and this season we already sold our promising youngsters very cheaply

  6. I’m one of those that likes Berbatov, but have to agree with what’s being said here. We don’t doubt his ability as we know he’s very good, but he needs to show he wants to be there, rather than look like it’s enough just by turning up.

    Seeing as I backed Nani all the way when others were criticising him, I’ll do the same with Berbatov and hope he’ll start repaying some of the £30m United spent on him.

    Until then, COME ON UNITED!!!

  7. Cheers for the comment Phil.

    Let’s hope he does soon start to repay the money we’ve spent on him.

    Also I do love to be proved wrong!

  8. We Trust In Him Brother ! Though He Has Flopped the previous season but this time he is gonna pull up his socks ! GGMU ~

  9. Class player, wish he could look a little more rooneyesque though! Hope he and Anderson can do a Nani this season. If Berba can bring back his TH years, he can be a 20 goals a season CF.

  10. Rush to sell? So if he underperforms this season should we keep him?

    Which promising youngsters have we sold this season?

  11. Well me 2 not like this player with his sulky attitude, but he can sometimes produce magic, and how I wished he performed those more often. The coming season may see him lose his place in the starting XI if he continues like next season, and Hernandez will surely be praying for that to happen to get more frequent football, but I think SAF could try a new formation, with Berbatov playing just behind Rooney and Hernandez, as he can hold on to the ball quite well, and thus give the attack a better push…
    And why not go for another striker as well in the transfer, as I wont bet my money on Owen to stay injury free most of the season, so someone like Benzema can be brought in or even Suarez/Fabiano.

  12. Cheers for reading!

    I can’t see another striker coming in, SAF has said we have enough cover.

    Hopefully Roo, Berba, Owen and Hernandez will all provide SAF with a selection headache!

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