Three Heroes & Three Villains: United v West Ham

Usually in the cold light of day, my emotions are less heightened and I can take the result with a pinch of salt and analyse the game more holistically. TODAY I’M JUST P****D OFF! People can talk about tactics, formations, personnel, the manager and whatever else they want, all of this is irrelevant when you have ELEVEN GUTLESS COWARDS on the pitch.

People will point to us coming from behind to snatch a point as evidence of courage and a never say die attitude taking us back to a bygone era, but sorry, no this had nothing to do with it. The only reason we got anything at all in London was because Daley Blind kicked the ball out of desperation in the right area at the end of the game. No guts, no fight about it, just luck and a matter of right place at the right time. If anyone takes issue with my assessment that there were 11 wimps on the pitch they are only releasing individuals from criticism due to some sort of skewed reality where their favourites never do anything wrong. De Gea wouldn’t come for any sort of high ball; Valencia looked like the Valencia of last year; Jones couldn’t resist giving the paying public a show of his new swan-dive whilst missing an easy header to the goalkeeper; Rojo couldn’t pass; Shaw couldn’t stay on the pitch; Rooney couldn’t do anything; Di Maria couldn’t dribble; Januzaj couldn’t cross; Blind couldn’t keep up with the pace of MARK NOBLE; van Persie couldn’t move; and Radamel Falcao first couldn’t control the ball and later on couldn’t hit the target from 7 f*****g yards out… TWICE! They were GUTLESS… not one testicle to be found between eleven of them. Manchester United players ran TO West Ham’s players when they had the ball, West Ham’s players ran THROUGH our players when they had possession. No amount of tactical work or video analysis could have altered that, and to suggest that these two dropped points were anything to do with the managerial staff is nothing short of ridiculous. This is not only an issue for Sunday’s game, the players have got form, against Cambridge and against QPR (both away from home) they threw the game plan out of the window and gave in to the hostile atmosphere, not playing the ball on the ground but getting dragged into playing a long ball game that suits their opponent. As a result van Gaal in an attempt to increase chances of success, since the team wouldn’t listen, brought on Fellaini to fight fire with fire. There can be no doubt anymore that Marouane Fellaini MUST start in every away game, it doesn’t matter where he is on the pitch, up front or in the middle, we just need one person out there, no matter how shit they are ability wise, who will not be intimidated in an atmosphere that is against United. He might not be the most talented player but at least he isn’t a soft mard arse! 3 heroes (!!!) and (only) 3 villains??? F**K MY LIFE! Here we go…

The Good:


He came on and did what he does best. He got in amongst it, controlled the ball and played it simple, caused general havoc and caused Sam Allardyce… yes SAM ALLARDYCE to spit his dummy out about an opponent using a long ball tactic against him. In truth the long ball was being used way before Fellaini entered the fray, but when he was on there the long balls were finally being won. He got two shots off in the box, one saved and one just over but in truth didn’t have time to do much else. He should have come on a lot earlier.

Daley Blind:

He scored a goal. That’s pretty much the sum total of it. He was overrun by the opposition for the majority of the game but I suppose being surrounded by 5 players to the side and in front of you who couldn’t be arsed to press and get their foot stuck in on an opponent for the whole game isn’t the easiest thing to deal with. There is a difference between huffing and puffing and running around, and actually doing something when you arrive at your destination, and the lack of will to put a body part in an area where they might get a booboo was the sum total of what Wayne Rooney and Adnan Januzaj offered Blind in terms of assistance. He did what he could under the circumstances, and still had something to offer in terms of the goal.

Luke Shaw:

With two minutes to go and riding the crest of a mini-wave, a red card was really not needed. It derailed any ambition to grab a winner. However he otherwise performed decently defensively, making 11 clearances, 3 blocks and 2 interceptions. He also won 7 of his 8 aerial duels, passed the ball well with an accuracy of 81% and created two chances. The fact that I am putting someone who got sent off at a crucial time in this list shows the straws at which I am clutching.

The Bad:

Radamel Falcao:

Sorry, but this league is not for this Falcao. The pre injury Falcao maybe, you know, that one with the eyes of a serial killer. This doe-eyed, apologetic waste of space is a shadow of the man once feared throughout European football. For Atletico Madrid he scored overhead kicks from outside of the box, for us he fluffs one on ones from 7 yards out. This is the man we let Danny Welbeck go for? Welbeck has gotten the piss taken out of him for every miss he has committed at Arsenal this season by United fans but give me the opportunity to have him back now I wouldn’t give it a second thought. People crying out for Rooney to start up front have the correct sentiment, but the majority of these calls are accompanied by the bemusing request for him to start with Falcao… ON WHAT PLANET HAS FALCAO OUTPERFORMED VAN PERSIE THIS SEASON? He has literally done NOTHING! The ball bounces off him when it gets played up to him nearly every single time, he doesn’t run with the ball, his passing isn’t particularly great. What does he offer if he can’t even score simple chances? Leave the price tag out of the equation, is he worth this or worth that… I literally don’t care how much players cost because it’s not my money, this guy should not be getting anywhere near our squad on what I have seen this year, never mind our first eleven. And we keep persisting for fear he will go elsewhere and do well?!?! What is the solution, play him every game and get him fit for someone else to reap the benefits??? No, sorry, it’s time to give up and invest in our future, play Rooney and van Persie up top and have Wilson as the next in line. El Tigre??? Got to be having a laugh, the closest thing he is to a Tiger is a pussy cat. Send him back to where he came from unless he scores 10 winners from now until the end of the season.

Angel Di Maria:

Can’t pass. Can’t dribble. Can’t shoot. Why are we playing him? Anybody else would have had their arse on the bench for the shitty performances he has given in 2015 yet he plays and Mata is dropped. People didn’t want to see him play as a central striker because he couldn’t do it, now people don’t want him to play as a number 10 because he can’t do it, his performances in midfield suggest he can’t do it… where other than the bench can he actually do it? I don’t think there is much more to say about him other than that he was the worst player on the pitch on Sunday.

Wayne Rooney:

Same old story really with his ability to play in midfield, he can’t do it. But what gets him in this list for Sunday’s game was his lack of will. The goal we conceded was typical of it. Ducking out of the way for fear of getting a bruise on his implant infused noggin when any captain worth their salt (the much criticised Vidic for example) would stick their head in there not caring if they had to carry a 10 inch scar on their face for the rest of their lives. They say no guts no glory… well I don’t see any glory coming our way with this crop of feeble, spineless cowards led by Mr. Rooney.

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