Twitter reaction: Manchester United fans slam Jose Mourinho after Spurs defeat

Jose Mourinho

Manchester United supporters were critical of Jose Mourinho on Monday night after the Red Devils succumbed a disappointing 3-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford.

The Red Devils started the game on a bright note with Romelu Lukaku failing to convert with an empty net and things became even as the teams headed into the half-time break.

However, during the second period, United’s defensive organisation was all over the place and Spurs capitalised with Harry Kane and a Lucas Moura brace completing an embarrassing 3-0 rout.

Following the game, the majority of the United fans were not pleased with the result, which sees the team already six points behind the top-four race after just three games into the campaign.

Mourinho was seemingly desperate to pursue a new central defender during the summer and the club’s failure to do appears to have hampered them with seven goals leaked from just three matches.

Against Spurs, Chris Smalling had a fairly decent game with a number of interceptions but he was not complimented by Phil Jones, who struggled to make an impression before going off with an injury.

At present, Mourinho continues to get the support of a section of the supporters despite the result and hopefully, the players are able to react in the forthcoming games or else the worst outcome of a sack could become a reality.

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  1. Defence is his forte and it is a straw hut waiting to be blown down. If that is his strong point how good a manager is he after that heavy home defeat? He has been at United for 2 and a bit years and still does not recognise how poor Smalling and Jones are, how, if he is that good can he not see that? To add insult to injury he buys two defenders for the best part of £60 million and they are no better than the pair. There is nothing about his managerial skills whilst at United that indicates he would walk into any top European Club. They just simply would not want him and he knows it.

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