United sit top, but do we BELIEVE?

If there is one thing you can call United this season, it would be consistent. We have been consistently average at home, doing what is necessary to gain victory and the three points. We have been consistently poor away from home, especially in games against Everton and Villa, and we have been consistently written off for being the worst United side since the 80’s. Somehow, we sit top of the league, unbeaten, on the same points as our blue friends from Stockport, yet with two games in hand. Fergie’s latest masterstroke could turn out to be his greatest ever if this side goes on to lift title number 19.

Our latest game against Spurs ended in a dire 0-0 draw in which we escaped White Hart Lane with a point after going down to ten men. A number of things were evident after the Spurs game; such as Michael Carrick is a million time better playing as part of a three in midfield; Darren Fletcher, in his current form, is like a shadow of his former self and almost as useless as John O’Shea (I’m sorry, but its true); Once Wayne Rooney slams home that first goal, the floodgates will open; and if United are to carry on and lift the title in May we may need a midfielder to freshen things up because it’s looking stale out there.

In my opinion we are coming up to a key part of the season. Once the Champions League and Euro League start again in February, anything can happen. Injuries pile up, suspensions kick in and form can be destroyed by a few bad games in a week. So let’s look at the next few games for the top five leading up to Europe restarting:


Birmingham (home)

Blackpool (away)

Southampton (away, FA Cup)

Aston Villa (home)

Wolves (away)

Man Citeh (home)

Man City

Leicester (home FA Cup)

Aston Villa (away)

*Possible FA Cup tie*

Birmingham (away)

West Brom (home)

Man United (away)


Leeds (away, FA Cup)

Wigan (home)

Ipswich (home, C Cup)

*possible FA Cup tie*

Everton (home)

Newcastle (away)

Wolves (home)


Bolton (away)

Everton (away, FA Cup)

Sunderland (away)

Liverpool (home)

Fulham (away)


Newcastle (away)

Fulham (away, FA Cup)

Blackburn (away)

Bolton (home)

Sunderland (away)

Chelsea and Spurs both face a lot of away games leading up to the Champions League so there is a distinct possibility points could be dropped there. Arsenal have extra games to the other four teams due to the FA Cup replay and Carling Cup Semi-Final. There is a big chance for United and Citeh to break away from the pack in February and make the derby clash on Saturday 12th February the most significant derby of recent history.

Now is the time for United to step up their game and get into top gear. History has taught us that January, February and March are usually when we hit form, yet the Faithful are still waiting with baited breathe for it to happen. Our fixtures coming up are not the toughest and this could be the time we finally get into gear. Getting Rooney scoring would be a massive bonus. Having a fit Antonio Valencia and a returning Ji Sung Park would help Giggsy get the rest he so clearly needs. Having a fully fit Paul Scholes available to call on will be just what the doctor ordered. And finally, if Uncle Malcolm dips into his pocket and SAF identifies that spark that we have missed in so many games this season, then who knows how far this team can go. Its well organised, with a back four as formidable as any in Europe and a strike force that is capable of scoring three or four times a game if the chances are there.

Chances are we won’t bring in anyone of significance in January. With the majority of players cup-tied from European competitions, Fergie will probably keep the cheque book locked away and focus on what we have in the squad. Saying that, SAF has shocked us before. The signings of Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra both came during the January transfer window. I’ve been a United fan for long enough to know that you never try and guess what the wily old Scot will do and just go with the flow. One thing is for sure though. This is the time where United need to stand up and start making the rest of the Premier League fear us as potential champions elect.


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  1. “Once Wayne Rooney slams home that first goal, the floodgates will open”

    Wasn’t Rooney’s first goal (from open play) scored against West Brom on New Years Day? Besides a couple of half decent shots he was poor yesterday, as were the other attackers in our line up. Why Scholes wasn’t brought on for Fletcher is beyond me, and taking Nani off was a surprise too.

    Bore draws aside, we haven’t played consistently well for the last two seasons, yet we only missed out on the league last year by a point, and we’re one point better off now than we were at the same stage last season (although our goal difference is -3 on this stage last season).

    If we can find some form away from home and keep up our run at home, the league is there for the taking. But I feel like I’ve been saying ‘if we can find some form’ for a couple of seasons now, and we haven’t.

    I’m bracing myself for a very nervy end to the season, but hopefully we’ll still be at the top at the end.

  2. Fair play mate, forgot about the Rooney goal against West Brom. I just get the feeling when he plays he’s on the cusp of a massive streak of goals. He usually scores in spurts anyway (apart from last season). I’m totally with you on the finding form bit, I too have been constantly saying the same for months now as have I think 10 million other United fans around the world. Lets just hope it comes true soon

  3. United still sit to but do we “Believe?”
    Aye I believe as far, if the question is directed to winning the Premiership there is nothing we have seen as yet from our competitors to suggest we will not win the Barclays Premiership for the 19th time.
    There is clearly a leveling out of large financial investment in our main competitors excluding City and Spurs.
    However as we have “nailed” Spurs home and away bagging 4 points in the process thats one of our alledged challengers past and we came out of succesfull,do not kid ourselves this Spurs team has cost a small fortune to assemble in comparison to Uniteds.
    City are a totally different proposition with a bottomless pit of money to force a serious challenge and maintain it.The recent signing of Edin Dzeko just makes feel like puking with envy.
    The match with City at Old Trafford on the 12th of February will be the litmus test as to how good bad or indifferent United are this season, we will need a Blackburn type performance to dispatch them to also rans.
    Yesterday at the Lane verified for me that our midfield is desperately weak with Fletcher totally of form showing lack of confidence and simply being out muscled and time and time again giving the ball away in dangerous area’s that will with stronger opposition harm United.
    Micheal Carrick while the same old defensive work which was good, his inability to create and deliver a clever and searching forward pass in a dangerous area was almost non existent.
    Anderson did not have sufficent time to impact upon the game but in fairness one or two good games from Anderson in his United history does not augur well to think he is what is required to create and control the tempo and rhythm of a an exciting and driving midfield also as with the prior two midfielders mantioned he is not going to deliver a regular return in goals.

    Step up Luka Modric who orchestrated the whole game yesterday is exactly the type of player that will not only secure the 19th premiership but give United a fighting chance in the Champions league
    HaHa Uncle Malcolm you are having a joke there, dip in his pocket, what for his bag to hide his face in as he laughs at United? Nett spend since their vile and unwanted hijack of United approx £2.1 Million net per season, in comparison to Spurs £18.50 Million and City in the same 5 years approx
    £80 Million .In a semi perverse way I hope United get eliminated from the Champions league against Marseille and that will hurt the Glazer were they understand their bank account.Tongue in cheek in a way, but you get the point.

    Our squad actually is thin on proven talent,if it were not for Nemanja and Rio I think we would be well of the pace and they have secured us numerous points with steady world class performances to keep us in pole postion.Heavens forbid if we suffer any injuries to either, thats not disrespecting either Jonny Evans or Chris Smalling they are young and learning their trade, thats a cheek I am 19, lol.
    Anyways we are there at the top, bye luck or design we have had the run of the green occasionaly but it evens itself out over the full marathon that is the season.
    Bring on the 19th simples, keep a realistic hat on for the Champions league win! Its nice to dream though!

    Cmon you Reds. Onto the Brummies.

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