United’s CEO Ed Woodward. Big Talk But Little Action

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Patience! Not a word that United fans are consoling themselves with right now. The alarm bells are now clearly ringing. Where are the signings that Ed Woodward promised us would be here imminently? Watch this space he said, we can smash the world transfer record if this right player becomes available was another quote.

Our first game against Swansea us upon us, so far 2 new signings have been bought for the first team and a free transfer for the youth team. With the deficiencies in our squad right now and with a host of genuine talent out there that is available for the right price, 2 signings before the opening premier league fixture can only be regarded as failure and all Ed Woodward can hope for now is redemption with the final 2 weeks of the transfer window to go. Last summer descended into farce and the comparison with this summer is striking.

Woodward left the preseason tour of the far East and Australia for urgent transfer business. This year he has done the same thing again, and like last year no new signings from that point appeared until the final day of the transfer window. The difference is this year he has gone on record, this year he can be accountable because of his big claims, and if he doesn’t deliver in the next few weeks the repercussions for our great club could be huge. Van Gaal seems to be also getting concerned regarding the transfer situation.

Prior to leaving for the world cup a list of targets was left with the club to focus. The question is, has the club landed one of those targets? The answer is probably not. Although the 2 signings made are quality, there is need for more particularly in defence and no one could blame Van Gaal for getting annoyed with the current status quo. Van Gaal is a man used to getting his own way, and if he doesn’t get what he wants he has no problem with walking away from the situation and who could blame him. Ed need’s to deliver and need’s to do it quickly. Another last minute deadline day mess is not acceptable.

Although we will never know what is going on behind the scenes, but what is leaking out is quite revealing. Frank De Boar’s comments was the inspiration for this article. “We all know that if there is a certain amount on the table we cannot refuse,” he said. “Then we’ll wish Daley all the best.” More potential evidence comes from the Marcos Rojo situation. A problem that could easily be solved by United offering maybe another million, worth that for his experience of playing in a world cup final. Something no other in the United dressing can boast.

It feels to us that Ed is fumbling about with chump change and sitting back and playing the waiting game that just isn’t working and will no doubt backfire spectacularly like it did with the Feliani situation last season. As we all know Bill Kenwright admitted that Feliani had a clause in his contract stipulating he could sign for a champions league team for a sum of 21 million, a clause that ended on the 31st July 2013. Instead, he tried to sit it out and hope that Everton would bite, only to spend an extra £7 million on the final day.

With that in mind, and with the way this transfer window has already gone, is this the type of CEO that we want at the club? No! We want a CEO he puts the team and fans first, and be willing to improve the squad by spending the right amount of money when it is required and not be frightened to do so. Redemption is all that Ed can now hope for, and lets all hope for the good of our club that the redemption is such that the last 2 summers be forgotten about and he can start to trust this man. Because as of right now he doesn’t have the trust of the supporters. For those of us who love our club, it’s deeply frustrating to know there is money to spend and he refuses to do so. If Ed doesn’t redeem himself in the 16 days I’m afraid the damage will be too severe and he will never have the backing of the supporters for the rest of his career.

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  1. Woodward outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt pls manchester united owners must sack him …..we need a persedent

  2. we need 2 redeem ourselves from Ed woodward! He seems 2 b another clueless being within our ranks.

  3. ED u r failure y r u giving us wrooong information,we need action we have heard enough of u…. Do something bring us some players……

  4. Woodward should have gone with Moyes! SAF should be made CEO! Woodward may think he’s being clever trying to hold out for a better deal but future targets will look at United’s business so far & think “Nothing’s happening here” We are becoming a laughing stock, lets hope he has something up his sleeve besides his over inflated ego! …

  5. I couldn’t agree more. Woodward has been amazing in the commercial side securing utd millions upon millions, which we have yet seen go back to the club. The teams around us have reinforced themselves with good players and we are going back out this season with a squad that failed so miserably last season bar 2. It is time for change before it’s to late

  6. Could not agree with you more,Its typical of a penny pinching accountant,All our rivals have gone out paid the required fees & completed the transfers.Im afraid that jEDWARD WOODWORM will be the downfall of our great club & will take years to recover from his & Moyes total incompetence.

  7. Ed Worse ? Every body hate the guy, because his words are more than his actions. Always trying to fool people. This guy and the Glazers are trying to drag United to hell. You said the money is there and can buy player of any quality no matter how his price tag magnitude was. But from the move of things, nothing tangable on ground as far players recruitment is concern. This potray the fact that united need new owners and fire Ed Worse Worse Worse out of Old Trafford.

  8. United talk much, but less action on transfer market,which is highly frustrated to we the fans. Pls do something in that defence nd central midfield b4 d transfer market close.

  9. I have said it last season and say again this season. The bloke has to be ditched. Chelsea, Liverpool ,Man City the list goes on are laughing their socks of. They couldnt of paid somebody to mess us up as much as he has. What has he done? Brought in 2 players who 1 should of signed last season and the other was destined to sign yet still nearly messed them up! Finacially we look good but not if we aint gonna invest in the team and can see our contract reducing if we dont make champions league AGAIN!

  10. Couldn’t agree more. Mr wooden top seems more interested in seeing his name and face in the papers, than what happens to the team. All the talk about financial strength is worthless. Actions speak louder than words. So SHUT UP WOODEN TOP, and put our money where your big mouth is!!!!!!!

  11. Ed is at it again.I pity mr van garl cos ed is going going to destroy his cv with d way tin re going.ed need to b sack with immediate effect cos moye was not d major problem last season,dis edward is d real problem of man u n he is going to send man u to relegation dis time around.for mr van garl,he can’t play dis kind of formation with d kind of play he has n he shuld get it rit.y not go for beta player dat can suit ur formation?or has old age begining to tell on him?

  12. Ed woodward out,how come we only sign 2 players,when The little club so called Arsenal sign 4 playersi??!!! I can Negotiate better than him!!!!!who brought him to man united????? Out woodward, says:

    Ed woodward out!!!!!


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