Welcome To Manchester Airport! And Goodbye Carlitos Tevez

There’s no getting away from it

That being, that when Carlos Tevez decided that money was way more important than playing for MUFC…it hurt.

It hurt alot.

No one likes it when your dirty little brother gets one over on you, and when Tev turned up at the Stockport County surrogate football club…it was a proper kick in the pants. And a huge shot in the arm for The Blues.

Jump forward two years…and Tevez the financial nomad is on the move again. And we never have to see his traitorous face ever again…until maybe another payday makes his ears prick up…and he looks towards Europe for his stack of dollars. The move to Corinthians is once again being justified by the Kia Joorabchian book of excuses…this time something about wanting to be nearer his kids. But it’s not as if dear Carlos is going home to be with his family..desperate to see them and therefore playing for a small wage for a more holistic lifestyle. There’s new money in Brazil and alot of it. And Kia can smell it all the way! It’s time to dip the proverbial toe in the new affluent waters of Sao Paulo. Carlos must think he’s won the South American lottery.

When Tevez joined United I was ecstatic. There is no doubting that he is a very special footballer. Since his departure many MUFC fans point towards his ‘pointless’ workrate…but I never saw it as that. Every team needs a dog of war..and Tevez was ours. He would chuck his head at the feet of defenders…and we loved him for it. It’s true that he nowhere had the impact in an individual sense, as when he joined City..but that is more to do with City needing a superstar..and us just needing to solidify our squad. At City he was the team. At United he was…a substitute quite alot!….not that he didn’t play his part in his 24 months at MUFC…but his record the last two seasons has been top class for City. He has been a credit to their football club…but that’s all over now.

It was clear months before his exit from Old Trafford that he was on his way. This mirrors his last months at Eastlands. The game was the same then as it is now. Discontent reported to the press from ‘mystery sources’ followed up by a clear and purposeful push to another club. The script is always the same. His last game at The Theatre was emotional. As he left that pitch after being substituted we all knew it was the end…outside the ground I stood looking at his T-Shirts that the bootleg sellers flog on the stalls up Sir Matt Way. I was going to buy one. But I felt a discord of something worse to come. So I stopped myself. And now I’m so glad that I did.

Tevez knew exactly what he was doing when he joined Man City. Would he leave Boca for Riverplate? I don’t think so. But the lad isn’t a Mancunian…so it’s all fair game I guess. When you get offered such riches just  where exactly would you or I stop? To be offered a King’s ransom just to kick a ball around a pitch..in a blue shirt rather than red. To loyal supporters it is a non-question. But footballers are businessmen…not Roy of the Rovers. Pay a player enough and he would be happy playing in a lesser league…like Ligue 1 in France. Just watch Paris St Germain prove that point right very very soon. As long as they have three Ferraris parked on the drive then they are happy.

Medals don’t pay the bills.

Do I hate Carlos Tevez…? Not exactly. But I hate the fact that I’m not allowed to remember the good times we had with him at United…two league titles and a European Cup. It is like we have had to delete him from the cache of this success. If you’re comfortable with what followed and am happy to remember him fondly..well I just don’t get that. One thing is for sure. Manchester City may well indeed have all the money in the world…but no cash will buy them another Tev. Not all the Sergio Agueros in the world can do that. They are mortally wounded, and just weeks before the season starts they have a problem which I just cant see them fixing.

When City did their ‘Welcome To Manchester’ banner..I actually applauded them. I understand how they see and view us. They were gonna revel in their little victory like Prince would party like it’s 1999 (A very good year for United) But as I said back then…he will make you choke on that poster. And just two short season’s later the prophecy has come true.

Carlos didn’t care for Manchester City any more or less than he cared for Manchester United. There is no way to kid a kidder.

So it’s goodbye Carlos. You can go to Brazil and tell them how ‘you always had Corinthians in your heart’..or what ever bull you wish to spin next. City fans can kid themselves that you’re some sort of hero cos you lifted the FA Cup for them after their years in a trophyless desert. But at MUFC it ain’t gonna wash. No chance. You know exactly where you can go, and we’ve told you enough. I don’t take to boo-ing much…but I’m so glad we booed you and let you know….the truth.

But then again…I don’t think you ever wanted to be anyone’s hero.

Except maybe your agent’s.

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  1. He never left your club. You couldn’t afford him and left him on the bench too much.

    He helped put City higher up and long may it continue.

  2. Wow! A whole article dedicated to one of our departing players.
    Nice to see the new bitters taking an interest in our affairs.
    Actually it’s becoming more like an obsession.
    But there again your history is massive so that makes everything ok.
    Hope your looking forward to Ashley Young.

  3. SPOT ON!!!! Only reason not to white wash idiots like tevez from the United records is this. They always come back. After retiring, years down the road, only european cup that tev will point to will be with United. Only Prem trophy. They will never ask him about his recollections about playing under Mancini. They will only ask him about playing with Giggs, playing with Ronaldo, playing with Scholes. They will only ask him about playing under Sir Alex. Then one day, maybe, like so many bitters who left before they should, the Stams, the Becks, the Ruuds, they will stop to consider that maybe it was a mistake on their parts. They always come back. No pride is greater than the gift of playing for such a club.

  4. One thing that amazes me is Carlitos’s sudden love for Corinthians after he left there controversially in 2006. One thing I am very sure of is no matter where he plays and the team he plays for, he will leave controversially. Citeh fans did not follow his antecedents before displayimg their banners in Manchester and that shows how myopic they are. GGMU

  5. I strongly disagree with the claim that van Nistelrooy and Stam are ‘bitters’. Neither player wished to leave the club and were forced out by Ferguson (in the case of Stam quite wrongly – see my my post ‘Treble Dutch’ on this very site). I am actually surprised by how little bitterness Jaap and Ruud hold towards Ferguson or the club given the way they were unceremoniously dumped. To lump these men in with a mercenary like Tevez is wholly wrong.

  6. Looks like he’s stuck in Manchester. I expect a ‘my heart belongs to City’ statement any day now. Not that City could ever be held as mastions of principle but I hope they leave him rotting in the reserves – someone has to take a stand against the trend of players feeling it is their divine right to move as they please despite clubs giving them the riches they demand in the form of lucrative contracts.

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