Will Erik ten Hag save Manchester United?

Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

It is time for a severe change. Manchester United will have many transfers, changes in different leadership positions, and a new manager. Erik ten Hag has joined Manchester United to clean up the current mess and to make them great again.

Ten Hag has already made some changes in the team, and we are going to take a look at what these changes are, who he is, and what this could all mean for Manchester United. The upcoming season will be more exciting than betting at the best online casino. We are looking forward to seeing what ten Hag can bring to the table.

Who is Erik ten Hag?

In 2012, Erik ten Hag got his first job as a manager. It was for the Dutch club Go Ahead Eagles, who played in the second-best league. In the six years before, he had been an assistant at both FC Twente and PSV Eindhoven, but it was now time to stand on his own two feet. He quickly managed to impress the country’s journalists when, in his first season, he was promoted to the small, Dutch club in the Honorary Division.

People expected him to show how far he could drive the project in the best Dutch row, but Ten Hag had other plans. Bayern Munich’s technical director, Mathias Sammer, had kept an eye on the 43-year-old coach, who was known to be obsessed with football. He wanted him to take over Bayern Munich II, who were struggling to move up in the 3rd league. Ten Hag saw an opportunity to learn from one of his role models, Pep Guardiola, who at the time was the coach of the first team, and accepted the offer.

After two good years at the club, where he managed to move the German club up, and according to his own statement, he learned from every single conversation with Guardiola and Sammer, he was ready for a new challenge. And the interest was great, after great results with both Go Ahead Eagles and Bayern Munich II.

Welcome to Manchester United

When Martin Atkinson’s redemptive whistle echoed off the old grandstand walls at Selhurst Park, it signaled not only the end of the Premier League referee’s active career, but also the end of a miserable season for United. For millions of Manchester United fans, the final signal was also a relief from the persistent suffering that had followed the club in recent months. New signings last summer did not help.

The change of manager in November did not help either, and constant leaks from the locker room to the media did for sure not help in any case. In a season where Manchester United were hoped to be a challenger for the most coveted trophies, the club instead delivered the weakest Premier League season ever.

Now a number of key people from various managerial positions in the club are disappearing. Then again, with new people there are new opportunities, so maybe this will be a good thing for the team.

Among all the new managers who have walked through the glass doors at Old Trafford and Carrington, there is one man in particular who has extra high expectations, Ten Hag. Because it will be him who will get United on the right track. The fans have put their faith in him.The football experts will point at him if it does not work out. It is his successful philosophy from the Netherlands that will herald a new spring for the club.

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