You are my Solskjaer, my only Solskjaer

As United fans we all know how important Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been to the club. He was probably not a “media obvious” future coach; everyone seemed more caught up with Beckham, Keane, Cantona. For me I was thrilled, Solskjaer is one of my favourite United Legends.

He was my late Granny’s favourite footballer; she always said she loved how he was always smiling. It’s true he was and he still does have that fantastic quality. The fact he was called the “baby faced assassin” really does sum him up very well, don’t judge him on that innocent smile as he will punish you.

The celebration scene above for the crucial winning goal in the 1999 Champions League Final has very mixed emotions for me. The goal was so important, I remember screaming around the house when Sheringham had scored and made it 1-1 but when Solskjaer scored I was in absolute delirium. The treble was ours and Solskjaer had scored the winning goal, but sadly the celebration would soon come back to haunt us and more importantly him.

Solskjaer was forced to retire from football in 2007, after several knee operations it was time to “hang up his playing boots”.  It has been a talked about theory that the famous “knee slide” had caused the knee damage in the first place. Now when I look at the above picture it actually makes me want to cry, a night of such celebration ended with such pain for him in later years.

We have all seen how footballers retire and some disappear of the radar or spiral into debt or drug problems, but this was never going to be the case for Solskjaer. He always seemed so levelheaded and ultimately a complete professional. Now as the Manchester United Coach of the Reserve Team he is carrying on enjoying the successes that he has done as a player.

He has also been asked to be Norway National Team manager, a role he turned down apparently stating, “it was not the right time”. As the time is fading on Sir Alex’s time at Old Trafford (as much as we hate to admit it) and whilst there are a few names to throw into the hat I don’t think we can cast aside Solskjaer’s coaching success or how much he means to the club and of course it’s fans.

I personally would like to see Solskjaer taking a more prominent role at United, I feel Assistant Manager would be a great role for him. With Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes due to be retiring soon there is a definite case for a United backroom staff of some United legends helping to reinforce the “United way”.

All I know is Norway and all other clubs can keep their hands off and

“Please don’t take my Solskjaer away”

Written by Sarah.

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  1. Great article about a true modern legend

    Ole was the epitome of a United player…honest as the day, and proud to wear the shirt

    He could well become our ‘Pep’

    Wouldnt surprise me at all…Rx

  2. Good read!

    It’d be great to see them follow the steps of Sir Alex. I’m sure they will do things to keep Man United high. xxx

  3. I really like your blog. Even more when I read this article about the true 20legend! Since 1995 when he became a major hit in the Norwegian Tippeliga I have been a major fan (obsessed) of the player Solskjaer and the gentleman Ole. What he did for our club is truly amazing. Goose bumps every time I saw him play. I always had the adrenalin pumping when he got the ball inside the box. You just knew he could score any time. A true legend and a fantastic professional. His playing career was a fairytale, even though it didn´t have a happy ending. Here in Norway he has the greatest respect both as a player and as an ambassador for our country. Most of us want him to take over the national team, but all I dream of now is to see him as the new Man Utd gaffer. I really want to know what plans Sir Alex have for him. In my dreams he will be the new manager together with giggsy.

    Keep up the great work with your blog!

  4. hey mate.. have no words.. mm.. well ‘m Man Utd deep down from bones.. yet 23 only (it has not been long- 8/9 yrs however Man Utd is all I support).. And a great admirer of 2Ole-gend.. I do look in to da records.. n my fav are of Ole’s n Cantona’s (however i didnt get to watch him in live match). Solkjaer is an inspiration for me to love football. Still da match of ’99 grings joyous tears to me as much it does when Scholsey or Giggsy Score magnificent goals in on going matches.. I loved dis article.. Ole is always play amongst us, in our hearts..

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