3 Ex-Reds Who Got Fresh Starts Away from Footy

At a club the size of Manchester United it’s normal for there to be an ever rotating door in and out of Old Trafford, with some players retiring as legends who need not lift a finger for the rest of their lives, to one-hit wonders who never again hit the heights of that one League Cup appearance or that fateful injury-ravaged season.

Here are 3 former Red Devils who went on to foster new careers, have their past follow them like a bad smell or continue to give back to the sport that made them who they are today.

Dwight Yorke

Yorke has done all the usual stuff a high-profile player does after they retire, like releasing an autobiography dubiously titled Born to Score and trying his best to break into management.

Unfortunately for the ex-striker management jobs have been almost impossible to come by, with the likes of Sunderland turning his advances down, meaning fans shouldn’t save that long-held free bet to use on a Yorke-led team anytime soon.

His name is mainly kept in the news by an ex that was almost as advisable as his autobiography’s title, as Katie Price continues to badger him for money, using tabloids and women’s magazines as her means of communication. He now spends most of his time avoiding her in the Caribbean.

Philip Mulryne

Mulryne made just the one Premier League appearance for United, before heading to Alan Partridge territory in Norwich. The Northern Irelander became a crowd favourite at Carrow Road and was well liked in the dressing room too, known as something of a hell raiser (as much of a hell raiser as you can be in East Anglia).

Once a Red Devil, Mulryne eventually ditched the beautiful game to become a man of god, although the now Catholic priest still coaches a bit of footy when he’s not at the pulpit.


One thing always rings true when it comes to Brazilian players and that is that they are equal part off-field baller and equal part footballer. Anderson was no different. Undoubtedly talented, he claimed multiple honours with United and even scored a Champions League final penalty.

However, when a player views training as a chore and their body begins to betray them, it is amazing how quickly they can fall from grace. Upon leaving Old Trafford he helped not one but two Brazilian teams get relegated from the Brazilian top tier and then legged it to Turkey, where he lasted for just 11 games with Adana Demirspor before swapping his jersey for a suit, becoming what the club are now calling an ‘external relations officer’. If that is code for party starter, then Anderson could be just the man for the job.

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