£75million star close to Manchester United move

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Manchester United are constantly linked with top players and Matthijs de Ligt’s name has been in the focus for quite a long time.

According to multiple reports going on in the media, it seems that the Dutch international could secure a move to Old Trafford in the summer transfer window.

According to Esports RAC1, United have made a mammoth proposal for the Ajax center half and right now, he is very close to moving to the Red Devils.

Transfer: Man Utd willing to agree record signing by paying £107million

As far as the figures of the proposal are concerned, Mirror Sport reported that the PL giants have launched a huge bid of £70million and has offered the youngster a deal that would make him earn £350,000-a-week.

The British outlet have mentioned that the Red Devils have moved in pole position ahead of Barca and Man City to sign the highly rated teenage star.

If United can hire someone as good as De Ligt without Champions League football then this would be a huge signing.

The £75million-rated player (Mirror Sport) has the leadership qualities that United badly need in their back-line. He can transform the defense at Old Trafford just like his compatriot Van Dijk has largely improved the back-line at Anfield.

However, there is going to be one massive issue.

It must be taken into consideration that if the deal is completed with the terms mentioned above then De Ligt, who is just 19, would become the club’s highest earner. I think a lot of senior players could get disgruntled and may even look to depart.

At the moment, Chilean flop, Alexis Sanchez, who should be sold, is United’s top earner and he is getting £350,000-a-week. Not to forget, United’s record signing, Pogba, is earning £290,000-a-week and superstar shot stopper, De Gea, is just getting £200,000-a-week (Mirror Sport)

In your view, should United hand De Ligt a deal worth £350,000-a-week to secure his signing?


  1. 350 is too much.., paying him that amount will cause problem at old trafford… I think 200k is ok for him

  2. Though i dont believe the offer is 350k a week, poss close that with appearance bonus though for every other club the wage reported does not include bonuses- but saying its stupid giving it to a 19yo is not quite accurate. He is not like msot 19yos, most 19yos are not captains or even guaranteed starters. He can get a higher wage because he will have the status of a key player and will be hands down our best defender. So the best in each position deserve the best wage- so that’s way it doesnt seem quite so bad.

  3. It’s unnecessary for Man United flop players to ask for increased weekly wages when they hardly win games from premier teams with lowly-paid players. It’s a big shame.

  4. That will bring more problems for United that it will solve, this disharmony that we already have was caused by the unreasonable wages given to useless Sanchez while failing to give Degea 350k who carried the team for the past 5 years and you want to give someone who has not kicked a ball, that is insanity at its best.

  5. I don’t see why they should not pay R350k/week for De Ligt. Our players should not be complaining if he does get that salary they (Sanchez Pogba to a certain extent De Gea) did nothing to warrant their extravagant salaries. This should be considered a new age for Man Utd. Get rid of the deadweight the prima donnas the hanger-ons the past-the-sell-by-date players and start afresh. I would rather have Man Utd (&Liverfool) not win the PL, finish convincingly in the top 3 or 4 play the way Man Utd always played than endure another season with players who get payed far too much than what they actually worth. Break the bank for De Ligt and Jiao Felix I say.

  6. I think each player is worth his pay. If 350K isnt suitable for a player like De Ligt caliber then Pogba should b getting way less than 290K. If MDL can maintain Man Utd defence then pay the man and lets win games

  7. We really need players with Team spirit and Passion for Manchester United,if 350k for a 19yrs old is too much at them moment before testing him see his ability to change United’s defence, I propose 200k start then increase after one season. That’s my view

  8. The club have the same problem because of Sanchez so why did you want to do the same again

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